Importance of 3rd party QA testing

Importance of 3rd party QA testing

If there’s one factor that a customer does not compromise with, it’s quality. Quality plays an integral role in the world of technology, without a doubt. 3rd party QA testing is a way of preventing mistakes and defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering products or services to customers. Hence, it is a critical step in the software
development process. Technology is constantly evolving, making it important for businesses to stay updated and come up with new innovations and features. Customers are always looking for something fresh and better. It is important to ensure that the quality of the product is nothing less than A1. Now let’s see as to why third party QA testing is important.

What is QA?

QA is defined as an activity to ensure that an organization is providing the best product or service to the customers.

Quality Assurance seems is all about evaluation of software based on functionality, performance, and adaptability; however software quality assurance goes beyond the quality of the software, it also includes the quality of the process used to develop, test and release the software.

It is all about the Software Development lifecycle that includes requirements management, software design, coding, testing, and release management.

Why is it important?

1. Quality

Like the name of the process itself suggests, it makes sure that the quality of the product or project is no short of excellent.  Companies that provide outsourced software testing are highly qualified in this area, so the end-product will work as efficiently as possible, due to the absence of bugs and errors.

2. Objectivity

QA and software testing ensures a completely objective outlook of your code. External testers who are trained to pinpoint every single bug will analyze everything from a fresh perspective without being biased to any side.

3. Cost efficient

Outsourcing the project to an already trained team with expertise in the field is the best business move. That way, you need not spend money on training or testing tools. The team that you’re outsourcing the QA work to will already be trained and will have the required tools prior. This variant may be much more preferable when software testing needed in specific project for a short period of time.

4. Time efficient

The development of the software goes faster, because the company may switch its work on other objects that require more attention, while the outsourcing company makes all necessary tests and checks. When you’re under pressure to deliver the project before the deadline, things may tend to go wrong at times. And quite frankly, everybody could use some help. It only benefits you to outsource the QA work to the experts and focus on the development process.

5. Specialized team

You can’t possibly go wrong with having a team of highly qualified testers with years of expertise in the field. They have the access to the best tools which gives them the ability to perform to their very best.

6. Regular reports

The QA testing team will ensure that they report to you on a daily or weekly basis and keep you updated as to what they’re doing and how far along they are with the project.

7. High accuracy of results

All these above factors only mean one thing and that is higher accuracy of results. The independent company, which is not involved in the development process, will only make it better.


A lot goes on in the process of QA testing. So when youvdo it, you do it right. You need to get the right tools and the right idea accordingly. We at Qualysec here perform QA tests with our highly qualified and experienced team with the use of latest technology tools. Hence, contact us for more on this.

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