Top 10 IOT Security Company in 2024

            Top 10 IOT Security Company in 2024

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The term IoT security, which is short for Internet of Things security, refers to securing internet-connected devices from unauthorized access and cyber threats. Various Internet of Things devices are used in different industries, such as smart homes, healthcare, and manufacturing, and their security has become an imperative issue. This includes mitigation of data leakage, cyberattacks, and network weaknesses. The IT Governance recorded, 30,578,031,872 breached data so far in 2024. The leading IOT security testing company are vital players in this domain as they provide comprehensive security services and solutions for the IoT network. They use different security testing methods and tools to detect and address security risks, hence, helping organizations maintain the security of their IoT devices.  

What is IOT security?

IoT (Internet of Things) security is aimed at preventing unauthorized access to Internet-connected devices and networks against data breaches, cyberattacks, and other security issues. As the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in different industries such as smart homes, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation, among others has increased, the need to secure these connected systems has become more critical.

Top 10 IOT Security Company in 2024

Listed below are the top IOT security companies to prevent several kinds of cyber-attacks. The comprehensive list helps the organization to choose their security efficiently.  


Qualysec- Best IOT Security Company

Leading Qualysec Technologies, which enables enterprises to proactively evaluate their networks, devices, and apps for potential threats or vulnerabilities. 

Qualysec goes further than standard security protocols. In addition, the unmatched experience is demonstrated by a unique approach to security solutions. For example, their process-based IoT security testing. This innovative methodology ensures that applications meet and surpass the highest industry requirements by utilizing a hybrid testing strategy.

Qualysec offers services based on a thorough combination of automatic vulnerability scanning and thorough manual penetration testing. Furthermore, they use innovative tools that are both professional and house-built.

The company’s variety of services includes:

  • Web App Pen testing
  • Mobile App Pen testing
  • API Pen testing
  • Cloud Security Pen testing
  • IoT Device Pen testing
  • AI ML Pen testing

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Rapid7- IOT Security Corporation

Rapid7’s cloud-based security analytics and automation platform assists clients in identifying, analyzing, and mitigating risks and vulnerabilities. The IoT security testing services team at Rapid7 finds threats and weaknesses in an organization’s IoT ecosystem and implements solutions to reduce security risks.

Besides, Rapid7’s penetration and system analysis testing takes into account the entire Internet of Things ecosystem. Hence, to find out the extent and complexity of the device’s physical attack surface, Rapid7 looks at both the internal architecture and physical security.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks- IOT Security Firm

Palo Alto Networks offers a vast array of cybersecurity services and solutions. With IoT, IoMT, and OT devices, the company’s wide Internet of Things software provides security and assessment insights. Furthermore, the platform offers network segmentation, asset management, and vulnerability management, along with additional device protection features. 


Sonicwall-Best for IOT Security Business

Network security and content control are made easier by SonicWall’s services and offerings. Additionally, the company helps clients address cyber risk from threats that arise from ransomware, encrypted malware, mobile, email, and IoT devices by combining real-time threat data, analytics, and reporting with risk metering services.


Entrust- IOT Security Business

IT and OT devices are secured and kept up to date with the help of Entrust’s IoT identity issuance and management solutions. With the help of the company’s software, every linked device is given a distinct digital identity, forming an end-to-end cryptographic chain for Internet of Things instances.


Fortinet- IOT Security Services

All devices on a company’s cloud or wireless network are protected and monitored by Fortinet’s “Security Fabric” service, which offers an end-to-end IoT security ecosystem. Hence, by coordinating automated responses, enforcing regulations, and streamlining control over security solutions, users can automatically correlate security resources.

Forescout Technologies Inc.

Forescout- IOT security Company

Enterprises and agencies can view and manage any connected device agentless with the help of ForeScout’s platform. With its security products, the company helps with incident response, workflow automation, and more. However, its unique technology constantly evaluates and monitors devices. Additionally, Forescout won the enterprise category’s “IoT Security Company of the Year” award at the recent IoT Breakthrough Awards.


Cisco- Top IOT security Company

Cisco provides IoT and OT industrial device security and threat defense software for companies involved in industrial operations. Users have access to industrial network segmentation, device visibility and threat detection, convergent threat assessment, and remediation as required. However, from manufacturing to oil and gas operations, Cisco’s software has applications for a wide range of industrial sectors.


Autho- IOT Security Firm

Auth0’s platform offers universal authentication and authorization services for online, mobile, legacy, and IoT applications. Additionally, multifactor authentication (MFA) and advanced password hashing methods from Auth0 can be used to improve the security of IoT authentication.


Broadcom - IOT Security Company

Leading the way in technology, Broadcom designs and develops a vast range of software products. Additionally, it leads the industry in several important sectors of products, including networking, data centers, corporate software, internet, wireless, storage, and industrial. Moreover, the company is divided into two segments: semiconductor solutions and infrastructure software.

Types of IoT security testing

Securing an IoT device involves various tests. Here are a few of the tests that the Best IOT security Firm does in the process of protecting IoT devices:

Device Security

Device security encompasses the protection of individual devices like computers, smartphones, and IoT against unauthorized access. This includes strong password settings; regular software updates; as well as features like biometric authentication that will restrict hackers from having any access to the device.  

Network Security

Network security deals with preventing communications media from various kinds of intrusions or attacks. This process includes using firewalls, encryption protocols, and intrusion detection systems to ensure that transmitted data through networks are free from unauthorized access or tampering.

Data Security

Data security means that the information collected and presented by IoT devices will remain confidential and untouched. This consists of various measures such as data encryption, permission controls, auditing of data storage, and transmission to prevent unauthorized access, loss through leak, or modification of data.

Tools used in IoT security testing

Security testers use a range of IoT security tools. Some of the often-used tools by top IoT security companies are:


A popular tool used by penetration testers, Nmap is an open-source, free network scanning tool. Furthermore, Nmap can be used by pen testers to map an IoT device and search for open ports and other security holes.


The software describes itself as “the most popular penetration testing framework in the world.” Moreover, pen testers can develop, check, and implement vulnerabilities against distant target devices with the assistance of the Metasploit Framework.

Burp Suite:

Burp Suite is a software suite for security testing, which encompasses Internet of Things applications. Additionally, it can also perform services like vulnerability analysis, scanning, and penetration testing.

Several IoT security testing companies have created in-house IoT security testing instruments that offer exceptional vulnerability identification services. To make sure that no false positives are obtained, they also carry out thorough manual penetration testing.

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IoT security is vital in ensuring the protection of Internet-connected devices, as well as Internet networks from cyber vulnerabilities. The Top IoT security companies mentioned provide different services and solutions to tackle various security challenges. With innovative methods, comprehensive testing, and highly sophisticated tools, they make sure that the ecosystems of IoT devices are being protected effectively. Hence, companies should make security measures a top priority and partner with reliable professionals to reduce vulnerabilities and take care of their IoT infrastructure. Through implementing strong safety measures enterprises can not only enhance resilience but also maintain trust in a digital world linked together.


Q: What is IoT cyber security?

A: IoT cybersecurity is about protecting the devices themselves and their network connections from cyber-attacks. Further, this involves securing the IoT devices from unauthorized access, data leakages, and malware attacks and ensures the integrity, confidentiality, and integrity of IoT systems.

Q: What are the largest security challenges in IoT?

A: The major security challenges in IoT are weaknesses in the authentication of devices, vulnerability to malware, ransomware, and micro payloads, fragility of the encryption protocols, easy susceptibility to distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks, and the possible violation of privacy from massive data collection and sharing.

Q: What are the three types of IoT security?

A: Three types of IoT security are

    • Device security: protecting individual devices from unwanted access.
    • Network security: keeping data exchanged between devices and networks secure.
    • Data security: making sure data collected and transmitted by IoT devices are confidential and still in their original form.

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