Top 5 VAPT providers in Russia

Top 5 VAPT providers in Russia

With the rapid growth of firms and their information technology infrastructures, guarding and analyzing the security of these spaces is much more necessary to identify the unauthorized vulnerabilities that occur and disrupt the entire system. To look at these errors, VAPT, or “vulnerability assessment and penetration testing,” comes into play. In this blog, we will see and look into the basics of VAPT as a provider, plus the top 5 VAPT providers in Russia.

What is a VAPT?

VAPT is a security testing approach used to assess and evaluate the security of an organization’s IT infrastructure, networks, applications, and systems. Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing are two isolated but very close approaches that merge in VAPT.

The Vulnerability Assessment: It entails conducting a thorough analysis of a system or network to find any possible security flaws. To check for known vulnerabilities, incorrect setups, insecure passwords, and other security flaws, this method often employs automated tools and scanners.

The main aim of a vulnerability assessment is to provide a picture of a system’s security posture and pinpoint any areas that require concern or modification.

The Penetration Testing: It is commonly referred to as ethical hacking, taking one stage longer by simulating actual violations to take advantage of vulnerabilities that have been found. Penetration testers, often known as ethical hackers, try to enter a system or network without authorization to evaluate the efficiency of security mechanisms and spot any vulnerabilities.

Manual methods and tools are used in penetration testing to find security holes and gain access to confidential data. The basic objective is for organizations to comprehend the potential effects of an attack and implement the necessary precautions to reduce the risks.

VAPT offers a thorough assessment of a system’s safety record through the use of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. It aids in the identification of vulnerabilities, the evaluation of the possible effects of those vulnerabilities, and the implementation of remedial measures as necessary. To proactively manage their security risks, enterprises, administration groups, and other organizations frequently use VAPT, which is a crucial discipline for guaranteeing the security and integrity of computer systems, networks, and applications.

Selecting a VAPT Provider

Selecting a VAPT provider with the appropriate credentials and professionalism is essential. It must be able to not only identify threats but also provide the support needed to reduce them.

Qualysec, a recognized proactive security service provider, can meet your VAPT requirements. Our team of top-notch security specialists ensures that your VAPT engagement produces the desired outcomes and offers the needed post-test support to improve the cybersecurity of your company.

 So, if your company is headquartered in Russia, always go with the best VAPT service provider there.

The scope of VAPT in an organization

Depending on the distinctive needs, purposes, and grounds of the organization, the parameters of VAPT could differ. Although the normal VAPT scope encompasses physical security, operating systems and servers, wireless networks, web applications, mobile applications, and network infrastructure.

The organization’s specific requirements, compliance laws, industry standards, and any potential dangers they may face are all taken into consideration while defining the scope of VAPT, which is normally done in partnership with the organization. It’s crucial to tailor the scope to the organization’s particular security concerns and to give top priority to the areas that are most vital to their functions and include valuable data.

The Top 5 VAPT provider in Russia

1. Qualysec

2. Kaspersky Lab

3. Positive Technologies

4. Informzaschita

5. Softline Group


Qualysec is a security company that focuses on providing VAPT services to firms of various sizes. Leveraging the most up-to-date tools and methodologies, they have a crew of highly qualified and certified security professionals who can detect vulnerabilities in the External network, application, and system infrastructure. Their VAPT services incorporate both automatic and manual testing to guarantee that all potential vulnerabilities are completely determined.

Qualysec has established a reputation as one of the best VAPT service providers in Russia despite not having a physical presence there because of its extensive expertise in cybersecurity testing services.

Qualysec’s method of cybersecurity is what makes them unique from other VAPT service providers in Russia. They don’t just indicate vulnerabilities in external networks, they also offer thorough application security to close such gaps. They collaborate extensively with businesses to comprehend their particular requirements.

  Web application security, external network security, and application and mobile application security are just a few of the many topics covered by Qualysec’s VAPT services. To find these vulnerabilities and make suggestions for fixing them, they employ a variety of methodologies.

A few of the many services that are offered by Qualisec include:

·         Web App Pentesting

·         Mobile App Pentesting

·         API Pentesting

·         Cloud Security Pentesting

·         IoT Device Pentesting

·         Blockchain Pentesting

Along with VAPT services, Qualysec also provides several other cybersecurity services, such as risk and compliance evaluations.

In Russia, Qualysec provides the best VAPT services. They are a fantastic option for organizations that desire to secure the external network, application, and system infrastructure because of their complete approach to cybersecurity and their team of highly qualified and certified security professionals.

Kaspersky Lab

 Kaspersky Lab, one of the biggest privately held cybersecurity companies in the world, is a well-known brand with a significant presence in Russia. They provide a variety of services, including VAPT, to assist companies in identifying and resolving system vulnerabilities. a Russian international cybersecurity and antivirus corporation with its main office in Moscow, Russia, and which is run by a holding company based in the UK. In 1997, it was founded. It ranks as the sixth-largest overall provider of IT security.

Positive Technologies

A leading Russian cybersecurity company, Positive Technologies, offers complete VAPT services. They have a staff of highly qualified individuals who carry out detailed evaluations and penetration testing to spot weaknesses and suggest security measures. For clients ranging from banks and telecom corporations to utilities and government organizations, the professionals at Positive Technologies have performed hundreds of penetration tests on a variety of platforms.

Russia’s first and only publicly traded company, Positive Technologies, is listed on the Moscow Exchange. The goal has been to prevent hacking efforts before they affect a business or an industry irreparably.


The Russian cybersecurity company Informzaschita provides several services, including VAPT, to assist businesses in safeguarding their digital assets. To find and address vulnerabilities, they have a team of qualified professionals who carry out thorough assessments and penetration testing.

The organization is committed to ensuring current automated systems’ information security (IS), regardless of how complicated they are. The company provides technical support, implementation, and delivery of specialized solutions in addition to consulting, audit, and protection analysis services.

An integral aspect of the Informzaschita Group, which has dominated the Russian IS market for more than 19 years, is the system integrator. In addition to holding licenses from the Russian Federal Security Service, the Russian Ministry of Defence, the Federal Security Service of Russia, and the SVR (External Intelligence Service of Russia), Informzaschita is a certified partner for key international suppliers of security solutions.

Softline Group

With a sizable presence in Russia, Softline Group is a leading global provider of cybersecurity and IT services. They provide VAPT services that help organizations identify vulnerabilities in their networks, web applications, and IT infrastructure. They offer thorough analyses and suggestions for enhancing security. Softline Group is one of the sector’s fastest-growing companies. The approach, which entails internal production capabilities, a rising portfolio, and expanding sales channels, is at the core of Softline Group’s success.

In more than 25 offices around Russia, the company has 4800 employees, including 1600 engineers and developers. Softline connects consumers with IT solution developers and suppliers by bringing together 5000+ best-in-class vendors and 106 000+ businesses from diverse industries.


To sum up, VAPT is a significant technique for organizations to use to dynamically discover and deal with security vulnerabilities, lowering the chance of successful assaults and improving overall cybersecurity alignment.

VAPT aims to discover vulnerabilities, flaws, and potential entry points that outsiders could use to obtain unauthorized entry, acquire information, hamper operations, or inflict other types of loss. The aforementioned Russian enterprises have established a global presence in the sphere of cybersecurity and resource provision through the VAPT. You can also check out our recent blog on external network vulnerability assessment to know more.

Choosing the best VAPT service provider is essential for organizations. When considering VAPT service providers, companies should examine criteria such as experience and competence, methodology, price, credibility, and accreditation. Investing in Qualysec, the finest VAPT service provider in Russia can help organizations protect their data from cyber-attacks and ensure operational continuity.

Qualysec should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a cybersecurity company. So, what are you waiting for? Make your worries a priority right now by consulting with our professionals and detailing your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is VAPT?

Ans – VAPT stands for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. It is a comprehensive security testing approach used to check and evaluate the security of an organization’s IT infrastructure, networks, applications, and systems.

Q. What is the role of VAPT?

Ans- VAPT or Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing are responsible for providing a full examination of a company’s safety record as well as identifying potential vulnerabilities in its IT infrastructure, servers, applications, and networks.


What is the difference between vulnerability assessment and penetration testing?

Ans- Vulnerability assessment is concerned with detecting and analyzing flaws, whereas penetration testing is concerned with actively exposing those vulnerabilities to evaluate safety measures and replicate real-world attacks. Both are required for a complete security testing plan, and they frequently complement one another to create a comprehensive picture of a company’s safety record.

Q. What are the benefits of VAPT?

VAPT is an important part of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. It facilitates organizations in identifying vulnerabilities, managing risks, dealing with rules and regulations, protecting customer information, and improving their overall measures to keep up with developing threats. VAPT provides various benefits to organizations, including identifying security flaws, proactive risk management, customer data protection, incident response readiness, cost savings, and improved security posture.

Q. What is a VAPT audit? Ans- A VAPT audit is an inspection or evaluation of an organization’s systems, networks, applications, and infrastructure using the VAPT technique. A VAPT audit’s purpose is to analyze the company’s safety record and discover vulnerabilities, faults, and potential areas of attack.

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