Top 50 Penetration Testing And VAPT Companies In 2022

Top 50 Penetration Testing And VAPT Companies In 2022

Businesses in the field of IT require to pass certain pre-requisites before launching their products to the market. These pre-requisites include the functionality, usability, quality, and the safety features of the product. This is to ensure that the said product will pass the least required parameters. Which results in better business and customer safety and satisfaction. Moreover, 21st century consumers require privacy and smooth experience. With better optimization for every application, software, website and etc. they use. But to create a secured product, you need to perform security testing on your products. There are many security tests available for IT products. Penetration testing and VPAT are one of those. Therefore, here we discuss top 50 penetration testing and VPAT companies in 2022.

But first let us understand about Penetration testing and VPAT in brief.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing, popularly is also known as pentest or pentesting.

Pentest is a type of security testing used to uncover vulnerabilities, threats and risks. Mostly from an attacker who could exploit software applications, networks or web applications. Also, the goal is to identify and test all potential security vulnerabilities that are present in your product. Therefore, this establishes how important penetration testing is for product development!

Pen testing is solely based on security aspect of your product. So, its main agenda is examining the coding structures of your product to detect any loopholes or vulnerabilities.  Pentesters use penetration testing tools to expose any threat present in security layer. As a result, this allows testers to address any shortcomings of the product; before they become dangerous liabilities.

Pentesting reduces the magnitude of monetary and societal loss associated with successful data breaches and hijacking. Moreover, it also prevents business disruption of the product.

Thus, pentest aids brands in securing and ensuring the success of their product in the IT product market!

Now, lets understand VPAT.

What is VPAT?

VPAT or Voluntary Product Accessibility Template is an official document which proves that your company/product comply with the accessibility standards. Section 508 of the rehabilitation act has set these standards. Also, the documentation template outlines the key accessibility requirements and provides a structure for the vendor to outline the compliance level of your business/product.

Government solicitations which include ICT will specify accessibility requirements, indicating which provisions are required to ensure the deliverable is accessible. A VPAT™ is a good way to address the accessibility requirements defined in the solicitation.

Now, let us begin with top 50 penetration testing and VPAT companies in 2022.

1) QualySec

QualySec is India’s best QA and Penetration testing company. It is a team of QA & security testing engineers dedicated to find loopholes in the applications, websites, and software. It’s based in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa. It was established in 2020. Moreover, QualySec has helped innumerable brands and start-ups from varying sectors of business in successful launch of their respective platforms. QualySec aims to provide most affordable and optimum QA & pen-testing over the globe.

They follow the newest trends in every kind of testing in order to offer their clients the most updated solutions. QualySec testers are oracles in testing space. They test your products through their exclusive and cutting-edge testing process designed specifically for you!

QualySec specializes in penetration testing and VPAT for web application, mobile application, API, source code review, cloud security and many more. Additionally, QualySec testers are well equipped to test with the help of manual as well and automated testing tools.

QualySec uses BurpSuite, netsparker, Nikto, MOBSF, Apahemeter, Loadrunner, NeoLoad, Appium, TestNG, and etc tools for penetration testing and VPAT.

Therefore, QualySec deserves the topmost position in this list of top 50 penetration testing and VPAT companies in 2022.

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2) ImpactQA

ImpactQA is a software testing and QA Consulting company. It helps SMEs and Fortune 500 companies to deliver digital transformation and technology services. It has enabled global 250+ clients to stay one step ahead of disruption. Their experts redefine emerging technologies and business practices to excel in areas of digitalization, automation, engineering and containerization. They have unmatched testing capabilities across many industries such as Healthcare, E-learning, BFSI, Ecommerce, Media, Logistics, and more.

Penetration testing and VPAT being at core, ImpactQA’s been delivering satisfying results to their clients for more that 10 years

3) Cigniti

Cigniti is an independent Quality Engineering & Software Testing services company,. Moreover, they bring the power of AI into Agile and DevOps, to accelerate enterprise digital transformation.

Cigniti’s resolution is to build a better world with better software has manifested into IP led test solutions that are transforming the scope and engagement of Software QA across verticals. Also, testing is measured, optimized and reviewed across all the stages of test life cycle to ensure the development of flawless software products and applications.

4) Rhino Security Labs

Rhino Security Labs is a boutique penetration testing company with focus on network, cloud, and web/mobile application penetration testing services. Also, Rhino’s clients are security conscious companies in a wide range of industries and needs, from high-tech start-ups to the Fortune 1000.

Starting by understanding the underlying drivers, they ensure each pen-test meets the client’s objectives. Testing security code review before a launch, Rhino maps each assessment to the needs of the business.

5) Raxis

Raxis was founded in 2011 by Mark Puckett, an Atlanta information security expert who saw a burning need for more realistic penetration testing. Their services are in high demand among businesses with much at stake. Raxis simulated testing, built from the perspective of a determined and clever adversary, proved far more effective than traditional services.

6) ScienceSoft

Founded in 1989, ScienceSoft is a provider of IT consulting and software development services. Having started as a small AI product company, it switched to IT services in 2002 and ever since has helped non-IT organizations and software product companies improve business performance and quickly win new customers.

With 32-year experience in software development and 9 Microsoft Gold Competencies, ScienceSoft offers a complete set of software development services aligned with the industry’s best practices and based on transparent cooperation with customers.

7) RedBot Security

Redbot Security is a full-service USA based customer centric cybersecurity company whose focus is network security, solving core issues and helping organizations navigate the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.

At the core, RedBot identifies and re-mediates threats, risks and vulnerabilities, helping its customers easily deploy and manage leading edge technology that protects and defends data, networks and customer information.  Moreover, customers can quickly gain insight into potential threats and with Redbot Security-as-a-Service they are able to improve their network security posture

8) Cypher

Cypher Security, LLC was founded by two individuals with 20+ years experience in serving the K-12 education market. As a TCG company, Cypher Security focuses on partnering with school districts to help them protect their students, educators and critical systems. Also, Cypher has built strong relationships with district administrators and educators, forging true partnerships to help them as they prepare for, or mitigate, the effects of a data breach.

The Cypher Security team and service model are aligned to meet the unique needs of K-12 school districts.

9) HackerOne

HackerOne was started by hackers and security leaders who are driven by a passion to make the internet safer. Also, thousands of talented people – hackers, employees, and community members – have dedicated themselves to one purpose: hacking for good.

HackerOne provides Vulnerability Management, Cloud Security Protect, Application Security Integrate etc for security testing.

10) NetSpi

NetSPI is a penetration testing company that is transforming the cyber security testing industry with tech-enabled services and prevention-based cyber security techniques.

NetSPI conducts more than 150,000 hours of security testing every year, security experts have authored more than 100 scripts and toolsets, Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) gives you real-time visibility into our pen-testing results.

11) Indian Cyber Security Solutions

Indian Cyber Security Solutions is an organization which caters to the need of technology-based risk management & cyber security solution across the globe. ICSS was established in 2013.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions team of penetration testers have worked on various industries starting from manufacturing to banking and have secured applications and networks on various platforms. Cyber security being the top priority for all organizations in 2021, provides compliance & Pen-testing services.

12)  TestBytes

Testbytes is a community of software testers who are passionate about quality and love to test. So, they develop an in-depth understanding of the applications under test and include software testing strategies that deliver quantifiable results. Therefore, their methodologies and processes are based on CMMI, ISO, Agile best practices. Most of resources are certified in ISTQB, CSTE, CSQA, and Automation Tools. Building reusable automation frameworks, templates, & repositories is forte.

13) Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra i s a multinational company. They offer a wide range of customer-centric security solutions

Tech Mahindra ranked 4th in software services company in India. The year 1986 marked the establishment of the company.

Its headquarters is located at Pune, India. Moreover, Mr. Anand Mahindra is the chairman and the founder.

14) ChromeInfo Technologies

ChromeInfotech was launched in 2009. Almost, somewhere around the time when mobile app boom kicked in. Mostly focusing on iOS and Android Mobile App Development. But with Technological breakthroughs making way into the Software Development Space, they decided to shift onto areas other than mobile apps for penetration testing and VPAT.

Further, they provide expertise in areas such as but not limited to Cloud Computing, Internet of Things(IoT), Enterprise Solutions, QA Automation, Blockchain and more. For Instance, Apart from Agile Methodologies, DevOps principles and practices along with AWS CodePipeline.

15) Sourcebits

Sourcebits-Ascendum Digital is a trusted digital transformation accelerator providing early access to next-generation technologies, disruptive innovation, and unique customer experiences. Likewise, this award-winning IT solutions firm brings startup speed with enterprise stability to businesses focused on enhanced digital customer engagement and satisfaction, and business automation resulting in real-time data access, seamless efficiencies and cost-savings.

16) TechaSoft

Techasoft, believes in working in partnerships with the clients. Each of the clients is equally important to and collaborate, to understand their unique needs and working methods. With consistent interaction and work to create intelligent solutions that meet the client’s evolving business demands. And thus, provide quick turnarounds by following this collaborative style of working. They have been continuously bridging the gap between business and technology.

Their mission is to provide innovative software solutions for excellence and enterprise compliance.

17) KiwiQA

With a team of experienced, seasoned and erudite software testing professionals who help you build flawless and better IT systems with complete focus on end-users needs. So, with multifaceted expertise in automated, manual and Advanced testing technologies, they assure Immaculateness in your software systems.

Therefore, KiwiQA is a leading software testing services company that offers a comprehensive set of independent software testing services to global clientele in an exceptionally efficacious manner.

18) ThinkSys

Over the years, ThinkSys have expanded immensely and are now a team of 200+ highly talented & skilled individuals, who work to offer impeccable services in the various field of software development, web & mobile app development, support, analytics, and a whole bunch of other software services. Moreover, to delight the customers and other stakeholders with innovative & collaborative technology solutions. Using high-tech tools, frameworks, languages & more, strive to be a partner that is easy & flexible to work with.

19) TestingXperts

TestingXperts (Tx) is a next-gen QA & Software Testing Services provider headquartered in London with test labs across US, Europe, and offshore test labs in India. Moreover, TestingXperts’ comprehensive suite of testing services covers Test Advisory, Functional and Non-Functional testing specializing in Automation, Digital, DevOps, Agile, Web, Mobility, AI/ML, RPA, Blockchain, IOT, and Big Data to name a few. Hence, Tx is pioneering the next-gen Continuous Testing practices with a team of modern testers focused on test automation, CI/ CD, and shift left methodologies.

20) Crestech

Crestech believes in application experience.It is based in Bangalore, India. So, that’s break the developer’s hearts. You might not like what they find, but you surely want them for what they do.

They act as a mirror for the product quality. Therefore, reflects the current product. Hence, finding defects is the job and is motivational enough to find innovative ways to do the job. Every service is backed by methodologies. 2005 was the founding year for Crestech.

21) BugRaptors

Bugraptors provides thorough mobile app penetration and VPAT testing services to steer your digital approach while ensuring the desired user experience. The best-in-class app testing services offer high usability, bug-free and interactive user experience, leading to higher conversion and Install Rate.

22) Think Future Technologies

Think Future Technologies (TFT) provides technology services to customers, enabling them to achieve superior business outcomes. Also, they come in as a trusted Partner completely owning the Technology piece. Moreover, TFT brainstorms your business problems, arrive at the right solution framework, deploy the right blend of technical resources, and thereon provide optimal delivery at every step of the project implementation.

TFT supplements its services with self-developed libraries/solutions/frameworks in the areas of Software Development, Testing, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine learning (ML), Blockchain, and IoT.

23) Testvox

Testvox was founded by two techies; Pradeep and Hashir, and their desire and courage to start their own venture was the fuel for Testvox. Later, on 5 June 2017, Testvox was officially incorporated. Also, Testvox has developed a comprehensive solution of software testing services to address the full development lifecycle and production support of complex, heterogeneous web and mobile applications.

Moreover, the team of experienced professionals strive to deliver a hassle-free product to clients and a seamless experience for the end-users, assuring the best quality application.

24) Indium Software

Whether organizations are reinventing for the digital environment or augmenting existing business,  digital engineering holds the key to success. While implementation of Cloud & Digital technology by itself is not complex, it is not meeting client aspirations because it is constantly evolving. Indium Software is based in Bangalore India.

25) TestScenario

TestScenario penetration and VPAT tests your products on emulators based on the real-world scenario that enhances your product user experience. Also, their testing and QA experts test your Native and Hybrid mobile apps for performance, usability, integration, scalability, and almost everything that makes it a successful product. Be it on-demand apps or enterprise mobile apps, they have frameworks that help with better test coverage in minimum time.

26) Astra Security Suite

Astra Security Suite makes cybersecurity a five-minute affair for businesses. They handle all your security needs in one place, in one package. Whether it is hacker or a malware, they got your back. With their exceptional pen-test and VPAT, they guarantee safety standards on the top.


Vtest pen-tests applications developed by your team. Get independent testing before each release. Quick turnaround guaranteed to align with urgent deliveries. Detailed reports provided at the end of each test cycle.

28) Esec Forte

eSec Forte® Technologies is a CMMI Level-3 ISO 9001-2008, 27001-2013 certified Global Consultation and Implementation firm. Moreover, they believe in precision and quality above everything else. Also, the areas of our expertise include Information Security and Cyber Security. It is a PCI DSS QSA certified Company who is Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and are an independent security organization which have been qualified by the PCI Security Standards Council to validate an entity’s adherence to PCI DSS.

They are also certified by Cert-In for providing information security auditing services to government organizations.

29) Isecurion

ISECURION is an ISO 27001:2013 certified information security consulting company providing out-most service quality, innovation and research in the field of Information Security and Technology. Who provide a unique blend of services to their customers catering to the current information security landscape. Also, their business oriented approach helps understand the client’s security requirements based on their business type and processes related to it. Along with identifying critical loopholes in their client systems, Isecurion also provides support in remediation by aligning them with industry best practices and compliance requirements.

30) SumaSoft

Suma Soft is a leading IT solution provider and consulting company delivering deep expertise, objective insights, unparalleled collaboration, and a tailored approach to help enterprises confidently face the future. Also, Suma Soft’s Service Transformation approach helps ‘shrink the core’ through the application of digital technologies across legacy environments within an enterprise, enabling businesses to stay ahead in a changing world.

For over 20 years, they’ve built lasting relationships that have kept on the cutting edge of innovation ever since

31) SecuGenius

SecuGenius helps businesses fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce security risks,they are IT Risk Assessment and Digital Security Services provider. Also, they have a team of security experts, ethical hackers and researchers who are trusted standard for companies that need to protect their brands, businesses from different cyber attacks. SecuGenuis enables businesses to transform the way they manage their information security and compliance programs.

32) Pristine InfoSolutions

Pristine InfoSolutions Pvt. Ltd. is a global IT services and Information Security company based in Mumbai, India embracing strong competencies in IT Outsourcing Services, Systems Integration, IT Infrastructure Management, IT Security and Audit Services, Cyber Crime Investigations, Cyber Law and the entire spectrum of IT Security training businesses. Moreover, the organization is focused on delivering smart, next-generation business solutions that help enterprises across the world to overcome their business challenges.

33) SecFence

Secfence is a privately owned Information Security company based out of New Delhi, India. They are a research-based organization. They take pride in innovating and pioneering many techniques and methodologies in Information Security. Along with our in-house research teams, they have formed global alliances to bring the latest and the best technology to our clients.

34) SecureLayer 7

SecureLayer7 helps online businesses protect their applications by providing comprehensive information security services. Since only automated tools can’t provide good security solutions we have Integrated Solution of Manual + Automation to provide a State of Art security service ranging from Web Malware cleaning to Penetration testing, web defacement restoration, Server hardening, and many more.

35) Holm Security

Holm Security delivers unparalleled 360-degree coverage and comprehensive insight to enable you to detect vulnerabilities, assess risk, and prioritize remediation for every asset in your entire infrastructure. They provide a vulnerability management platform, covering three layers, with all the tools you need.

36) ShieldByte InfoSec

ShieldByte is information security and process consulting firm. They are engaged in ensuring security of information through a variety of security services thus helping detect and prevent theft of information by both, outsiders and insiders. Our focus is on providing solutions that enable confident oversight and validation of audit readiness for internal policies, industry or government regulations; and the safe keeping of your confidential information, trade secrets, intellectual property, critical infrastructure, and other digitally-managed assets.

37) CyberSecurity Hive

It is a Banglore based company. Experts in penetration and VPAT testing. With their team of testers and guaranteed testing methods, you can achieve simplicity with complete safety and functionality for your product.

38) EC-Council Global Service

EC-Council Global Services (EGS) is the consulting division of EC-Council, the world’s largest cybersecurity technical certification body that offers the world-famous Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH), Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator (C|HFI) and Licensed Penetration Testing Master (LPT) programs. Operating in 145 countries worldwide, EC-Council has trained and certified hundreds of thousands of information security professionals globally and has influenced the cybersecurity mindset of countless organizations worldwide.

39) Acunetix

Acunetix was founded to combat the alarming rise in web attacks. Its flagship product, is the result of several years of work by a team of highly experienced web security developers. Acunetix brings an extensive feature-set of both automated and manual penetration testing tools, enabling security analysts to perform a complete vulnerability assessment, and repair detected threats, with just the one product.

40) CyberHunter

CyberHunter is a leading website security company that provides penetration testing and VPAT consulting services to prevent web attacks. Since 2016, the company has been serving businesses and companies in CANADA, US and India.

41) ImmuniWeb

ImmuniWeb is a global provider of web, API, and mobile application penetration testing and security ratings. Its award-winning ImmuniWeb® AI platform leverages a proprietary Multilayer Application Security Testing (AST) technology for rapid and DevSecOps-enabled application penetration testing.

Its proven Machine Learning and AI technology were mentioned by Gartner, Forrester and IDC technology analysts for innovation and effectiveness.

42) IndusFace

Indusface is a SaaS company, which secure critical web application of 2000+ global customers using its awards winning platform that integrates web application scanner. With penetration testing and VPAT at core, they provide optimum security foo their client’s products.

43) Intruder

Intruder is a cybersecurity company which makes penetration testing easy by providing an automated SaaS solution for their clients. Their powerful scanning tool is uniquely designed to deliver highly actionable results, helping busy teams to focus on what truly matters.

44) BreachLock Inc.

BreackLock Inc. is a SaaS-based cloud platform that enables businesses to consume agile security assessments at scale. In just a few clicks, a business can order a penetration test, launch automated scans or engage with the security researchers.

45) ValueMentor

At ValueMentor, their CREST certified Security Analysts present companies with a detailed vulnerability report and recommendations for improvement in their security infrastructure. Network penetration testing enables IT departments to validate existing security controls and meet security compliance requirements while allowing managers to better prioritize investment for remediation efforts.

46) ECS

ECS biztech is a part of huge ECS Group. It is a BSE listed company operating ISO-certified data centre with strategic and certified partnerships with world’s leading public cloud solutions.

47) IBM

IBM has developed a thoughtful, comprehensive approach to corporate citizenship that believes in aligning with IBM’s values and maximised the impact they can make as a global enterprise. Moreover, they focus on specific societal issues, including the environment, community economic development, education and skills, public health, literacy, language and culture.

48) Protiviti

Protiviti India Member Private Limited is the India Member Firm of the global network of Protiviti firms, a group of independent consulting firms helping companies solve problems in finance, technology, operations, governance, risk and internal audit. Protiviti Member Firms are separate and independent legal entities, are not agents of other firms in the Protiviti network, and have no authority to obligate or bind other firms in the Protiviti network.

49) QA InfoTech

At QA InfoTech (a CMMi Level III and ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 20000-1:2011, ISO 27001:2013 certified company). Moreover, they specialize in providing independent offshore software testing and unbiased software quality assurance services to product companies, ranging from the Fortune 500s to start-up companies. Additionally, they are one of the reputed outsourced QA Independent testing vendors with years of expertise helping clients across the globe. Moreover, they have been ranked amongst the 100 Best Companies to work for in 2010 and 2011 & 50 Best Companies to work for in 2012 , Top 50 Best IT & IT-BMP organizations to work for in India in 2014, Best Companies to work for in IT & ITeS 2016 and a certified Great Place to Work in 2017-18. These are studies conducted by the Great Place to Work® Institute.


G’SECURE LABS, a Gateway Group Company– has over 24 years of global experience in delivering information security and cyber security consulting services and enhancement projects for over 100 clients across industries. It specializes in Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Services to provide a holistic protection against cyber threats.

Backed by extensive experience, they rapidly adapt to the fast-moving threat landscape with our proven cyber security services & practices. This enables us to unravel and transform the cyber security challenges which today’s organizations endure. They provide the finest blend of highly skilled security analysts and the best-in-class technology to protect your cyber assets from modern-day THREATS.

See how a sample penetration testing report looks like


Segregating and choosing between these top 50 penetration testing and VPATompanies in 2022 might be gruesome work.

Therefore, according to high customer satisfaction rate, clients & reviews- QualySec Technologies beat every other competitor by a significant margin.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact QualySec Technologies & prepare for a successful application/software!



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