Qualysec Partnership Program


Partner with industry-leading cybersecurity experts to enhance customer trust and drive business growth

Benefits Of Partnership

Client Security

Aid your clients in strengthening their cybersecurity measures and protecting against potential reputational or financial harm.

New Opportunities

Diversify your services and increase sales prospects by offering solutions beyond your company’s existing capabilities.

Add on Revenues

Attain high profit marginswithout having to invest in additional resources and without augmenting your operational capabilities.

Custom Solutions

We work closely with the clients to understand their specific needs and ensure that our services are tailored to meet their needs.

Top Notch Support

Our team provides ongoing support in providing quotations, proposals and marketing materials to ensure the best possible experience for our partners.

Seamless Integrity

By partnering with us, you can trust that we will uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our interactions, ensuring a smooth and successful partnership.

High Transparency

When you partner with us, you can expect clear and regular communication and full transparency in all of our actions.

Retain Your Customers

While your organization maintains the client relationship, our experts handle the technical work on your behalf.


Gain a competitive edge by utilizing our expert industry knowledge andour commitment to upholding the highest security standards.

Two ways Partner with Qualysec

Referral Partnership

As a partner, you can earn a referral fee by referring your clients to us. We will handle the project from start to finish, ensuring that it is completed efficiently and to the highest standards. This allows you to focus on your core business and grow your operations, while still being able to offer top-notch services to your clients through our partnership.

Reseller Partnership

As a partner, you have the opportunity to offer our services to your customers either individually or bundled with your own offering.We provide these services under your company branding, allowing you to maintain a consistent image and offer a wider range of services without having to invest in additional resources and infrastructure needed to deliver them yourself. This can help you to expand your business and increase revenue streams.

We can refer projects to you too


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