About us

About Us

Strengthening Your Cyber Defense Through Planned Cyber Offense

We are a team of Skilled, Experienced, and Highly Certified Cybersecurity Specialists who are driven by Quality, Collaboration, and Innovation.

Who Are We?

A Cyber Security Company That Solely Focuses on Penetration Testing

We at Qualysec go beyond security plans to assist leading companies worldwide in identifying and mitigating weaknesses that threaten their digital defenses. Our tech expertise and innovative problem-solving skills empower businesses to navigate the evolving cybersecurity landscape with confidence and resilience.

“We believe in the philosophy of a World Free of Cyber-Attacks.” With that, our mission is to secure the digital world from cyber threats.

Our Expertise, Your Peace of Mind

With more than 3 years of penetration testing experience and a proven track record of achieving excellent offensive security outcomes, Qualysec is committed to defending the world’s most influential companies.

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Choose Qualysec as Your Trusted Penetration Testing Service Provider


Deep Penetration Testing


We don’t limit to tool scans, we follow a hybrid approach to find hidden vulnerabilities in apps and networks.


Hacker-Style Approach


We simulate real-world cyber attacks to exploit them before any bad actors do.


Comprehensive Report


We offer the most detailed pentest report that helps developers mitigate vulnerabilities.


Process-Based Testing


We combine automated tools and human effort with a process-based approach for accurate results.


Good Track Record


We’ve secured 350+ assets across 18+ countries with 0 data breaches recorded by our clients.


Help in Fixing Vulnerabilities


We help your development/network team fix the vulnerabilities found.

Satisfied Clientele

The Founders

Chandan Kumar Sahoo

CEO and Founder

About Chandan

Chandan has more than 8 years of experience as a cybersecurity professional. His leadership has brought Qualysec to the forefront of the business, especially in penetration testing. With a focus on quality and innovation, Chandan has the vision to establish Qualysec as a cybersecurity solutions leader. His commitment to entrepreneurship and strategic vision has been critical to Qualysec's success, demonstrating India's cybersecurity capabilities.

Pabitra Kumar Sahoo

COO and Co-Founder

About Pabitra

Pabitra is a cybersecurity expert with over 7 years of dedicated expertise protecting digital infrastructure. Pabitra, who specializes in penetration testing, has developed a thorough grasp of vulnerabilities and threats, as well as the ability to devise effective security tactics. Pabitra's ambition goes beyond knowledge.  He strives to build a dynamic team of industry-leading specialists capable of offering personalized solutions to the most difficult security challenges.

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