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API Penetration Testing

API-based (Application Programming Interface) applications require different methodologies than the traditional web application or mobile application penetration testing.

With QualySec, you can access a tailor-made API penetration testing service: which ensure that the API is secured. 

Wish to know about the companies that trusted us?

Wish to know about the companies that trusted us?

Why do you need API Penetration Testing

Detects vulnerabilities BEFORE THE LAUNCH.
Consistent and reliable performance
Affordable than other testing methods.
Reduction in development time.

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Api Penetration Testing - What We Provide

OWASP Top 10 API Testing

There is a rise of security issues due to API exploitation. Even OWASP has noticed it. Due to which, OWASP published their Top 10 version of API testing as well. We at QualySec, analyse your product for the OWSAP Top 10 API Testing.

Dynamic API Testing

The best API testing is running active tests against the API endpoints. Conducting dynamic API testing simulates a real attack on the API and detects vulnerabilities present in the codes developed by your development team.

Static API Testing

Static application programming interface testing is a security testing tool which scans through your source codes of the web application to distinguish any potential security vulnerabilities. 

Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

SCA testing tool that scans the reliability of your web application. Furthermore, it runs a match through its database of known security vulnerabilities. 

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See Examples of Our Work

detailed case study web application penetration testing

This Comprehensive Security Assessment allowed our Client to Strengthen week spots in their Web Application Security. A web shell script usually contains a backdoor, which allows an attacker to remotely access and possibly control an Internet-facing server at any time.

Detailed Case Study about Mobile App QA Testing for Navigation App

Client facing challenges with application user interface and undiscovered issues. Users are facing
issues like application freezes, and login issues. So they required Pre-production testing.

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Tools we use while testing


If you need a Api Penetration Testing. We want to talk with you.

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  2. We will discuss about your quality goal.
  3. We figure out the key challenges and needs
  4. We create a customized plan that meet the goals that you defined.
  5. When we are on the same page we move forward to start the quality assurance testing.

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