Top 50 Automation Testing Companies In 2022

Top 50 Automation Testing Companies In 2022

Are you trying to find automation testing service providing companies? Are you unsure about which company to contact and partner with?  We understand the importance of testing in an IT based product/services. Moreover, with constant developments in IT space, providing the best possible fully secured and functional product is more important than ever! Moreover, with these developments, companies are moving towards automation testing. From QA testing to penetration testing, every test can now be performed by automation. Moreover, deciding over the right and compatible automation testing service provider can be quite the hustle. Do not worry, we are here to help you! Here we mention the top 50 automation testing companies in 2022.

Test automation has recently become a prevailing trend in software QA. Also, it is an integral part of QA processes that helps increase testing effectiveness, efficiency and coverage.

So, without further ado: let us begin!

1. QualySec

Top 50 Automation Testing Companies In 2022

QualySec technologies is a Bhubaneswar based Indian company. It is termed as India’s best QA and penetration testing company! It is a team of QA & security testing engineers dedicated to find loopholes in the applications, websites, and software. Moreover, QualySec has helped innumerable brands and start-ups from varying sectors of business in successful launch of their respective platforms. QualySec aims to provide most affordable and optimum QA & pen-testing over the globe.  They have a team of experienced testers, who are oracles of their fields. QualySec has worked with businesses from varied industries like fintech, e-commerce, healthcare, gaming, banking, travel, and many more.

Moreover, QualySec extends their services to small to big scale enterprises, startups, and existing businesses as well. Additionally, QualySec has a wide range of experience in test automation tools and technologies including Selenium, Python, Java, C#, Maven, Jenkins, Appium, and others.

Also with QualySec’s automation testing services you can save time, get instant results, save efforts on manual testing, avoid human errors, and increase the depth and scope of tests.

They offer Web automation testing, android application automation, and iOS application automation as well! QualySec started operation in 2020, and in such short span: they have emerged as the leading QA, penetration testing , and automation testing company of India! Also, QualySec is more than capable to provide automation testing services not just in India, but around the globe as well!

Therefore, QualySec has earned the top position in our list of the top 50 automation testing companies in 2022.

2. Testlio

Top 50 Automation Testing Companies In 2022

Testlio brings together a global network of expert freelancers, dedicated services professionals, and an integrated platform to provide flexible and strategic software testing at scale. Additionally, the world’s biggest companies and most innovative brands partner with them to release better products faster.

Therefore, Testlio has earned a place in our list of the top 50 automation testing companies in 2022.

3.  QA Mentor

top 50 automation testing companies in 2022

Founded in 2010 and based in New York, QA Mentor, Inc. is multi-award winning, CMMI Level 3 SVC + SSD v1.3 appraised ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 20000-1 certified leading independent software testing company headquartered in New York. With 300 global QA resources in 6 different countries offering more than 30 QA testing services. And, QA Mentor is a global leader in Software Quality Assurance and Testing space. Serving 437 clients from Fortune 500 to startups in 28 countries, QA Mentor supports applications in 9 different industries.

QA Mentor continues its growth, expansion and footprint around the globe to become the top and the best Software Testing Company in the World.

Therefore, QA Mentor has earned a place in our list of the top 50 automation testing companies in 2022.

4. QA Wolf

top 50 automation testing companies in 2022

QA Wolf is the first frontend testing company that gets engineering teams to 80% automated test coverage in 3 months. They stand out from other firms because they use their own open-source testing framework to write and maintain tests versus other companies which use traditional tools that are more complex and take much longer. QA Wolf is located in Seattle, WA.

5. Quality Logic

QualityLogic was founded in 1986 to help solve compatibility problems between print systems and software applications. As a result, they developed the quality assurance test tools and test suites that quickly became the industry standard. For more than three decades, industry leaders have trusted QualityLogic to help them release great software. Through this early experience, founders recognized the importance of integrating QA testing services and making it part of the development process.

6. ImpactQA

ImpactQA is a software testing and QA Consulting company. It helps SMEs and Fortune 500 companies to deliver digital transformation and technology services. It has enabled global 250+ clients to stay one step ahead of disruption. Moreover, their experts redefine emerging technologies and business practices to excel in areas of digitalization, automation, engineering and containerization. Also, they have unmatched testing capabilities across many industries such as Healthcare, E-learning, BFSI, Ecommerce, Media, Logistics, and more.

7. QAWerk

top 50 automation testing companies in 2022

QAWerk is an Ukraine based QA and automation testing company. And they provide automation and testing services at an affordable rate to their clients.

8. A1QA

A1qa is an independent Software Testing and Quality Assurance company. Headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado, a1qa has its locations across the globe. Also, with over 700 QA professionals on board and over 16 years of experience in providing services across a range of verticals, a1qa has built up a reputation for quality and reliability.

9. Aspired

top 50 automation testing companies in 2022

Aspired helps its clients hire and build a remote autonomous dedicated team by carefully selecting the elite from the global pool of talent.  Moreover, their team of experts identifies new & emerging tech hubs and pair their top engineers with teams engaged in solving thought-provoking problems. Moreover, they provide complete operations and services to give companies all the benefits of a new office without any hassle.

10. Spec India

SPEC INDIA is a boutique ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 software solutions and services company based in Ahmedabad, one of the most enterprising cities of Gujarat in India. With their marked beginnings about 30 years ago, they have proven our capabilities in providing accelerated and cost-effective enterprise software development solutions to a large portfolio of customers across the globe, showcasing end-to-end business transformation. Moreover, they strive to serve our esteemed clientele with focused collaboration, cutting-edge technologies, immaculate user experience, well-tested solutions and round-the-clock support.

11. BugRaptors

top 50 automation testing companies in 2022

  Bugraptors provides thorough QA testing services to steer your digital approach while ensuring the desired user experience. The best-in-class testing services offer high usability, bug-free and interactive user experience, leading to higher conversion and install rate.

12. Cigniti

top 50 automation testing companies in 2022

Cigniti is an independent Quality Engineering & Software Testing services company, bringing the power of AI into Agile and DevOps, to accelerate enterprise dis to build a better world with better software has manifested into IP led test solutions that are transforming the scope and engagement of Software QA across verticals. Moreover, testing is measured, optimized and reviewed across all the stages of test life cycle to ensure the development of flawless software products and applications.

13. Rhino Security Labs

top 50 automation testing companies in 2022

Rhino Security Labs is a boutique QA testing company with focus on network, cloud, and web/mobile application penetration testing services. Additionally, Rhino’s clients are security conscious companies in a wide range of industries and needs, from high-tech start-ups to the Fortune 1000.  Starting by understanding the underlying drivers, they ensure each pen-test and QA testing meets the client’s objectives. Testing security code review before a launch, Rhino maps each assessment to the needs of the business.

14. Raxis


Raxis was founded in 2011 by Mark Puckett, an Atlanta information security expert who saw a burning need for more realistic QA and penetration testing. Their services are in high demand among businesses with much at stake. Moreover, Raxis simulated testing, built from the perspective of a determined and clever adversary, proved far more effective than traditional services.

15. RedBot Security

Redbot Security is a full-service USA based customer centric cybersecurity company whose focus is network security, solving core issues and helping organizations navigate the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. Moreover at the core, RedBot identifies and re-mediates threats, risks and vulnerabilities, helping its customers easily deploy and manage leading edge technology that protects and defends data, networks and customer information.

16. ScienceSoft

Founded in 1989, ScienceSoft is a provider of IT consulting and software development services. Having started as a small AI product company, it switched to IT services in 2002 and ever since has helped non-IT organizations and software product companies improve business performance and quickly win new customers. Moreover, with 32-year experience in software development and 9 Microsoft Gold Competencies, ScienceSoft offers a complete set of software development and QA testing services aligned with the industry’s best practices and based on transparent cooperation with customers.

17. Cypher

Cypher Security, LLC was founded by two individuals with 20+ years experience in serving the K-12 education market. Moreover, as a TCG company, Cypher Security focuses on partnering with school districts to help them protect their students, educators and critical systems. Cypher has built strong relationships with district administrators and educators, forging true partnerships to help them as they prepare for, or mitigate, the effects of a data breach.

18. HackerOne

HackerOne was started by hackers and security leaders who are driven by a passion to make the internet safer. Thousands of talented people – hackers, employees, and community members – have dedicated themselves to one purpose: hacking for good.

19. NetSpi

NetSPI is a QA and penetration testing company that is transforming the cyber security testing industry. Moreover, with tech-enabled services and prevention-based cyber security techniques it deserved to be on our list. It conducts more than 150,000 hours of security testing every year, security experts have authored more than 100 scripts and toolsets, Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) gives you real-time visibility into our pen-testing results.

20. Indian Cyber Security Solutions

Indian Cyber Security Solutions is an organization which caters to the need of technology-based risk management & cyber security solution across the globe. ICSS was established in 2013. Moreover, Indian Cyber Security Solutions team of penetration testers have worked on various industries starting from manufacturing to banking and have secured applications and networks on various platforms. Cyber security being the top priority for all organizations in 2021, provides compliance & Pen-testing services.

21. Powercode

Powercode’s passionate, user-oriented designers have an iron grip of the tools they use to build exceptional digital experiences. Moreover, they believe web development should never be boring. It should never be weak. Also, they never forget that your business goals drive everything. So, their beautiful web and mobile designs blend your brand objectives into intuitive and impactful products every step of the way.

22. KMS Solutions

As an extended arm of KMS Group, KMS Solutions is designated to APAC to help enterprises digitize their business and compete more capably—proven by world-class digital capabilities and a wide network of world-leading software partners.

23. Shift Asia

SHIFT ASIA opened its office in HCM Vietnam in 2016, as a strategic SEA hub to scale operation and better serve the greater APAC region. Also, 25 talented professionals led the startup phase and manual testing division has since grown into a full-functioning office handling international clients. And now, the size of about 200 passionate employees with diversity and expertise. Moreover, their structure facilitates their wide service offerings – security assessment, test automation, international inspection, offshore development and many more. So, they are answering all kinds of needs creators are experiencing in quality assurance.

Therefore, Shift Asia has earned a place in our list of the top 50 automation testing companies in 2022.

24. Alliancetek

AllianceTek has completed hundreds of projects that include mobile applications, enterprise content management, business intelligence solutions, business process management, customer relationship management and many more. Moreover, they have even used technology to transform businesses completely.

25. Admios

Admios is an accomplished nearshore software development firm that provides highly skilled, team-based resources to companies with strategic software needs. Also, since 2005, startups and enterprise companies have chosen them to drive new product growth and technical initiatives in a variety of industries.

26. CodeBright

CodeBright is an Indian startup focused on solving software and IT problems throughout the globe. Moreover, they offer their services at a nominal pricing.

27. Zymr

Zymr is a full-stack cloud software development company headquartered in Silicon Valley. Moreover, by  combining agile development practices and cutting-edge open source technologies, they deliver fit-for-purpose software that scales with our customers’ business needs. Also, founded by industry veterans with decades of technology experience, they are proficient in accelerating cloud application development.

Therefore, Zymr has earned a place in our list of the top 50 automation testing companies in 2022.

28. UTOR

top 50 automation testing companies in 2022.

From their experience, the main problem of software failures lies in how the process of development is organized. Moreover, they fix your operational issues and set up a proper testing process. Therefore, this results in fewer failures, faster development and quality products.

29. Alpha Information Systems India

top 50 automation testing companies in 2022.

Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd. is the global pioneer in providing IT consulting and bespoke software development solutions. Moreover, they provide Custom Development Solutions across Software Development, Web & Mobile Application Development, Blockchain, IoT Services to clients worldwide, with offices in USA – NJ, Norway – Sandane, Bangalore – India, Hubli – India. Also, for the last 10 years, Aalpha has been transforming businesses across the globe with its focus on delivering cost effective and scalable solutions to enhance business profitability. So, they follow best project management practices to deliver quality and timely solutions with seamless integration.

30. Simbir

top 50 automation testing companies in 2022.

In 2001, four engineers who were passionate about programming founded SimbirSoft. So, due to their professionalism and the high goals they set for themselves and the company, SimbirSoft has evolved from a small team to a global enterprise. Also, one of their first projects was a system for employees of the Bank of Japan, then they came up with a constructor for landscape design, and a yacht tracking system for the regatta. Moreover, all these products are still working. Also, they had created applications with GPS and our real-time mapping algorithms a year before Google did.

31. Performance Lab

Performance Lab is a provider of QA, premier load and performance testing services for enterprises in all industries. They deliver expected value to our clients by focusing on robust methodology, tools, and experienced engineers. They excel in bottleneck localization and craft performance optimization guidelines.

32. Test Army

top 50 automation testing companies in 2022.

TestArmy Group is one of the fastest growing testing companies in Central Europe according to the Deloitte ranking (2019). They specialize in cyber security and quality assurance of digital products. Moreover, they have been on the market for 10 years. Also, during this time, they have successfully completed over 800 projects.

Therefore, Test Army has earned a place in our list of the top 50 automation testing companies in 2022.

33. Daxx

Daxx , helps you grow your business by building dedicated development teams in Ukraine. Their company was founded in Amsterdam in 1999 by entrepreneurs Bart Kuyper and Jeroen Rijnen. It started out as a software development outsourcing company but soon switched to staff augmentation – a model that allows clients to have more control over recruitment, the development process, and team culture while Daxx takes care of every other aspect of having a cross-functional remote team.

34. Quality Works

top 50 automation testing companies in 2022.

Founded in 2010, QualityWorks is a black-owned, woman-led QA and software solutions firm focused on enabling companies to build higher quality software, create future-ready teams and accelerate software delivery. The company has grown to become one of the top consulting companies serving clients in the US, UK, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Their vision is to deliver next-level digital solutions through innovations in testing and quality-driven development. They go beyond the code, beyond testing to help their clients achieve their most extraordinary digital goals.

35. Deligence Technologies

A leading Web and Mobile App Development Company based in Delhi, India, offers web and mobile app development solutions across the globe. Since 2014, They are contributing to the success of various companies with our high-end services. They believe in delivering products (apps) that are not only loved by your audience but also helps in building a lasting relationship with them. Their team constantly upskills themselves to provide creative, functionally-rich and user-centric applications for you customers to have rich in-app experience. They implement latest technologies that keep you ahead in the market.  

Therefore, Deligence has earned a place in our list of the top 50 automation testing companies in 2022.


top 50 automation testing companies in 2022.

Sofka’s name was inspired in the merger of two words: Software + Kaizen (Philosophy of continuous improvement, commitment and discipline). Also, they are a company that since its inception has been developing both technical and human talent. Moreover, seeking to be at the forefront of the technology industry, generating high-impact solutions for clients with whom they always work as a team.

37. BairesQA

top 50 automation testing companies in 2022.

BairesQA is a quality assurance software company that provides quality control services to companies with high exposure to third parties through the use of software tools. Moreover, they are focused on testing web environments and mobile applications. Also, they have offices in Buenos Aires. Additionally, they like to work with companies around the globe.

39. Serengeti

Serengeti is an award-winning software development consulting company. It took years to gain the experience and the knowledge they show off with today. Many attributes did not come over night as they have been writing this story together since 2007. With 300 projects behind them, they can proudly say that they have a stockpile of knowledge, know-how and, most importantly, a big load of passion for what we do and an experience that grants impeccable management of the whole development cycle.

40. Techtonic

Techtonic is a QA and software testing firm. Moreover, that believe in serving the best results to the customer at the most affordable rate.

41. QAlified

top 50 automation testing companies in 2022.

QAlified is a software testing and quality assurance company based in Montevideo, Uruguay, with an office in Santa Rosa, Calif. The company, founded in 1992, has a team of more than ten that provides application testing services. QAlified serves mid-market and other-sized companies and institutions in various industries that include financial services, government, and IT.

42. Testrig

Testrig, is a QA and software testing consulting company who believes in adapting high-standard business solutions to meet the extensive needs and requirements of the clients. Their software QA engineer gives utmost importance to every project to help implement quality software QA testing solutions.

Additionally, they also take concern for knowiftware automationg about the business plans of clients to execute QA testing services accordingly.

They offer both manual software testing as well as son testing to help ensure operational productivity.

43. TestBytes

top 50 automation testing companies in 2022

Testbytes is a community of QA and software testers who are passionate about quality and love to test. So, they develop an in-depth understanding of the applications under test and include QA and software testing strategies that deliver quantifiable results. Therefore, their methodologies and processes are based on CMMI, ISO, Agile best practices. Additionally, most of resources are certified in ISTQB, CSTE, CSQA, and Automation Tools. Building reusable automation frameworks, templates, & repositories is forte.

Therefore, TestBytes has earned a place in our list of the top 50 automation testing companies in 2022.

44. RedWerk

Redwerk provides full-cycle development from the initial concept to a live solution. Moreover, since 2005, they establish and service fully managed dedicated software development teams and deliver custom software development projects for their customers worldwide.

45. AppHawks

top 50 automation testing companies in 2022

AppHawks housed QA Engineers to test your application through quick Body & Team Leasing or Project-Based Outsourcing. Moreover, as a software testing & QA services company they deliver a wide range of software testing services.

46. AlgoWorks

Algoworks provides end-to-end mobile design and development services globally. Also, from award-winning B2C native applications to robust cross-platform enterprise-grade mobile solutions, Algoworks innovates applications with latest tech trends. Moreover, they are based in Sunnyvale, CA, Noida, India and Toronto, Canada.

47. Relevant

For 8 years on the market, they have delivered more than 200 projects in industries like FinTech, PropTech, Construction, Healthcare, Retail, and Media. Moreover, they have been working with some clients for more than 5 years and always aim for long-term relationships.

48. Aryavrat

Aryavrat Infotech Inc. is one of the reputed IT Solutions companies in US with a prime focus in the field of Software Development Services. Also, they have an experienced, innovative and dynamic team of experts with a focus to provide software development outsourcing and offshore software services for individuals, small- and medium-sized businesses and corporate clients. Our other strengths include enterprise application development and web application development services.

Moreover, they are also a major Android & iOS app development company in US and can help enrich your presence globally. Additionally, as a prominent software development  company, they have all that it takes to keep them ahead of the competition and ensure the satisfaction level of their clients reaches a new high.

Therefore, Aryavrat has earned a place in our list of the top 50 automation testing companies in 2022.

49. KiwiQA

top 50 automation testing companies in 2022

With a team of experienced, seasoned and erudite software testing professionals who help you build flawless and better IT systems with complete focus on end-users needs. So, with multifaceted expertise in automated, manual and Advanced testing technologies, they assure Immaculateness in your software systems. Therefore, KiwiQA is a leading software testing services company that offers a comprehensive set of independent software testing services to global clientele in an exceptionally efficacious manner.

50 .Exoft

top 50 automation testing companies in 2022

Exoft is a software house with a significant background in providing solutions for business demands. Also, their team of IT professionals first met together in 2013 and it has grown to more than 50 team members since that time.


Finally, here we end with our list of the top 50 automation testing companies in 2022. Anyhow, we believe you require the best testing partners for creating a perfect consumer satisfying product.

Therefore, selecting QualySec for your automation testing is the best decision.

Contact us and begin the journey of automation testing with no. 1 company from top 50 automation testing companies in 2022!    

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