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Saas Application Penetration Testing

Protect your saas applications from latest cyber security risks

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What Is Saas Application Pentesting?

SaaS (Software-as-a-service) is a subscription-based cloud service that simplifies operations. However, they have a complex infrastructure as many things go back to creating a SaaS solution. There are networks, cloud, web interfaces, APIs, third-party integrations, base code, user roles, and several other interconnected systems. Securing and maintaining a SaaS application with so many components also becomes complex. That is why the SaaS penetration test becomes vital. The SaaS app pen test will help find and fix vulnerabilities under any SaaS application components. The pen testers will employ tools, methodologies, and techniques to secure the overall infrastructure of the SaaS. They also make a support system for the application owner to review and improve the hidden security vulnerabilities on time.

We at Qualysec provide the best  Saas application pentration services in india USA to maintain a strong and secure posture.

Why Do You Need Saas Application Penetration Testing?

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Identify Security Threats

SaaS application is complex and requires proper management and security system to keep it functional and secure. It can be improved through SaaS app penetration testing by finding and fixing vulnerabilities like security misconfiguration, data integrity failure, injection, broken access control, and more. When vulnerabilities are identified, pen testers will exploit them.

Avoid Financial Setbacks

SaaS applications contain huge amounts of data and require all possible security. In case of data exposure or other data breaches, massive data loss and financial damages can occur. SaaS application penetration testing proactively identifies vulnerabilities and threats to avoid downtime, data loss, and financial damages.

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Meet Compliance Standards

Along with assisting your organization in maintaining SaaS application security to safeguard confidential data, penetration testing will also help meet compliance regulations and client requests such as HIPPA, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, GDPR, and others.

Assessing Impacts Of Attacks

Attackers can exploit server and client-site script vulnerabilities to access the organization’s data to perform unauthorized activities that can hamper the organization’s reputation, client trust, and financial loss. Proactively detecting threats can help track down potential attackers’ impacts and manage data exposure in SaaS apps.

Let us understand your context better and provide you with the best solutions.

What Types Of Compliance Can Be Achieved by Using Our Services?

What Are Common Saas Application Vulnerabilities?

When it comes to Saas application vulnerabilities, ensuring their security is crucial. Saas application penetration testing helps identify and address potential weaknesses, ensuring the integrity and protection of your app.

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What We Provide For Saas Application Penetration Testing

At Qualysec, we provide SaaS application penetration testing services that will surely meet your security goals and objectives. Using a comprehensive approach by our pen testers will deliver assured results and strengthen the security posture of your SaaS applications.

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Our pen testers conduct the SaaS application penetration testing in a way that stimulates cyberattacks to identify vulnerabilities in your SaaS application. We begin the process by scanning and evaluating the application. A hybrid framework (automated, in-house tools, and manual testing) is employed to obtain 100% accuracy within a limited time. The pen tester then exploits the vulnerabilities and secures the SaaS apps.


On methodologies and testing framework based on the OWASP, we perform 3000+ test cases that will definitely reveal any and every underlying threat within your code. Our pen testing experts can detect business logic errors and gaps in security and provide in-call remediation assistance from security experts. We also help SaaS application owners to meet compliance requirements such as HIPPA, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, GDPR, and others.



During the SaaS application penetration test, Qualysec provides daily progress reports, mentioning all the necessary details related to the test, like vulnerabilities found and areas where tests were performed. Doing so helps the SaaS app owner get a clear idea regarding the test as well as maintain effective communication. Moreover, daily reporting helps balance transparency and customer data security during penetration testing.



Once SaaS application penetration testing is conducted, we ensure to achieve zero false positives: the vulnerabilities identified are genuine and require immediate attention. Qualysec provides a comprehensive report revealing everything about the pen test process. The pentest report includes all noteworthy explanations with relevant screenshots, vulnerability details, findings, location, impact, and other potential future damages, videos, reference links, and more. This report also helps the technical team implement the best measures for vulnerabilities.


Qualysec will also assist you with the onboarding process. Once we provide the identified vulnerability locations, their impact, and suggested measures to fix them. We make sure your technical team understands the report provided by our team. In addition, we conduct a retest to confirm no vulnerabilities were missed during remediation support.


At last, Qualysec provides a letter of attestation and security certificates as a configuration. After thoroughly testing your SaaS applications, we exploited every vulnerability found. Now, your SaaS application software is secured and meets compliance and industry standards.

what you get from Penetration test?

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How to Begin Securing Your App

Contact us
Be contacted by one of our cyber security experts who will gather all the necessary information. Click the link below to send us an inquiry.
Pre-assessment form

A pre-assessment questionnaire form needs to be filled out, consisting of technical and non-technical questions regarding the targeted saas application. Click the link below to fill out the Saas application penetration testing pre-assessment form.

Proposal meeting

A virtual presentation meeting will be arranged to explain our assessment approach, process, tools, timeframe, and estimated cost.

NDA and Agreement signing

A nondisclosure agreement (NDA) and service agreement will be signed to ensure strict data privacy for our clients.

Pre-requisite collection

All the necessary pre-requisite information will be gathered for the assessment, after which the penetration testing will commence.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Saas application penetration testing?

    SaaS application penetration testing is an authorized process of identifying vulnerabilities in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application, which may include weaknesses in code, APIs, infrastructure, and configuration. This testing is critical because SaaS platforms are complex and hold huge amounts of sensitive data that must be secured against potential cyberattacks.

    Who performs a Saas application penetration test?

    Skilled professionals perform SaaS application penetration tests or someone who has in-depth knowledge and awareness of the latest trends and techniques in penetration testing. Here at Qualysec, we have a team of experts to conduct SaaS application penetration tests, follow industry-standard methodologies, and employ advanced tools to identify vulnerabilities in your SaaS application.

    What information is needed to scope a Saas app pen test?

    The information that is needed to scope a SaaS application pen test: 

    • Types of applications
    • Access controls
    • Compliance requirements 
    • Third-party integrations
    • User roles

    Our professional team will work closely with your organization to define the scope of the test and ensure that all critical areas are addressed.

    Which Saas application security testing tools are used?

    Tools that are used for SaaS application security testing are:

    Burp Suite: For comprehensive SaaS application scanning and analysis.

    OWASP zap: Open-source tool to identify vulnerabilities

    Nmap: For network and port scanning to detect potential weaknesses.

    Nikto: To perform server-level vulnerability scanning.

    Acunetix: For automated scanning and vulnerability detection.

    SQLMap: Specialized in detecting and exploiting SQL injection flaws.

    However, we keep on adapting new tools as per the requirement of the client’s application complexities.

    How long does it take to perform a Saas application security test?

    The time duration of performing a SaaS application security test can vary based on various factors. For example, the size of the SaaS application, its complexity, and the areas where the test is required to be performed. We at Qualysec provide detailed timeliness structured around your company’s goals.

    What happens at the end of a Saas app pen test?

    Toward the end, pen testers prepare a detailed report. The report includes the prioritized list of vulnerabilities, recommendations, and other relevant evidence of pen test conduct. The report will assist your technical team in understanding and implementing the best measures in the SaaS application. Moreover, Qualysec provides a letter of attestation and security certificate after presenting the remediation support to address that your application is now secure.

    How much does a Saas application penetration test cost?

    The cost of a SaaS application penetration test gets influenced by various components like the complexity of the application, if earlier a pen test was performed or not, which methodology will be employed, and more. In addition, the level of expertise of the penetration testing service provider. 

    At QualySec, we understand that every organization has different goals to achieve. So, we provide a transparent pricing structure that reflects the value we provide to our clients.

    How do you test the security of Saas applications?

    We use a comprehensive approach of automated, in-house tools and manual testing methodology to test the security of SaaS applications, including black-box and white-box testing. Our team also follows industry-standard, such as OWASP, to ensure that all crucial areas of the application are tested comprehensively. We also perform testing of third-party integrations and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

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