5 Usability Testing Questions You Can Ask The Specialists

5 Usability Testing Questions You Can Ask The Specialists

Every product requires analysis for its usage. And in today’s modern world, we have to provide what our consumers require and desire at the same time. Usability testing enables us to solve some very important questions. These questions are in regards to the success and usability of the product. Today we discuss the 5 usability testing questions you can ask the specialists for your products maximum optimization and output.

But before we begin with the 5 usability testing questions, first let us understand what usability testing is and the requirement of it.

Usability Testing

Usability testing is a process of analyzing the ease of use of the product with a team or group of representatives. These representatives represent the future actual users of the product. The representatives are provided with a tasks to complete by using the product. This test is supposed to be conducted repeatedly over time with accordance to the development of the product. The usability tests are conducted until the very day of the product release.

Now, allow us to provide a brief on few types of usability testing.

1) Comparative Usability Testing

As the name suggests, comparative usability testing is used to compare the usability of your product with some other company’s product (maybe a competitor). These tests are generally used to compare products against peer or competitor products. Moreover, this can be used to compare between two UI designs. This in-turn, aids in deciding which UI is better optimized and provides better user experience.

2) Explorative Usability Testing

Explorative usability testing helps in identifying the content and features a soon-to-be released product should provide to its users. The testers or representative users are given tasks to accomplish using the products features and tools. Which results in a detailed review of both, every feature and tool and everything it lacks as well. So, explorative usability testing provides valuable information about the gaps in the market. Therefore, taking advantage of these gaps by providing the consumers what they desire and require.

3) Usability Evaluation

Usability evaluation testing is process of analyzing a new patch or update to the product. The product can be in development or pre-launched for this testing. This evaluation test allows you to identify the potential of your updated product with the POV of product userbase. This helps in understanding the potential failures and dangers beforehand. Therefore, allowing us to prepare and strategize for preventive measures before the launch of product or update.

Requirement of Usability Testing

With the help of usability testing finding vulnerabilities in the product design. Without it there is a chance of missing the vulnerabilities. Analyzing the testers reaction, provides important information and insights about the product.

The reasons for conducting usability testing are as follows:\

  • To check if your product meets the consumer expectations.
  • Aids in deciding critical business decisions.
  • Prepare for preventive measures and development of codes for solving issues.
  • Enables to check how user’s satisfaction with the product first-hand.
  • Provides crucial information and feedback of real-time users for betterment of the product.

Now lets begin with the 5 usability testing questions.

5 Question for Usability Testing Specialists

1) Does the product satisfy the targeted demographics -consumer expectations?

Meeting with the expectation of an average user is not that complex. You need to ensure that the testers focus on 3 things:

  • Features liked by the users.
  • Features disliked by the users.
  • And, overall reaction and behavior of the users upon using the product.

Anyhow, this is real-time information by the simulating future real users kind of environment and mindset. However, this information is raw, it is specifically for developing better options for the product!

2) Does the product perform better than its competitor?

This question is very important in order to decide the future plans. If your product is better than the competitor’s you need not worry and make unnecessary changes to it. However, if it lacks performance compared to your competitor; you need to prepare and make changes so it outperforms its competitor.

3) How does the navigation work for the product?

It is a wise decision to consider navigation a top priority for any product in this new age market.

According to recent studies, attention span of an average human being is 8 seconds. Which is lower than a goldfish. Navigation has to be easy to use and understand from user perspective. Otherwise, boredom might push away the users. Moreover, users can decide to uninstall and never use the product ever again!

Therefore, a good UI with non-clustered and appropriate layout is critical for user retention and gaining new users as well.

4) Any errors which might come up in future?

Errors are unavoidable occurrence in product development. The purpose of usability testing is to test the quality of it and state the obvious errors present. Further, detect any underlying possibilities of errors within the product. This includes, space assigned to a given function or clickable button, gestures, mistyped information and errors in UI.

Intricacy to every aspect of testing is the key!

5) Any suggestions or solutions for present issues?

This question helps in finding answers to solve different issues present within the product.

With the knowledge of issues comes the power of finding solutions for them. So, whether its your development team or your usability testers ask them. Ask them, for any improvements, solutions, further expectations and etc. In the end, all this helps in creating a perfect product for your consumer base!

5 Usability Testing Questions You Can Ask The Specialists


We hope, we helped you in understanding usability testing, its requirements and the 5 usability testing questions you can ask the specialists for your products maximum optimization and output.

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