Top 8 Cybersecurity Companies in Singapore

Top 8 Cybersecurity Companies in Singapore

In the current global context, when technological innovation is deeply ingrained in every part of our lives, the demand for effective cybersecurity measures is more important than ever. With the surge in cyber dangers and attacks, people and organizations are increasingly turning to cybersecurity companies for protection and prevention.

Many organizations struggle to keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape and lack adequate internal resources and expertise for effectively protecting their systems and data. This blog will look forward to the top cybersecurity companies in Singapore.

The vitality of cybersecurity in the digital realm 

In the age of digital technology, cybersecurity is crucial. By reducing information risks and vulnerabilities, it is common practice to protect electronic information. We become more vulnerable to these attacks as our dependency on technology increases.

Our data and systems are better shielded from these dangers thanks to cybersecurity. In the digital age, the significance of cyber security cannot be overstated. In the world we live in today, a single security breach could have a wide-ranging impact.

What Makes Cybersecurity Awareness Important?

We cannot undervalue the value of cybersecurity awareness. Every person needs to be informed about the evolving elements of the digitalized environment. One explanation for this is the importance the internet has taken on in our daily lives.

In addition to keeping in touch with friends and family, we use it for everything from buying to the banking sector.  We are also disclosing more of our private information online as we use it more frequently. However, our personal details, capital, or data could be stolen using this information. 

 Ultimately, it is necessary to learn about cybersecurity because it is an expanding sector.  The sector of cybersecurity is expanding and offers more and more work prospects. The demand for professionals who can defend us from cyberattacks will only grow as our reliance on technology grows.

Top 8 Cybersecurity Companies in Singapore

  1. Qualysec
  2. Ensign InfoSecurity
  3. SecureAge Technology
  4. ST Engineering Cybersecurity Group
  5. Horangi Cyber Security
  6. Vantage Point Security
  7. AdNovum Singapore
  8. Acronis


Qualysec, one of the most recognized names in the cybersecurity industry in Singapore, was founded in 2020. The company provides services such as incident response, security consulting, and VAPT. Qualysec members are experts in detecting flaws that fraudsters could exploit. Qualysec works together with the organization to establish a strategy to address the issues and improve overall security.

There are several services available, including the following:

The Qualysec team is made up of skilled security experts and security researchers who collaborate to provide their clients with access to the most up-to-date security tactics and procedures. To provide VAPT services, they use both automated and human-operated devices. Internal tools, adherence to industry standards, plain results with reproduction and mitigation measures, and post-assessment counseling are all part of Qualysec’s services.

Qualysec’s service is beneficial for businesses that must adhere to industry rules or demonstrate their commitment to security to partners and customers. By undertaking routine penetration testing, businesses may uncover and remedy holes before hackers attack them.

The Qualysec solution is especially valuable for companies that must conform to industry standards or demonstrate their commitment to security to partners and clients. As a result, by performing frequent penetration testing, companies may identify and repair vulnerabilities before attackers initiate an assault. As a result, Qualysec is regarded as the most effective cybersecurity company in Singapore, out of the top eight.

Qualysec: The Perfect Solution

  • A unique vulnerability scanner that adapts to the needs of pen-testers
  • Over 3,000 tests were used to detect vulnerabilities
  • Cloud security is measured against NIST, OWASP, and CIS standards
  • Compliance with significant security standards and laws such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS is secured.
  • A gap analysis shows areas of security and performance that need improvement.
  • Capabilities for rescanning verify all vulnerabilities.
  • Prioritizes vulnerability fixes based on severity and return on investment
  • POC films and detailed reports with actionable tips allow effective patching.
  • Identifies business logic and security flaws
  • By thoroughly assessing vulnerabilities, it ensures that there are no false positives.
  • After vulnerability reduction and retesting, a publicly verifiable certificate is issued

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Ensign InfoSecurity

cyber security service in singapore

Ensign InfoSecurity is one of Asia’s largest cybersecurity organizations, with a major headquarters in Singapore. They provide a full range of cybersecurity services, including risk management, security consulting, managed security services, and digital forensics.

Ensign InfoSecurity has the most pure-play cybersecurity experience and innovation in the region. With over 800 cybersecurity professionals, a drive for innovation, and strategic alliances worldwide, they are committed to assisting in conquering the challenges.

SecureAge Technology

secure age cyber security service in singapore

SecureAge Technology is a provider of data security and encryption solutions. They offer innovative encryption software and solutions to safeguard sensitive data against unauthorized access and cyber threats. An increased cybersecurity organization with a 20-year history of ZERO simple Data breaches.

ST Engineering Cybersecurity Group

st engineering cyber security service in singapore

ST Engineering Cybersecurity Group provides many cybersecurity services and solutions, including managed security, security consulting, and secure system development. They serve several industries, including government, defense, and critical infrastructure.

ST Engineering has endured a journey since 1967, with a rich history of providing creative engineering solutions.

Horangi Cyber Security

horangi cyber security service in singapore

Horangi Cyber Security is a Singapore-based cybersecurity company that provides several services, such as penetration testing, incident response, and managed security services. They also offer Warden, a cloud-based cybersecurity platform that lets organizations monitor and manage their cybersecurity posture.

Vantage Point Security

Vanatage point cyber security service in singapore

Vantage Point Security, founded in Singapore in 2014, swiftly built an excellent reputation for technical competence in offering complete security testing services for the protection of the company’s valuable digital assets and confidential information.

The company is the partner of choice for a rising number of blue-chip organizations that place a high value on making security a strong pillar in their strategic business digital transformation projects, thanks to our proven competence in cloud and mobile technology security testing.

AdNovum Singapore

adnovum cyber security service in singapore

AdNovum Singapore is a secure software development and authentication solutions company. They help organizations improve secure applications and implement challenging authentication techniques to safeguard user data.


acronis cyber security service in singapore

Acronis is a Swiss multinational technology corporation headquartered in Singapore.

Acronis safeguards every organization’s data, applications, systems, and productivity from cyberattacks, hardware failures, natural disasters, and human errors.

Acronis enables service providers to safeguard their infrastructure and the infrastructure of their clients while retaining strong profit margins. The company helps corporate IT teams and home office users protect their companies’ infrastructure with high dependability and minimal cost.

What Sets Qualysec Apart From the Others?

  • Beyond Penetration testing, for fully accurate results, we use both manual testing and automated techniques. Furthermore, we have built in-house tools and methods to improve our testing skills and give the most complete and effective testing to our clients.
  • We personalize our testing strategy to the unique business logic and technology utilized in your application, in addition to keeping to established industry standards such as OWASP and SANS. This enables us to provide the most comprehensive and effective solution possible.
  • Our reports include precise and practical mitigation techniques, links to relevant assets, and instructions on how to reproduce vulnerabilities using screenshots and videos. As a result, your staff won’t have to waste time looking for information on how to resolve the problems.
  • We will help you with the onboarding procedure at the beginning of the assessment. We will provide updates on a regular basis on the penetration testing process throughout the evaluation. After the evaluation is finished, we remain accessible for consultation to address any queries or issues raised by your staff of developers.

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As cyber-attacks advance and represent substantial risks to persons and businesses, the demand for cybersecurity companies becomes more important. These companies have a vital role in protecting digital assets, maintaining compliance with data protection requirements, and offering incident response and threat intelligence expertise.

Organizations may improve their security posture, reduce risks, and protect their operations and reputation in a world that is always connected by collaborating with cybersecurity businesses. Check out our recent blog on the top 11 cybersecurity companies in Australia.

The top eight cybersecurity companies in Singapore provide unique methods for cyber threat protection. The mentioned companies, which provide anything from managed security services to the latest technology, have the knowledge and ability to keep networks and data secure. Qualysec is one of the top eight cybersecurity companies in Singapore due to its broad focus and commitment to providing a broad spectrum of services at a fair cost to its clients. If you’re looking for a cybersecurity company Qualysec should be at the top of your list. Why are you still waiting? Consult with our experts and thoroughly define your requirements so that we can quickly address your worries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What exactly is a cybersecurity company?

Ans. A company that specializes in offering goods and services to safeguard computer systems, networks, and data from online dangers is known as a cybersecurity company.

Q. What services are provided by cybersecurity businesses?

Ans. Security consulting, vulnerability scanning, incident response, penetration testing, and managed security services are just a few of the services provided by cybersecurity firms.

Q. What kinds of products are offered by cybersecurity companies?

Ans. Firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion detection and prevention systems, security information and event management systems, and data loss prevention technologies are just a few of the goods offered by cybersecurity organizations.

Q. How do cybersecurity companies protect themselves against online threats?

Ans. To defend against cyber threats, cybersecurity companies use a range of strategies, including encryption, access controls, intrusion detection and prevention, firewalls, and security monitoring.

Q. How do I choose the best cybersecurity company for my company?

Ans. Look for things like experience, competence, reputation, and cost when selecting a cybersecurity firm. Making sure that the company’s services meet your business demands is also crucial

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