Pentest VS Vulnerability Assessment

Pentest VS Vulnerability Assessment

Cybersecurity can not be neglected by any IT based firm in 21st century! Moreover, storing important data of users and company is pretty normal nowadays. So, the sensitive data is in more threat than it ever was. However, hackers from all around the globe target small and big scale companies with their malicious intent. Although fortunately, there are security testers in this world; who swear to protect your products from data theft and hijacking. And in doing so, testers protect users, their data and company reputation as well! Although, there are numerous security tests that exist for failproof security implementation; for e.g. penetration testing (pentest), usability testing, malware testing, vulnerability assessment and etc. But, here we intend to provide brief understanding about penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. Moreover, also give a brief about pentest vs vulnerability assessment.

Therefore, developing a hack proof product involves testing your product for each and every security parameter!

So, let us firstly understand what Penetration testing (Pentesting) is.


Penetration testing is also known as pen-testing or pentest. Basically, it is a process for penetration testing for mobile app for any safety related issues like vulnerabilities, viruses, bugs, errors and etc. Moreover, penetration testing assures that your mobile application is fully functional and safe to use, that the app is bug free and has no vulnerabilities. This test is essential in order to prove that it is safe for the consumer to use and that the consumer data is safe as well.

During development and implementation phases, vulnerabilities are introduced to an application. Furthermore, common vulnerabilities are general errors, bugs and sometimes crashing of applications. So, pen-testers use different penetration testing tools to identify any errors or bugs in the application. Therefore, the foremost precaution against threats like different viruses and hacking is penetration testing.

Secondly, let us give a brief on vulnerability assessment.

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying vulnerabilities in computer or mobile or web applications, sites, software, systems and network infrastructures. Vulnerability assessments also provide a firm with the necessary knowledge and risk analysis to fathom and react to threats present in their products. Moreover, it aids in identifying threat which has the potential to cause hijacking or failure of the product. Generally, involves use of automated or manual testing tools for e.g., network security scanners and etc. Then takes place, the preparation of a vulnerability assessment. Therefore, the vulnerability assessment report is a detailed enlistment of all the detected security threats with intricate details.

Organizations and individuals of small or big scale, who face an increased risk of cyber attacks for their product can benefit from getting the vulnerability assessment done. However, large enterprises and other types of organizations that are subject to ongoing cyberattacks and hijacks will benefit most from the vulnerability assessment. So, hackers use vulnerabilities to access IT systems and products. Therefore, it is critical for companies to identify defects in their products. Moreover, fixing of those vulnerabilities before exploitation is even more important! As a result, efficient and effective vulnerability assessment can save huge amount of money, reputation and sensitive data for the users and brand as well!

Finally, allow us to enlighten you with pentest VS vulnerability assessment.

Pentest VS Vulnerability Assessment

Pentest VS Vulnerability Assessment

DescriptionPentestVulnerability Assessment
Scoping CallYesYes
Documentation of requirement and ScopeYesYes
Passive info gatheringNoYes
Active info gatheringYesYes
Automated vulnerability scanYesYes
Exploit analysisNoYes
Vulnerability confirmationNoYes
Misconfig examinationNoYes
Miscofig exploitationNoYes
Infrastructure exploitation pivotingNoYes
System restoration to pre-test stateNoYes
Vulnerability report(system generated)YesNo
Exploit reportingNoYes
Detailed report on overall securityNoYes
Customized remediation adviceNoYes


We hope, now you understand pentest vs vulnerability assessment. However, apart from these two tests, all of the security tests are critical for your products secure and safe development.

Therefore, selecting a capable testing partner is crucial for your brand.

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