Top 15 VAPT Service Providers

Top 15 VAPT Service Providers

In this blog we will discuss the TOP 15 VAPT Service Providers, so our reader can get an insight of our research. Let’s begin.

Nowadays, cyber-attacks are a big risk for companies because of the widespread use of technology and the internet. These attacks can lead to the loss of important information, money, and damage to a company’s reputation. To protect against these risks, companies need to regularly check their application for weaknesses through a process called Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT). This helps companies find and fix any weaknesses before hackers can use them to attack. It is important for companies to understand the risks they face and take action to prevent potential attacks. In this article, we will talk about the top 15 VAPT service providers.

but first let us understand what VAPT is in brief.

What is VAPT?

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) service is a comprehensive method of evaluating the security posture of an organization’s IT infrastructure. The service involves both automated and manual testing techniques to identify vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors present within the system. The goal of VAPT is to assess the security of an organization’s systems, applications, and networks by simulating real-world attacks and identifying vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers. The results of VAPT are used to develop a remediation plan to address identified vulnerabilities and improve the overall security posture of the organization. Overall, VAPT service is a critical component of an organization’s cybersecurity strategy, providing valuable insights into the organization’s risk profile and helping to proactively protect against potential threats.

Now, let us begin with top 15 VAPT service providers.

1) Qualysec

Qualysec Technologies is a leading cybersecurity company that specializes in various aspects of the information security industry. They offer a wide range of services to help protect their customers’ assets and increase their security levels. Some of the services they offer include:

  1. Web App Pentesting
  2. Mobile App Pentesting
  3. API Pentesting
  4. Cloud Security Pentesting
  5. IoT Device Pentesting
  6. Blockchain Pentesting

Qualysec  team is composed of experienced offensive experts and security researchers, who work together to provide the latest security processes and methodologies to their clients. They offer VAPT services utilizing manual and automation tools, in-house tools, adherence to industry standards, clear and concise reports with reproduction steps, mitigation steps and post-assessment consultation.

How does Qualysec as a VAPT Service Provider Work?

TOP VAPT Service Provider_Qualysec
TOP VAPT Service Provider_Qualysec

A tailored audit of your application using a hacker-style testing approach is essential to ensure the security and integrity of your application. The process involves conducting a thorough examination of your application to identify any vulnerabilities and weaknesses. After the audit is completed, a detailed report is provided that outlines the findings and recommendations for improving security. The report should also include a retesting of the system to verify that the recommended improvements have been implemented effectively. Upon successful retesting, a security certificate can be awarded, demonstrating that your application has been deemed secure by a reputable source. This certificate can be used to build confidence in your application and attract more users, customers, and business partners.

In addition to its services, Qualysec also offers a fixed pricing model for small to medium-sized applications. As a leading Indian company, Qualysec has assisted numerous businesses and startups in launching their application successfully.

As a result, Qualysec deserves a top spot on the list of top 15 VAPT service provider.

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2) BreachLock Inc.-

is a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to easily access agile security assessments. With just a few clicks, businesses can order penetration tests, launch automated scans, or engage with security researchers.

3) ScienceSoft –

is a provider of IT consulting and software development services that has been in business since 1989. They have helped non-IT organizations and software product companies improve business performance and quickly gain new customers. They offer a complete set of software development services based on industry best practices and transparent cooperation with customers.

4) Acunetix –

was founded to combat the rise in web attacks and offers a range of automated and manual penetration testing tools for a complete vulnerability assessment.

5) CyberHunter-

cyber hunter

is a leading website security company that provides penetration testing and VAPT consulting services to prevent web attacks. Since 2016, the company has been serving businesses and companies in Canada, the US and India.

6) Redscan-

is an award-winning provider of Managed Detection and Response and security assessment services. They leverage their understanding of attackers’ tactics and knowledge of the latest security technologies to provide effective services.

7) NetSPI –

is a penetration testing company that uses tech-enabled services and prevention-based cyber security techniques to transform the industry. They conduct over 150,000 hours of security testing annually and have authored over 100 scripts and toolsets. Their Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) provides real-time visibility into their pen-testing results.

8) RedBot Security-

is a full-service USA-based cybersecurity company that focuses on network security, solving core issues, and helping organizations navigate the constantly evolving cyber threat landscape. They identify and remediate threats, risks and vulnerabilities, helping customers easily deploy and manage leading-edge technology that protects and defends data,

9) Raxis –

was founded in 2011 and offers realistic penetration testing services in high demand among businesses with much at stake.

10) ImmuniWeb –

is a global provider of web, API, and mobile application penetration testing and security ratings. Its ImmuniWeb® AI platform uses proprietary Multilayer Application Security Testing (AST) technology for rapid and DevSecOps-enabled application penetration testing.

11) CyberSecurity Hive-

is a Bangalore-based company that specializes in penetration and VAPT testing.

12) Intruder-

is a cybersecurity company that provides an automated SaaS solution for penetration testing.

13) Astra Security Suite –

is a one-stop solution for businesses’ security needs, handling all security issues in one package.

14) Offensive Security

is a company that provides penetration testing and VAPT services at an affordable rate and aims to empower the world to fight cyber threats by inspiring a “Try Harder” mindset.

15) Rhino Security Labs-

is a boutique penetration testing company that specializes in network, cloud, and web/mobile application testing for security-conscious companies from various industries. They tailor each assessment to the specific needs of the business by understanding their underlying drivers. Their Security-as-a-Service allows customers to quickly gain insight into potential threats and improve their network security posture.

See how a sample penetration testing report looks like


Choosing the right VAPT service provider from the top 15 options can be a daunting task.

However, based on high customer satisfaction rates, client testimonials, and reviews, QualySec Technologies stands out as the clear leader among the competition. With their proven track record of success, it is highly recommended that you consider QualySec Technologies for your VAPT needs.


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