Top Penetration Testing Firm in the USA

Top Penetration Testing Firm in the USA

“Revealing all hidden flaws existing in your business infrastructure defense in the dynamic environment of cybersecurity is the number one priority.” Given the fact that companies operate in the digital field, the value of Penetration Testing (Pen Testing) cannot be overemphasized. However, the question that remains is, how do you select the correct partner to launch realistic attacks to reinforce defenses? Take a deep dive into our guide as we look at the top penetration testing firm in USA, breaking down their specialty, methodology, and things to consider when picking a cyber security firm.  Shield your digital assets with confidence as we embark together on this journey.

Understanding: Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing (Pen Testing) is a type of cybersecurity testing that replicates as closely to the real-world attack as possible on a network, or application. The Pentester is determined to find the weaknesses and vulnerabilities that attackers can take advantage of to get unauthorized access, steal any confidential file, or disrupt the whole business system.

Penetration tests are usually carried out by a group of specialized and experienced personnel. They utilize a wide variety of tools and procedures to imitate system attacks. Scanning for weaknesses, attempting known vulnerabilities, and trying to gain access to confidential data might all be part of this process.

List of Penetration Testing Firm in USA

Securing confidential data or computer applications from breaches is of utmost importance. For doing so choosing the best service provider is essential. Following is the list of some of the top penetration testing firms in USA. Let’s look out for the best choice:


At Qualysec Technologies, we are experts in securing digital assets through process-based penetration testing. Application penetration testing conducted by our specialized testers is used to ensure the strength of your digital defenses.

The distinguishing feature, however, is their determination to yield the best quality outcomes possible. Moreover, they also leave no doubts because of the combination of experience, accuracy, and the client’s success using both the manual and automation testing approaches.

Their services include:

  • Mobile App Pentesting
  • Web App Pentesting
  • Cloud Pentesting
  • API Pentesting
  • IoT Device Pentesting
  • AI ML Penetration Testing

Qualysec gives great importance to confidentiality when dealing with clients. In this case, all the deeply personal differences as well as the interactions with clients are not revealed. Here are a few benefits of the company:

  • Specialized and highly skilled professionals who are responsible for pentesting.
  • Comprehensive reports consisting of effective tips.
  • Effective tools and techniques, whether manual or automated are the approaches that are used.
  • Daily status reports.
  • A letter attesting to the network’s security level and meeting the regulation’s help.
  • Certificate deployment after vulnerabilities are mitigated.

While Qualysec’s office is not in the USA, their extensive knowledge in the area of cybersecurity testing services has given them a reputation in the USA, with major of their clients in the USA.

For additional information or a consultation, schedule a call ! Security professionals will reach out to you within 24 hours.


SecurityHQ is an international Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) that monitors, detects, and reacts to breaches in real-time and seven days a week. SecurityHQ experts provide all the services: External Penetration Testing, Internal Penetration Testing, Web Application Security Testing, Mobile Application Security Assessment, Wireless Network Security Assessment, and Cloud Penetration Testing.

Invicti Security

Invicti is among the most precise scanners that find loopholes in online applications such as SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting (XSS). Invicti is the only tool that can validate the vulnerabilities it finds. Thus, it verifies that the identified security holes are true and are not false alarms. The task of the manual penetration tester becomes easier because you don’t have to spend hours on manual confirmation of detected vulnerabilities after the scanning is over· It is both Windows software and online services.


Veracode’s automatic scanning detects both sophisticated business logic and other vulnerabilities such as online applications, mobile devices, desktop back-end, and IoT. Veracode MPT provides comprehensive results such as attack simulation through Veracode Application Security Platform where all preferred application policy tests (manual as well as automated) are reviewed using industry standards to ensure customer satisfaction.


Our Penetration Testing Services team will act just the way a real-life attacker would find out your system’s security level and provide you with necessary actions. With the use of the Rapid7 advanced technology, the platform makes a prioritized list of vulnerabilities based on exploitability and impact, assessed with an industry-standard rating process. Every result has a detailed description, a proof of concept, as well as an effective remedy plan. Moreover, they show the magnitude of efforts that must be made to tackle the problems.


This company is a world leader in cybersecurity services that provides a full range of managed security, identity and access management, and professional service solutions. Cyderes specializes in delivering manpower, processes, and technology that most modern organizations need to effectively manage risks, stay compliant, and deal with security issues faster, at a larger scale, and with less costs compared to traditional in-house solutions.


Coalfire is a cybersecurity firm that offers a variety of services including penetration testing, risk evaluation, and compliance management. The organization’s pen tests aim to help businesses become aware of and fix openings in their networks, apps, and systems.


Trustwave is a global cybersecurity company that provides a set of services from pen testing to incident response and compliance supervision. The pen testing services of the company are meant to assist organizations in the detection and mitigation of weaknesses in their networks, applications, and systems.


Optiv is a cybersecurity solutions company that has a wide array of services such as penetration testing, threat intelligence, and incident response. The company’s mission is to provide penetration testing services to help organizations find and solve weaknesses in their networks, applications, and systems.


The Intruder is a cybersecurity company that provides its clients with hassle-free penetration testing. They use an automated SaaS solution. Their sophisticated scanning tool is specifically designed to provide precise results. This way, it allows teams to concentrate on the most important issues. They use the exact scanning engine that the big banks use to deliver you high-quality security checks and this is done without you going through the complexity of the process. Furthermore, they also have hybrid penetration tests, which combine manual scans to help discover flaws that automatic scans may not.

Factors to Consider While Evaluating Penetration Company

During the evaluation of a penetration testing firm in the USA, the most significant ones to take into account are experiences, ability, price, and various others. Let’s examine the following:


While choosing a pen testing firm, do not forget to ensure its experience. The adeptness of pen testers amplifies when performing a substantial number of pen tests because it enables them to better detect a wide selection of security defects. The gained skill level should be considered when evaluating pen test resources. For the pen testing that requires specific expertise in rare technologies, extra skills are needed.

Be sure that the tester has been experienced with the technology with which you are seeking its help. Being a tester, one might also need to be flexible just as every tester may not be an expert in every technology. Instead of opting for the standard tester who has broad experience, choose one who is trained to carry out different types of pen tests relevant to the technology that your organization uses.


For businesses, the most important aspect they should look for in selecting pen testers is the demonstration of efficiency which is a clear show that they can perform the job. Besides CREST being another professional testing certification, there are a lot more such tools that grip the market.

You have to make sure that a certification authority accredited by a reputable organization has certified the tester. Consult with the person doing the testing to find out if they have all the required credentials and level of expertise.


The choice of an appropriate penetration testing business is crucial to compliance with corresponding industry standards and laws. The organization must be fully aware of the compliance regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, or similar frameworks. These procedures ensure that the penetration testing technique is in line with the legal and regulatory requirements, decreasing the probability of any legal or financial risks.

Service and Support

Think about the services that the intrusion testing business offers. Note their ability to conduct multiple kinds of testing techniques including network, web application, mobile app, and social engineering testing. Furthermore, check their accessibility and speed of response while providing both during and after the test. A trustworthy and effective team can help you respond to safety gaps immediately and lead you to the remedy.


The quality of the penetration testing report is the key indicator of your organizational security state. Find a consultant who gives an everyday report that is explicit and easily comprehended. The reports should be descriptive, specifying vulnerabilities found, their severity, and preferable solutions. Concise and instructive reports would empower your firm to promptly remediate any security weaknesses, augmenting your cybersecurity posture significantly.

To have a look at what the report looks like, you can download a sample report!

The Process of Conducting Penetration Testing

The systematic penetration testing strategy includes manual and automated methods, reporting in detail, and ongoing assistance to identify and fix security problems. The detailed process for the testing is as follows:

  • Scoping: Explain the boundaries of the examination, indicating the web application parts to be checked, time frame, and expenditure.
  • Automation Scan: The application is tested using open-source and commercial tools. To identify as many different vulnerabilities as possible in the shortest amount of time to provide a base level of security.
  • Manual Examination: Security experts employ methods such as manually reviewing code, settings, and operation of the software to single out sophisticated or unique vulnerabilities.
  • Remove False Positives: The testers closely examine and verify the vulnerabilities, eliminating any false positives, and ensuring that the report contains only valid security threats.
  • Screenshots or Videos as Proof: Showing the observed weaknesses through photography or video to the developers will help them understand and rank issues well.
  • Reporting: Summarize all issues found, consequences, and recommended fixes in a document together with security guidelines for application protection in the same document.
  • Report Submission: Provide the professional report for distribution, internal discussion, stakeholders’ presentations, as well as future reference.
  • Consulting & Support: Carry out a consultation call to discuss the outcome, offer guidance on mitigating risks, and provide technical support for implementing required improvements.
  • Retesting: Do a re-examination after the development team resolves vulnerability issues to ensure the effectiveness of security measures and the resistance to threats increases.
  • Certification: Include the letter of attestation and security certificate to testify that each security measure is properly implemented.


Choosing the appropriate penetration testing firm in the USA is the most crucial step for any organization to fight cybersecurity challenges. Elements such as expertise, certification, compliance, services, and technical support are crucial for the integrity of the testing process. Furthermore, the quality of testing reports produced and the depth of testing methodology are the main factors that show how precisely the security status of clients can be enhanced. By following a systematic testing process and working with a reputed firm, companies can prevent themselves from security risks and maintain confidence with their base of stakeholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three 3 types of penetration tests?

Black Box, White Box, and Grey Box – these are the 3 types of penetration tests. In Black Box you have no prior knowledge, the White Box is when you know everything, and the Grey Box is between these two points.

What are the 7 stages of penetration testing?

The steps of penetration testing include scope definition, manual analysis, automated scan, removal of false positives, evidence capture, report generation, report submission, consultancy & support, re-scan, and certification. Furthermore, these steps involve comprehensive investigation, appropriate coverage, and reliable security procedures as well.

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