Popular Software Testing Misconceptions

Popular Software Testing Misconceptions

Testers are often the subject of one too many misconceptions. It is with certainty I state that software testing is just as important as software development. Let us look at some of the popular software testing misconceptions.

1. Testers don’t require technical skills

Software testing is different from software development. The end goals are completely different from one another. At the end of the day, the tester needs to be skilled enough to perform the job at hand. Every task is going to be different; from bug detection to quality testing. Need to able to analyze well if you plan on staying in the field.

2. All bugs are revealed

Not saying that it’s impossible to reveal all the bugs during testing because it is not. However, you will need to spend more time and money if you want every last bug to be found out.

3. Testing can be automated

The main problem here is that some may think that everything can and should be automated. We should only automate most boring tests, those that are repeated numerous times with only a small variation and can be used with a lot of data as an input…not everything needs to be automated and must not be automated. Don’t forget that each test has a cost in development, running and maintenance.

4. Not much money to earn

This statement couldn’t be more far from wrong. As long as there’s demand for websites, apps and just technology in general, there will always be demand for testers. Hone your skills before you appear for the interview.

5. Testers break the product

The code already exists; the code is merely presented to the tester for them to detect bugs and see where it might go wrong. Testers just find places that are broken and report them. Sometimes, it isn’t even actual breakage so much as something that doesn’t work the way customers expect or want it to work.


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