Top 15 Android Testing Companies In India 2021

Top 15 Android Testing Companies In India 2021

With constant and significant advancements in technology, heavy tasks can now be accomplished on a smartphones. And android devices constitute around 95.23 percentage of smartphones in India. Plus, android is a different OS (Operating System). So, mobile applications made for android devices cannot work on iPhones or iPads. Therefore, each and every mobile application available on the Google Play Store is specifically made for android devices. Which means, there is a big market for mobile app developers to capture. However, Google Play Store policies are very strict. Your mobile app won’t be live, if it doesn’t match Google Play Store standards. Therefore, here we enlist the top 15 android testing companies in India 2021.

1) QualySec

Top 15 iOS  Testing Companies In India 2021

QualySec is India’s best QA and penetration testing company. It is based in Bhubaneswar with clients & team members from all over the globe. QualySec is a team of QA and Security Engineers dedicated to finding loopholes in your website, mobile app or software before the world finds them, so that what you have out on the digital platform is a clean product returning minimum complaints.

It has experienced testers who know their job in and out. QualySec aims to provide the best testing services while being affordable at the same time. With guaranteed results and pinnacle of security, Of course, QualySec has earned the top-most place in this list of top 15 android testing companies in India 2021 with sheer dedication and numerous satisfied clients spread across many countries.

QualySec has accomplished and provided:

2) TestBytes

Top 15 Android Testing Companies In India 2021

Testbytes is a community of software testers who are passionate about quality and love to test. So, they develop an in-depth understanding of the applications under test and include software testing strategies that deliver quantifiable results. Therefore, their methodologies and processes are based on CMMI, ISO, Agile best practices. Most of resources are certified in ISTQB, CSTE, CSQA, and Automation Tools. Building reusable automation frameworks, templates, & repositories is forte.

3) Tech Mahindra

Top 15 Android Testing Companies In India 2021

Tech Mahindra i s a multinational company. They offer a wide range of customer-centric security solutions

Tech Mahindra ranked 4th in software services company in India. The year 1986 marked the establishment of the company.

Its headquarters is located at Pune, India. Moreover, Mr. Anand Mahindra is the chairman and the founder.

4) ChromeInfo Technologies

Top 15 Android Testing Companies In India 2021

ChromeInfotech was launched in 2009. Almost, somewhere around the time when mobile app boom kicked in. Mostly focusing on iOS and Android Mobile App Development. But with Technological breakthroughs making way into the Software Development Space, they decided to shift onto areas other than mobile apps.

Further, they provide expertise in areas such as but not limited to Cloud Computing, Internet of Things(IoT), Enterprise Solutions, QA Automation, Blockchain and more. For Instance, Apart from Agile Methodologies, DevOps principles and practices along with AWS CodePipeline.

5) Sourcebits

Top 15 Android Testing Companies In India 2021

Sourcebits-Ascendum Digital is a trusted digital transformation accelerator providing early access to next-generation technologies, disruptive innovation, and unique customer experiences. Likewise, this award-winning IT solutions firm brings startup speed with enterprise stability to businesses focused on enhanced digital customer engagement and satisfaction, and business automation resulting in real-time data access, seamless efficiencies and cost-savings.

6) TechaSoft

Techasoft, believes in working in partnerships with the clients. Each of the clients is equally important to and collaborate, to understand their unique needs and working methods. With consistent interaction and work to create intelligent solutions that meet the client’s evolving business demands. And thus, provide quick turnarounds by following this collaborative style of working. They have been continuously bridging the gap between business and technology.

Their mission is to provide innovative software solutions for excellence and enterprise compliance.

7) KiwiQA

With a team of experienced, seasoned and erudite software testing professionals who help you build flawless and better IT systems with complete focus on end-users needs. So, with multifaceted expertise in automated, manual and Advanced testing technologies, they assure Immaculateness in your software systems.

Therefore, KiwiQA is a leading software testing services company that offers a comprehensive set of independent software testing services to global clientele in an exceptionally efficacious manner.

8) ThinkSys

Over the years, ThinkSys have expanded immensely and are now a team of 200+ highly talented & skilled individuals, who work to offer impeccable services in the various field of software development, web & mobile app development, support, analytics, and a whole bunch of other software services. To delight the customers and other stakeholders with innovative & collaborative technology solutions. Using high-tech tools, frameworks, languages & more, strive to be a partner that is easy & flexible to work with.

9) TestingXperts

TestingXperts (Tx) is a next-gen QA & Software Testing Services provider headquartered in London with test labs across US, Europe, and offshore test labs in India. Moreover, TestingXperts’ comprehensive suite of testing services covers Test Advisory, Functional and Non-Functional testing specializing in Automation, Digital, DevOps, Agile, Web, Mobility, AI/ML, RPA, Blockchain, IOT, and Big Data to name a few. Hence, Tx is pioneering the next-gen Continuous Testing practices with a team of modern testers focused on test automation, CI/ CD, and shift left methodologies.

10) Crestech

Top 15 Android Testing Companies In India 2021

Crestech believes in application experience.It is based in Bangalore, India. So, that’s break the developer’s hearts. You might not like what they find, but you surely want them for what they do.

They act as a mirror for the product quality. Therefore, reflects the current product. Hence, finding defects is the job and is motivational enough to find innovative ways to do the job. Every service is backed by methodologies. 2005 was the founding year for Crestech.

11) BugRaptors

Top 15 Android Testing Companies In India 2021

Bugraptors provides thorough mobile app testing services to steer your digital approach while ensuring the desired user experience. The best-in-class app testing services offer high usability, bug-free and interactive user experience, leading to higher conversion and Install Rate.

12) Think Future Technologies

Think Future Technologies (TFT) provides technology services to customers, enabling them to achieve superior business outcomes. They come in as a trusted Partner completely owning the Technology piece. TFT brainstorms your business problems, arrive at the right solution framework, deploy the right blend of technical resources, and thereon provide optimal delivery at every step of the project implementation.

TFT supplements its services with self-developed libraries/solutions/frameworks in the areas of Software Development, Testing, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine learning (ML), Blockchain, and IoT.

13) Testvox

Testvox was founded by two techies; Pradeep and Hashir, and their desire and courage to start their own venture was the fuel for Testvox. Later, on 5 June 2017, Testvox was officially incorporated. Testvox has developed a comprehensive solution of software testing services to address the full development lifecycle and production support of complex, heterogeneous web and mobile applications.

The team of experienced professionals strive to deliver a hassle-free product to clients and a seamless experience for the end-users, assuring the best quality application.

14) Indium Software

Top 15 Android Testing Companies In India 2021

Whether organizations are reinventing for the digital environment or augmenting existing business,  digital engineering holds the key to success. While implementation of Cloud & Digital technology by itself is not complex, it is not meeting client aspirations because it is constantly evolving. Indium Software is based in Bangalore India.

15) TestScenario

TestScenario tests your mobile apps on emulators based on the real-world scenario that enhances your mobile app user experience. Their testing and QA experts test your Native and Hybrid mobile apps for performance, usability, integration, scalability, and almost everything that makes it a successful product. Be it on-demand apps or enterprise mobile apps, they have frameworks that help with better test coverage in minimum time.

Top 15 Android Testing Companies In India 2021


The enlisted top 15 android testing companies in India 2021 are all good. Though, we believe you require the best testing partners for creating a perfect android mobile app.

Therefore, selecting QualySec for your QA and security testing is the best decision.

Contact us and begin the journey of security testing with no. 1 company from top 15 android testing companies in India 2021.

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