Top 10 Reasons Why Penetration Testing For Mobile Application Is Important

Top 10 Reasons Why Penetration Testing For Mobile Application Is Important

With the constant advancements in the mobile application industry, there’s constant risk of getting replaced by some other app which provides much better features and security than yours. New age consumers require privacy and smooth experience with better optimization for every app they use. Here we discuss the top 10 reasons why penetration testing for mobile application is important.

But first, let’s understand what Penetration Testing means.

Penetration testing is also called pen-testing. Basically, it is a process for penetration testing for mobile app for any safety related issues like vulnerabilities, viruses, bugs, errors and etc. Penetration testing assures that your mobile application is fully functional and safe to use, that the app is bug free and has no vulnerabilities. This test is essential in order to prove that it is safe for the consumer to use and that the consumer data is safe as well.

During development and implementation phases, vulnerabilities are introduced to an application. Common vulnerabilities are general errors, bugs and sometimes crashing of applications. Pen-testers use different penetration testing tools to identify any errors or bugs in the application. The foremost precaution against threats like different viruses and hacking is penetration testing.

Now let us understand the top 10 reasons why penetration testing for mobile application is important: –

1) Discover insecurities

Are you aware about the methods by hackers to hack your apps and steal your data? What precautions are necessary to avoid such instances? Are you rigid on making your mobile application hack proof, or do you neglect the security aspect of an app?

If you really want your mobile application to be a breakthrough, you have to focus on the security of it. You have to consider the privacy of the consumers. And the first and foremost step for this is to opt for penetration testing.

This helps in uncovering the application’s liabilities before the world comes to know about it. And then, you can update and fix it as soon as possible.

2) Fix all the liabilities

Once you are about the insecurities of your mobile application, you can start resolving those issues and roll out updates which will improve the user experience.

3) Protect the business from Cyberattacks

In India 77% of Indian Business are hit by a cyberattack .Which means that big MNC’s and industries with the best and humungous security teams are prone to cyberattacks as well. What did those other 33% of businesses do to make their companies safe from such occurrences?

The simple answer is, they took care of their securities much better than the others. Penetration testing for mobile app is one of the major security testing responsible for the safety of your application and company as well.

4) Stay up-to-date with latest standards

Mobile application industry is booming rather speedily. Which also increases the security rules and regulations placed on them by the Indian Government. The GOI can fine, suspend or even ban the companies failing to oblige to the norms. Therefore, every mobile application has to follow all the latest rules and regulations.

To ensure compliance with latest norms, pen-testing is crucial.

5) Give utmost importance to fixing

Once you run penetration testing on your mobile application, you find out all the vulnerabilities of it.

And once you are aware about them, you can prioritize fixing all those errors so that your app stays live and runs uninterrupted

6) Avert future attacks

With this competitive application market, vulnerabilities are inevitable. As hacker always innovate and find new ways for hacking, security will stay at risk. Mercifully, penetration testers keep innovating and finding new ways to test vulnerabilities.

Penetration testing allows you to keep your application hack proof and avoid future cyberattacks by staying one step ahead of the threats.

7) Avoid monetary losses

According to CSO India the AIR INDIA cyberattack breached the personal data of 4.5 millions passenger worldwide. This is not only dangerous for the users, but the company can face legal lawsuits and can fined heavily.

Security testing is very crucial for any business to strive. And if your company domains in mobile application industry, you have to conduct the penetration tests to ensure the safety of your users and the business as well.

8) Roll new updates and features without any worries

Existing app currently in use, will never fulfil the customers without continues updates. Therefore, with penetration testing you can be confident about the security of the application with the updates.

9) Test the competency of the developing team

Penetration testing is extremely useful for not only revealing vulnerabilities in your app, but also checking the competency of your development team. Penetration testing allows you to examine if your team is capable of developing a secure app or not.

10) Build a trustworthy brand

Gaining consumers trust is a significant step towards ensuring the success of your mobile application. Users trust the apps which promise them their privacy and security.

With penetration testing on your application, you can ensure your users of security and safety; which in-turn guarantees your brand’s success.

Penetration Testing For Mobile Application


Now that you understand the importance of pen-testing for mobile applications, you ought to reach out to a penetration testing service provider suitable for your company.

We at QualySec conduct penetration’s testing for mobile applications with our expert teams and state of the art pen-testing tools.

With QualySec, you can achieve all the above mentioned benefits and much more. QualySec is India’s best QA and pen-testing service provider.

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