5 Benefits of Outsourcing Software Testing

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Software Testing

Software industry has become a very popular and a breakneck growing business in the past couple of years. The number of software downloaded in the year 2021 was more than 150 billion. The software industry has been booming with full prominence. The amount of time spent on mobile application or software has increased significantly in Covid-19 due to remote work and recreational activities performed with the help of mobile phones; the demand for new and better application or software is ever increasing! 8.2 billion dollars, that’s what the Indian software industry is projected to be worth of till 2022. So, providing a best-in-class quality software experience to the target users in very critical. Hence, it has become very crucial to test software to sustain and strive in this ever-growing business industry. Therefore, here we explain the 5 benefits of outsourcing software testing.

But before we begin with the article. We want to help you understand the what is software testing and the significance of it.

Software testing and its types

Software testing is the method to assure the performance, functioning, and safety of the software is apt.

The following are the types of software testing: –

  • Acceptance testingVerifying whether the whole system works as intended.
  • Integration testing: Ensuring that software components or functions operate together.
  • Unit testing: Validating that each software unit performs as expected. A unit is the smallest testable component of an application.
  • Functional testing: Checking functions by emulating business scenarios, based on functional requirements. Black-box testing is a common way to verify functions.
  • Performance testing: Testing how the software performs under different workloads.
  • Regression testingChecking whether new features break or degrade functionality.
  • Stress testing: Testing how much strain the system can take before it fails. Considered to be a type of non-functional testing.
  • Usability testing: Validating how well a customer can use a system or web application to complete a task.

Now let us discuss the necessity of software testing.

Requirement of software testing

The reasons why software testing is important are mentioned below:

  1. Saves money.
  2. Ensures the security of the product.
  3. Ensure the quality of the product is top notch.
  4. Ensure customer satisfaction.
  5. Enhances the development phases of the product.
  6. Makes the introduction of new updates or features easier.
  7. Helpful in determining the performance of the product.

Finally, lets begin with 5 benefits of outsourcing software testing.

5 Advantages of Outsourcing Software Testing

Benefits of outsourcing software testing:

1) Correct plans, tools and better efficiency!

The software testers are experienced and are able to plan the best strategy to test your software optimally. Moreover, they are aware of the exact market requirements and strategize accordingly.

Moreover, software testers always possess the cutting-edge tools required to test the most vulnerable part of the software. Buying and renewing these tools in-house can be quite hectic and expensive. Therefore, outsourcing software testing is most efficient way.

2) Minimal management effort!

Once you close the deal for outsourcing software testing, you relieve yourself of hiring and training in-house software testing employee or team. This leads to an efficient managed workflow with the least of your involvement. Moreover, you can decide the objectives you want to fulfil, and the testing will deliver the them within the deadline.

3) Saves Money.

In simple words, outsourcing software testing to a nearshore or offshore location definitely saves money. In fact, it can reduce your software testing budget by half. Whereas, if you decide to set-up an in-house team the cost could even be doubled or tripled. The cost of infrastructure, tools, technology, appliances, salaries, training and etc., is saved by outsourcing software testing.

4) Delivery on set deadline!

When you join hands with a testing partner for outsourcing software testing, you get the luxury of choosing your deadline! Moreover, good testing partners guarantee test report delivery before or on the deadline anyhow! So, when you get the detailed report for software testing on time, your in-house development team can work on the solutions if any threats are found. Therefore, you can achieve the perfect secure product strategically and plan the marketing strategy in time as well.

5) Detailed report.

With an outsourcing software testing firm, you can expect a detailed report about the software testing results. An outsourced testing partner will prepare a comprehensive software testing report which will have all the detailed description of the tests conducted and the software’s reaction in it as well.

Eventually, with this detailed report in hand; you can plan and strategize for future plans accordingly.


Now that you understand the 5 benefits of outsourcing software testing and the importance of it, think and decide how your business can benefit from it. Then, contact the best suited service providers for yourself. You can receive all the above listed benefits and more from the best QA, penetration, and software testing service providers in India, namely QualySec.

QualySec is a team of QA and Security Engineers dedicated to finding loopholes in your website, mobile app or software before the world finds them, so that what you have out on the digital platform is a clean product returning minimum complaints.

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