How To Choose Penetration Testing Company In 2021

How To Choose Penetration Testing Company In 2021

With the constant advancements in the IT industry, there’s constant risk of getting replaced by some competitor who provides much better features and best-in-class security in their products than you. 21st century consumers require privacy and smooth experience with better optimization for every application, software, website and etc. they use. But to create a secured product, you need to perform security testing on your products. There are many security tests available for IT products. One of which is penetration testing. Therefore, here we discuss the how to choose a penetration testing company in 2021.

But firstly, let us give a brief about Penetration Testing.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, popularly is also known as pentest or pentesting.

Pentest is a type of security testing used to uncover vulnerabilities, threats and risks. Mostly from an attacker who could exploit software applications, networks or web applications. The goal is to identify and test all potential security vulnerabilities that are present in your product. Therefore, this establishes how important penetration testing is for product development!

Pen testing is solely based on security aspect of your product. So, it’s main agenda is examining the coding structures of your product to detect any loopholes or vulnerabilities.  Pentesters use penetration testing tools to expose any threat present in security layer. As a result, this allows testers to address any shortcomings of the product; before they become dangerous liabilities.

Pentesting reduces the magnitude of monetary and societal loss associated with successful data breaches and hijacking and business disruption of the product.

Whenever any business experiences hacks or hijacking of sensitive data, the costs of containment, recovery, public relations, and fines can force you to shut your business for good!

Thus, pentest aids brands in securing and ensuring the success of their product in the IT product market!

Finally, let’s dive into the main part of the blog; how to choose a penetration testing company in 2021.

How To Choose Penetration Testing Company In 2021

Points to consider on how to choose a penetration testing company in 2021

1) Certifications

Certification are one of the most important thing to look for whenever partnering with any company. Certification provide the legitimacy of the company you are planning to partner with. Moreover, certificates also verify the capabilities and skillsets of the partner company.

Highly professional, authentic and work with ethics environment testing company always get themselves certified with all necessary certifications!

QualySec has been CERT-IN and ISO27001 certified.

Moreover, their pentesters have CEH or OSCP and CERT-IN certifications. Furthermore, QualySec is a government recognized brand!

Therefore, always make sure to check for the required certificates of the testing company as well as their testing employees (testers).

2) Reputation

Reputation is their clientele and the list of jobs they have accomplished as a testing firm. Moreover, how much recognition they get around in your circle or industry. Reputation also include, their previous and exiting client’s recommendation regarding the testing company.

3) Sample Report

The traditional but classis Indian way to judge anything is by experiencing it firsthand. So, asking for a sample report provides deep insights on their work experience and testing capabilities. Or maybe, ask for a quotation for the required services beforehand. This helps in forming a concrete financial terms and sloid trustworthy business partnership.

4) Worth

Consider all the services provided by testing firm. Analyze and check the worth of their testing for your benefit. If their penetration testing actually add value to your product and company, then definitely go for it. Therefore, check how testing partner will add value to you, your brand and your product; this way you will fathom their true worth!

5) Testing methods and processes

Make sure to gather information about their work environment, their strategies while dealing with any client, and the methods they use to perform penetration testing. This helps in knowing their work ethics and company to employee treatment better. If their employees are satisfied with the company and work ethics are bound by professional mindset, the services they provide will always be best-in-class.

Therefore, analyze the information about the company very minutely.

6) References

Reference paly a big role in deciding business partnerships in any aspect of business. So, if you have received any references or recommendations from any collogue or industry based peers make sure they come from legit sources.

This way you can ensure the services provided by the penetration testing firm are up to the mark and clientele actually respects them!

7) Compliance

Check for the number of clientele and accreditations exist in the company profile. Analyze if or not the pentesting firm satisfy all your needs and requirements.

8) Privacy

Check if or not they guarantee data privacy and provide a non-disclosure agreement while signing for partnership paperwork. Ask, if or not they protect the sensitive data of your brand an product?

So, if the pentest partner provide and satisfy the privacy requirement of yours, partner with it and break a deal ASAP!

9) Revalidation

Revalidation is testing or retesting of your product if some changes were made in the codebase of your product. These changes can be made during testing phase if necessary as well.

So, always check with the penetration testing firm if or not they will perform testing again if the security structure of your product was changed midway.


Finally, we end our blog about how to choose a penetration testing company in 2021. We sincerely hope, we enabled you to now examine and choose the right penetration testing partner for you and your product.

QualySec is India’s best QA and penetration testing company! We aim to improve our process & methodologies, we empower our team members to think outside the box in order to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. We constantly innovate our best-in-class tools to give our clients the very best at an affordable price.

Contact us, and allow us to begin this beautiful journey of developing a secure and market breakthrough product!

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