Top 15 Cybersecurity Consulting Companies in Riyadh

Top 15 Cybersecurity Consulting Companies in Riyadh

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Protecting online platforms from digital threats is a necessity. Similarly, choosing the right cybersecurity service provider is equally important. In a world full of continuous cyberattacks, businesses and individuals face many challenges while overcoming these threats. Therefore, partnering with the best company can be a difficult task, especially when there are so many options.

However, to simplify the task, this blog presents the top fifteen cybersecurity consulting companies in Riyadh that can provide the best services to protect your systems from cyber threats.

Top 15 Cybersecurity Consulting Company in Riyadh

The list of the top 15 cybersecurity consulting companies in Riyadh is as follows:

1. Qualysec

Cybersecurity Companies in Riyadh

Qualysec, one of the best cybersecurity services provider, offers a clear understanding of an organization’s exposure to cyber-attacks and their impact on the business. They specialize in vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT). Furthermore, their team of experts is dedicated to working closely with clients to identify vulnerabilities that malicious actors can take advantage of, remediate the issues, and improve overall security.

Qualysec’s expertise in security testing makes it a leading cybersecurity company in Riyadh. Their team consists of experienced specialists and security researchers. Additionally, they provide clients with access to the latest security technologies.

Furthermore, their VAPT service combines human expertise and automated tools to provide clear findings, recommending security measures, and post-assessment support.

Qualysec’s comprehensive list of services includes:

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2. Microminder Cyber Security

Microminder is a well-known provider of security solutions with CREST and ISO 27001-certified experts. Whether working with startups or meeting the complex compliance requirements of large organizations, their team of professionals has vast experience in implementing the latest security measures.

Furthermore, Microminder puts the customer first. Startups and large enterprises in particular rely on them to provide strategic cybersecurity advice to manage their complex infrastructure and meet compliance standards.

3. Security Matterz

Security Matterz is a renowned cybersecurity company in Riyadh, recognized for its expertise in several fields. Its services include threat intelligence, incident response, security audits, digital forensics, managed security services, and security awareness training.

Security Matterz’s skilled team of experts can also help detect, respond, and recover from cyber incidents. Furthermore, their approach enables companies to identify potential weaknesses, strengthen their security posture, and minimize the impact of security breaches.

4. Cyberum

Cyberum is a cybersecurity company that understands the importance of continuous adaptation. The company’s approach focuses on the lifecycle of digital security and recognizes that getting and staying safe requires constant effort. The company protects data, devices, and corporate reputation to support economic growth.

Therefore, with a modern security architecture that is open and easy to integrate, Cyberum is one the best in terms of innovation. The company’s team consists of experienced individuals with deep expertise in protecting digital infrastructure. Additionally, Cyberum offers a full range of services including security implementation, architecture design, vulnerability testing, risk assessment, and ethical hacking.

5. Raqmiyat

Raqmiyat is a trusted name in the cybersecurity industry and offers a wide range of services to organizations in Riyadh. It specializes in security assessment and audit, identity and access management, data protection, and security operations management.

Furthermore, Raqmiyat’s team of experts helps companies design and implement the best security frameworks, address vulnerabilities, and ensure regulatory compliance. An in-depth understanding of cybersecurity enables organizations to build outstanding protection against potential threats.

6. Wattlecorp Cybersecurity Labs

Wattlecorp Cybersecurity Labs is a leading provider of online security services for businesses in Saudi Arabia. The company specializes in providing comprehensive solutions including risk and compliance consulting, vulnerability assessments, and security testing.

Additionally, Wattlecorp’s team consists of ethical hackers and strategists who help companies strengthen the security of their digital assets while saving valuable resources. Providing excellent service in Saudi Arabia, Wattlecorp helps companies operate with confidence, knowing that their systems are protected against potential breaches.

7. CyberStone

CyberStone helps businesses protect their digital assets and keep them safe from cybercrime. Its specialized solutions are designed to protect revenue, drive growth, and fight cybercrime. Additionally, they serve the private and public sectors. Furthermore, specialize in adversary emulation, SecOps consulting, malware analysis, red teaming, and vulnerability management.

CyberStone covers a wide range of industries including transportation, telecommunications, oil and gas, and healthcare. They, thus, enable a safer and more secure future by providing excellent online security services across various industries.

8. Cipher

Based in Saudi Arabia, Cipher specializes in providing digitally focused services to help companies protect their assets. Cipher differentiates itself from competitors by using shared event intelligence to gain deeper insight into the threat and attack landscape, capturing local data that other feeds may miss.

Cipher offers a wide range of industry-specific, scalable services, including vulnerability assessments, governance, risk and compliance assessments, and security awareness training. Additionally, Cipher’s customized solutions meet the specific needs of industries and business sizes by providing comprehensive cybersecurity measures.

9. Infratec

Infratec is a reliable provider of services and solutions personalized to the needs of government agencies and private companies. With experienced professionals, the company guarantees customer satisfaction by offering a wide range of services. Infratec provides its clients with first-class services and protects their digital assets.

Moreover, their IT security services include security consulting, technical advisory services, incident response, forensics services, managed security services, training, and awareness. Hence, the company effectively prevents breaches using proactive cybersecurity solutions and provides its clients with industry-leading incident response tools.

10. Looptech

Looptech is a cyber security company that provides cybersecurity services that meet the needs of clients in the GCC countries and the Middle East. The company focuses on enhancing government and private sector organizations’ online security measures to minimize threats and maximize the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data within the organization.

Furthermore, Looptech offers security services such as security information and event management (SIEM), infrastructure monitoring and detection, network and cloud security, web application firewalls (WAF), and risk management solutions. Their services enable customers to ensure robust protection and effective risk management.

11. ZOOM IT Solutions

ZOOM IT Solutions is a reliable company with extensive experience in both the commercial and public sectors. The company’s technical staff have the necessary qualifications and certifications and provide cybersecurity expertise. Furthermore, they use proven methodologies and work closely with clients to understand business risks and implement effective security solutions.

Additionally, they aim to build long-term partnerships by providing best-in-class service and ensuring total customer satisfaction. ZOOM IT Solutions protects computer systems, software, networks, and user data against unauthorized access, cyber criminals, and hackers.

12. SAT Microsystem

SAT Microsystem is the top IT services provider in Riyadh. The company offers automation-enabled managed IT services while keeping in mind the futuristic conditions. Furthermore, they provide cybersecurity, cloud solutions, IT outsourcing, and more.

13. Elm Company

Elm Company’s commitment to cybersecurity goes beyond just technology. They understand the importance of human expertise in protecting digital assets. Therefore, their team of highly skilled professionals works closely with businesses to personalize solutions that address their specific security needs.

14. Taqnia Cyber

Taqnia Cyber, headquartered in Riyadh, is a well-respected cybersecurity consulting firm. They excel in offering the best cybersecurity solutions, such as threat intelligence, risk management, and SOC services. Therefore, with their exceptional skills in combating sophisticated cyber threats, Taqnia Cyber has earned the trust and partnership of numerous organizations.

15. Al-Falak

Al-Falak understands the importance of keeping your business safe from cyber threats. Therefore, they offer a range of cybersecurity consulting services, including security audits and compliance services. With their expertise and active approach, they make sure that their clients are well-protected against potential cyber-attacks.

How to Choose the Best Cybersecurity Service Provider in Riyadh

To choose the best cybersecurity service provider in Riyadh one should consider the following factors:

1. Experience and Expertise

The cybersecurity provider should have good experience and deep expertise in the field. One should look for their certifications, track records, client reviews, and working methodology.

2. Range of Service

The service provider should offer a range of services that must include automation and manual security testing, personalization, compliance, and many more. This can ensure a strong approach to the evolving threats.

3. Reporting and Communication

The best security partnership is when the cybersecurity provider provides a detailed report and clear communication throughout the testing process. The report should include the findings and precautions that are to be taken.

To get a better knowledge of what the actual penetration testing report looks like, click on the box below and download the free sample.


Latest Penetration Testing Report



When it comes to security, choosing the right cybersecurity consulting company is important. Businesses all over the world are looking for cybersecurity companies that can offer them the best services and guidance.

This blog has listed the top 15 cybersecurity companies in Riyadh. Companies or organizations, regardless big or small can seek assistance from these companies that can meet their needs and provide the best of their services.


1. What is the role of the Saudi government in enhancing cybersecurity?

A. The Government of Saudi Arabia is enhancing cybersecurity through a regulatory framework, national strategies such as the National Cybersecurity Authority, and initiatives such as the CyberIC program, which aims to protect critical infrastructure, develop cybersecurity skills, and promote public-private partnerships.

2. How can businesses in Riyadh choose the right cybersecurity partner?

A. Businesses in Riyadh should choose the right cybersecurity partner by assessing its:

  • Experience and Expertise
  • Range of Services
  • Reporting and Communication

3. Who is the top cybersecurity company in Saudi Arabia?

A. The top 3 cybersecurity companies in Saudi Arabia are:

  • Qualysec Technologies
  • Microminder Cyber Security
  • Cipher

4. What does a cyber security company do?

A. A cybersecurity company protects organizations from cyber threats. Additionally, they provide services such as threat detection, network security, vulnerability assessment, and more.

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