5 Qualities of An Excellent Software Tester

5 Qualities of An Excellent Software Tester

Software testers are undoubtedly the backbone of the app/website development field. There are innumerable things that could go wrong with an app or a website if it weren’t for software testers.

The IT industry keeps evolving. That being said, the testers also have to evolve alongside with the technology. It is definitely not easy being a software tester. Let us learn what qualities make for an excellent tester.

1. Communication Skills

When you’re in an industry as important as IT, it is mandatory that you possess efficient communication skills. As a tester, you meet various clients from various locations. Being a good listener is the first step. To begin with, hear the client out and resolve their queries, if any. Get the point across in an efficient manner and do not overstep. Make sure you know what you are saying and that they are nothing but factual.

2. Problem-Solving Skills

As a tester your job is to perform manual tests or automated tests and ensure that the software is bug-ridden and efficient. A lot of complications might come your way in the name of errors and bugs. You need to be able to brainstorm ideas, think of all the possible outcomes, reason every move you’ve made and whatnot. Hence, make sure your problem-solving skills are A1.

3. Quick Learning

As stated earlier, testers need to catch up with the ever evolving technology. That implies that you need to be more knowledgeable than ever at all times. The importance of being aware of the existence of new technologies and knowing the scenarios and types of tests in which they can be applied cannot be overstated. This will help the testers adapt to any challenge presented in front of them.

4. Time Management

Another critical factor that makes for an excellent tester. A Tester should identify and organize the most relevant scenarios or tests and determine the effort in their execution. This is essential to having excellent time management, complying with the deliverables and also ensures any carry over will have the minimum level of impact on the project. Nobody likes late services.

5. Be A Team Player

It goes without saying but the tester should be able to work individually or as part of a team efficiently. Actively need to engage in group discussions, voice your opinions out, and get the point across. Be knowledgeable enough to handle it all on your own, too.


Dedication, hard work, etc. are a necessity for any job in the world. But the qualities we discussed are inevitable for testers. Without these must-have ones, testers will sooner or later risk being disengaged from their craft.

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