The Top 8 Penetration Testing Companies in Russia

The Top 8 Penetration Testing Companies in Russia

As innovation in technology continues, the internet has given us rapid exposure to everything while sitting in a single spot. Everything imaginable can be accomplished via the internet today, encompassing social networking, e-commerce, storing data, playing games, e-learning, and virtual work. As the internet and its related perks gained recognition, so did the concept of cybercrime. A cyber security objective is to eliminate vulnerabilities in systems and applications. Companies leverage multiple methods for identifying software problems, such as the one that uses a penetration test, to provide more accurate and versatile evaluations.

Cybercrime poses enormous risks to both organizations and people. Penetration testing is critical to combating these threats because it identifies vulnerabilities and flaws in systems before hostile attackers can exploit them. In this blog, we will look into the top 8 penetration testing companies in Russia and gain knowledge about penetration testing.

These are the top eight penetration testing companies in Russia

  1. Qualysec 
  2. Kaspersky lab
  3. Positive technology
  4. Infowatch
  5. BI.ZONE
  6. Jet Infosystems
  7. Searchinform
  8. Rostelecom-solar

What is penetration testing? 

Penetration testing, often known as ethical hacking, is a methodical, supervised procedure for assessing the security of a company’s systems applications. The goal of penetration testing is to detect vulnerabilities, flaws, and potential points of attack that hostile criminals could exploit. A skilled security professional, known as a penetration tester or ethical hacker, seeks to leverage identified vulnerabilities and gain illegal access to the target system or network during a penetration test.

Why is penetration testing important?

Penetration testing is essential for effectively finding and updating security flaws, reducing the likelihood of successful cyberattacks, and ensuring an organization’s infrastructure and data’s overall resilience. Penetration testing gives useful information about a company’s vulnerability level. Organizations may guarantee they satisfy the relevant standards and demonstrate their commitment to data security by conducting penetration tests. Using penetration testing to illustrate a preventative approach to security can boost client and stakeholder confidence. It demonstrates an organization’s dedication to safeguarding confidential information, which is becoming more critical in today’s data-fuelled environment.

The Top 8 Penetration Testing Companies


Qualysec is a penetration testing company that is reshaping the cyber security testing market through a methodical strategy and prevention-based cyber security approaches. Qualysec’s penetration testing solution is widely utilized among worldwide organizations for ensuring the security of their external network, application and web-based apps, IoT devices, blockchain, and cloud infrastructure.

A cybersecurity company that focuses on offering VAPT services to businesses of all sizes. They have a crew of highly trained and experienced security experts who rely on innovative methods and technologies to find flaws in your network and system infrastructure. Their VAPT services encompass both automatic and human testing, ensuring that all potential vulnerabilities are discovered completely.

Qualysec is the only company that combines automated and manual pen testing to produce an exclusive pentest platform with static and dynamic code analysis tools, vulnerability scanners, penetration testing tools, and more.

 Our technology offers a unified solution for detecting, managing, and correcting vulnerabilities. Qualysec has established a reputation as one of the top 8 penetration testing organizations in Russia despite not having an office there, thanks to its extensive expertise in cybersecurity testing services.

 As a result, Qualysec offers a broad spectrum of security testing services to satisfy your requirements.

A few of the many services that are offered by Qualysec include:

1.  Web App Pentesting

2.  Mobile App Pentesting

3.   API Pentesting

4.  Cloud Security Pentesting

5.  IoT Device Pentesting

6. Blockchain Pentesting

As a result, pick Qualysec for extensive, reliable penetration testing services. Thus, the cost of penetration testing guide is designed to help you make accurate choices and understand the many elements that influence the cost. As a result, choose us to protect your valuables and improve your safety measures.

Positive Technologies

Positive Technologies, known for its extensive penetration testing services, supports organizations in recognizing and fixing vulnerabilities in their networks, applications, and systems.

Positive Technologies performs cyber exercises on its own servers as well as third-party networks and openly tests the products to illustrate that the focused-on-outcomes approach to information security is truly effective. The solutions are based on the research and experience of numerous information security experts.

Kaspersky Lab

While best known for its antivirus software, Kaspersky Lab also provides penetration testing services to assist businesses in finding and reducing possible vulnerabilities. Kaspersky Lab is a renowned Russian multinational cybersecurity and anti-virus enterprise headquartered in Moscow, Russia, and managed by a holding company based in the United Kingdom. Kaspersky Lab is the world’s fourth-largest antivirus vendor in terms of revenue.


Infowatch Provides penetration testing and other cybersecurity services centered on data protection, such as data loss prevention (DLP) solutions and insider threat detection. InfoWatch is a well-known Russian producer of technologies for securing business data.  

InfoWatch is a Russian manufacturer of solutions to safeguard organizations from internal and external dangers and information attacks, which means it understands the demands of domestic organizations in terms of data protection better than anybody else.


BI.ZONE is a Russian cybersecurity company that provides services such as penetration testing. They provide cybersecurity expertise in a variety of areas, including threat intelligence, incident response, secure code review, and vulnerability assessment.

As a penetration testing company, BI.ZONE helps organizations identify vulnerabilities in their systems, networks, and applications. Their expert professionals perform mock attacks to identify vulnerabilities and provide practical advice to eliminate risks and boost security defenses.

Jet Infosystems

It is a Russian information technology company that provides a variety of services, including cybersecurity and penetration testing. They specialize in infrastructure security, application security, network security, and data protection, among other things.

Penetration testing services from Jet Infosystems often include an in-depth study and testing of an organization’s IT infrastructure, including servers, networks, firewalls, and other components. They use both automatic and manual technologies to find vulnerabilities, simulate attacks, and assess the effectiveness of existing security protections.


SearchInform is a Russian company that provides solutions regarding information security and data protection. They offer a variety of services and software tools that help organizations protect private information, identify insider threats, and comply with data protection legislation. 

SearchInform provides data leak prevention (DLP), staff monitoring, incident response, and risk management solutions. These offer tools and technology for monitoring and analyzing data flows, identifying security events, and preventing data leaks both within and outside the company’s network.


Rostelecom-Solar is a Russian corporation that provides cybersecurity services such as penetration testing. It is a subsidiary of Rostelecom, Russia’s largest telecommunications firm. It offers complete cybersecurity solutions to safeguard businesses from a variety of attacks. Their penetration testing services aid in the identification of vulnerabilities and flaws in systems, networks, and applications.  

Their experienced staff performs extensive evaluations by combining automated tools and manual procedures to mimic actual attack scenarios and identify probable sites of exploitation. Rostelecom-Solar conducts penetration tests to assist organizations in understanding their security holes and providing practical guidance to improve their safety measures.

Benefits of penetration testing company

Organizations looking to improve their cybersecurity defenses might greatly profit from using penetration testing companies. The following are some significant benefits of choosing a penetration testing company:

● Vulnerabilities Identification

● Risk Evaluation

● Active Security Strategy

● Compliance Requirements

● Excellent Incident Response

● verification of security measures

● Third-Party Risk Evaluation

● Business Resilience

● Stakeholder Satisfaction


The primary objective of penetration testing is to help firms detect flaws, confirm the impact of security policies, and evaluate their capacity to recognize and respond to threats. It enables them to fix vulnerabilities effectively and strengthen their overall security defenses. Penetration testing provides significant insights into an organization’s security strengths and vulnerabilities by simulating practical threat scenarios, allowing them to make wise choices to enhance their safety measures. To acknowledge more you can explore our recent blog on the Top 5 penetration testing methodologies and standards

Hence, Qualysec is also one of the top eight penetration testing companies. As a result of their thorough strategy, dedication to customer service, and easy-to-afford price, they are a top choice for businesses wishing to secure their online presence. Make your concerns a priority right now by consulting with our experts and explaining your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is penetration testing?

Ans- Penetration testing, often known as ethical hacking, is a methodical and monitored procedure that evaluates the security of a company’s systems, networks, applications, or infrastructure. The goal of penetration testing is to detect vulnerabilities, flaws, and potential points of exploitation that hostile intruders could exploit.

 Q. What are the types of penetration testing?

Ans- There are many types of penetration testing, such as Network penetration testing, web application penetration testing, physical penetration testing, and application programming interface (API) penetration testing are the four basic methods of penetration testing. 

Q. What benefits does penetration testing provide?

Ans. Penetration testing helps with finding security flaws, reducing risks, meeting regulatory requirements, and improving overall security posture.

Q. What is ethical hacking?

Ans. Ethical hacking is a way of evaluating the security of computer systems or networks by imitating attacks in order to uncover vulnerabilities and flaws that attackers could exploit.

 Q. What is a penetration testing methodology?

Ans. A penetration testing methodology is a methodical strategy for evaluating a system’s or network’s security that comprises planning, investigation, examination, exploitation, and analysis.

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