Top 6 VAPT Service Providers in Singapore

Top 6 VAPT Service Providers in Singapore

If there is a positive impact of technological developments, there are drawbacks as well. Due to the fast-expanding nature of organizations and their information technology systems, securing and analyzing the security of these areas becomes more and more essential to uncover illegal vulnerabilities that emerge and interrupt the entire system. To explore these issues, VAPT, or “vulnerability assessment and penetration testing,” comes into play. In this blog we will see the top 6 VAPT service providers in Singapore.

Top 6 VAP Service Provider in Singapore

  1. Qualysec
  2. Horangi Cyber Security
  3. SecureAge Technology
  4. Vantage Point Security
  5. Ensign InfoSecurity
  6. Cxrus Solutions

VAPT: What is it?

The security testing method known as VAPT, or vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, aims to find and fix cyber security flaws. VAPT offers a detailed investigation to improve the quality of cyber security of companies by combining vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

VAPT can refer to a single, unified provision or a grouping of several different services, depending on the local context, Manual penetration testing, and automated vulnerability assessments are all possible components of VAPT.

The Significance of VAPT Services

A wide range of security assessment services known as VAPT, intended to find and help with addressing cyber security exposures at every step of a company’s information technology (IT) assets.

Because hackers’ tools, strategies, and procedures for breaching networks are improving, it’s critical to assess your organization’s cyber security frequently.

VAPT protects your company by detecting vulnerabilities and giving you information on how to deal with them. VAPT is becoming increasingly crucial for firms seeking to comply with standards such as the GDPR, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS.

Companies can refer to VAPT for information and in-depth knowledge of potential cybersecurity issues.

  • It assists businesses in identifying technical blunders that might lead to cyberattacks.
  • VAPT provides holistic risk management and prevents financial and ethical harm to enterprises.
  • It guards against both internal and external attacks on software and programs.
  • It assists  accessing a network’s or system’s ability to withstand cyberattacks.
  • It aids in the company’s efficient implementation of their cyber security policy.


Qualysec is a security company focused on VAPT services for businesses of all sizes. They have a team of highly qualified and experienced security professionals who can find vulnerabilities in the external network, applications, and systems using the most up-to-date technologies and procedures. Their VAPT services include both automatic and manual testing to ensure that all potential vulnerabilities are detected.

Despite its lack of a physical presence in Singapore, Qualysec has built a reputation as one of the top VAPT service providers due to its considerable competence in cybersecurity testing services.

Qualysec’s cybersecurity technique sets them apart from other Singapore VAPT service providers. They do not just identify vulnerabilities in external networks, but also provide comprehensive application security to fix such gaps. They work closely with businesses to fully understand their specific needs.

Qualysec’s VAPT services address a wide range of subjects, including web application security, external network security, application security, and mobile application security. They use several approaches to identify vulnerabilities and give remedies for how to fix them.

These are few of the services that are offered by Qualisec include:

Along with VAPT services, Qualysec offers many other cybersecurity services, such as risk and compliance assessments.

Qualysec offers the best VAPT services in Singapore. Because of their comprehensive approach to cybersecurity and a team of highly skilled professionals, they are an excellent choice for enterprises seeking to secure their external network and applications.

Horangi Cyber Security

Horangi Cyber Security is a Singapore-based cybersecurity company that offers VAPT services that help companies assess and mitigate security risks. They provide automated and manual testing approaches, such as network penetration testing, Web application testing, and mobile application testing.

SecureAge Technology

SecureAge Technology is a company that focuses on secure software development and encryption solutions. They provide VAPT services to find vulnerabilities in software programs and make remedial solutions.

Vantage Point Security

Vantage Point Security provides VAPT services that include infrastructure, network, application, and wireless security. They help companies by identifying vulnerabilities and providing concrete steps to improve their security posture.

Vantage Point Security, created in 2014 in Singapore, swiftly established a reputation for technical proficiency in providing comprehensive security testing services for the protection of the company’s precious digital assets and confidential information.

Because of our established skill in the cloud and mobile technology security testing, the company is the partner of choice for a growing number of blue-chip organizations that place a high value on making security a strong pillar in their strategic business digital transformation project.

Ensign InfoSecurity

Ensign InfoSecurity is one of Asia’s largest cybersecurity companies, offering VAPT services in Singapore. They do comprehensive audits of networks, systems, and applications, provide penetration testing services to detect vulnerabilities and potential entry points for attackers.

Ensign InfoSecurity has the region’s best pure-play cybersecurity experience and innovation. With over 800 cybersecurity professionals, a passion for innovation, and global strategic relationships, they are dedicated to assisting in overcoming problems.

Cxrus Solutions

Cxrus Solutions was founded in 2003 as an Asia Pacific provider of end-to-end Enterprise IT solutions. We build strategic agreements with industry-leading technology vendors to deliver Enterprise-grade business solutions and system integration services from the Singapore headquarters. Cxrus Solutions provides VAPT services to assist organizations in identifying and mitigating security vulnerabilities. They examine network infrastructure, systems, and applications to find vulnerabilities and make recommendations for improvement.

Choosing the Best VAPT Service Provider

It is important to choose a VAPT provider that has the expertise, knowledge, and proficiency to not only identify threats but also offer the guidance required to resolve them.

Your VAPT requirements can be met by Qualysec, a well-known proactive security service provider. Our expert security team guarantees that your VAPT engagement achieves the required results and provides the necessary post-test support to strengthen your company’s cybersecurity.

So if your firm is in Singapore, always choose the best VAPT service provider.


VAPT is an essential technique that companies can utilize to effectively detect and fix security flaws, reducing the possibility of malicious threats and enhancing overall cybersecurity alignment.

The goal of VAPT is to identify faults, defects, and possible entries of access that third parties could use to gain access without authorization, gather information, hamper business operations, or cause other sorts of loss. Through the VAPT, the mentioned Singapore businesses have built their presence on a global scale in the cybersecurity and resource-providing sectors. You can also read our most recent blog post about a detailed guide on website penetration testing.

Due to the rapid expansion of cyber risks, investing in VAPT becomes more crucial for protecting sensitive data, preserving customer trust, and upholding regulatory compliance. Boost your defenses against the evolving cyber environment by utilizing VAPT’s strengths. To put it briefly, VAPT is a technique that businesses can use to dynamically identify and address vulnerabilities, thereby lowering the probability of successful attacks and boosting overall cybersecurity alignment.

The best VAPT service provider must be chosen by the organization. When assessing VAPT service providers, businesses should take into account elements including knowledge and proficiency, technique, price, credibility, and accreditation. Investing in Qualysec, Singapore’s top VAPT service provider, may help businesses protect their data from cyberattacks and maintain their operational resilience.

Qualysec should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a VAPT service provider. So, what are you waiting for? Make your worries a priority right now by consulting with our professionals and detailing your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is VAPT?

Ans: Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is referred to as VAPT. The IT systems, networks, applications, and infrastructure security of an organization are examined and evaluated using a complete security testing approach.

Q. What function does VAPT serve?

Ans:  The duty of conducting a thorough investigation of a company’s security record and identifying any potential holes in its IT infrastructure, servers, apps, and networks is given to vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, or VAPT.

 Q. What is the difference between vulnerability assessment and penetration testing?

Ans: While penetration testing aggressively exposes these flaws to evaluate security safeguards and replicate real attacks, vulnerability assessments concentrate on locating and analyzing flaws. Both are required for a comprehensive security testing approach, and they frequently cooperate to present a complete view of a company’s safety record.

Q. What advantages can VAPT offer?

Ans: VAPT should be a part of a complete cybersecurity plan. It aids businesses in identifying weaknesses, controlling risks, complying with rules and regulations, protecting customer data, and enhancing overall security protocols to stay up with new threats. Organizations can benefit from VAPT in several ways, including by employing it to proactively manage risks and uncover security flaws.

Q. What is a VAPT audit?

Ans:  A VAPT audit uses the VAPT approach to examine a company’s systems, networks, applications, and infrastructure. A VAPT audit’s objective is to evaluate the company’s safety record and pinpoint vulnerabilities, defects, and potential attack points.

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