How Penetration Testing benefits the Media Industry

How Penetration Testing benefits the Media Industry

A penetration test is a simulated cyber attack against your computer system to check for vulnerabilities. It is a cybersecurity technique organizations use to identify, test and highlight vulnerabilities in their security posture. By using different methodologies, tools and approaches, companies can perform simulated cyber attacks to test the strengths and weaknesses of their existing security systems. Now let us see why and how pen testing is important to the healthcare industry.

What is pen testing?

Penetration Testing is a type of security testing used to uncover vulnerabilities, threats and risks. Mostly from an attacker who could exploit software applications, networks or web applications. The goal is to identify and test all possible security vulnerabilities that are present in the software application. It’s a given that it is quite important for website and app development.

Pen testing is solely security based. And hence its main focus is coding structures to detect any loopholes.  Using penetration testing tools to expose holes in security layer allows testers to address any shortcomings. Before they become critical liabilities, that is.

It reduces loss magnitude associated with successful security breaches and resulting business disruption. When a business experiences a data breach, the costs of containment, recovery, public relations, and fines can quickly add up. Thus, it helps organizations to secure their systems from any attacker which tries to compromise their system. 

How pen testing helps the media industry

A security breach can affect not only the target organization but also their associated clients, partners and third parties working with it. If you perform penetration test regularly and takes necessary actions towards security, it will help professionals build trust and confidence in the organization.

A good public relationship and company reputation are built up after taking many years struggle and hard work and with a huge amount of investment. This can be suddenly changed due to a single security breach. The viewpoint of the public for an organization is very sensitive to security issues and can have destructive consequences which may take years to repair. Especially in the media industry.

The media industry is crucial since it carries a lot of important data and information. So, a single breach could result in a lot of damage and financial loss.


Penetration testing is a reliable method of identifying and eliminating any security loopholes which systems may face. Contact Qualysec for top-notch testing services.

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