Top 10 VAPT Service Providers in Chennai

Top 10 VAPT Service Providers in Chennai

It requires strong cyber security to sustain any business in an existing digital space. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing techniques are the most effective weapons in countering cyber threats. The blog focuses on VAPT and its key advantages. Additionally, the crucial aspects to look for when selecting a VAPT service provider in Chennai.  

From detecting weaknesses to defending confidential data and enhancing security, VAPT offers complete solutions to organizations. Let us move forward with you on this journey as we discuss why VAPT is vital and how to choose the best provider for your cybersecurity requirements.

What is VAPT?

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) service includes assessment of the security status of an entire IT industry of an organization. The services provide the following test methods that contain automated and manual techniques. The tool is used to find vulnerabilities and ways of attacking the system.

The purpose of VAPT is to examine the security of an organization’s applications and networks. Moreover, it is done by attacking them as if they are real attacks so the attackers can detect and prevent weaknesses. The result of VAPT is a plan of remediation to remove uncovered vulnerabilities and strengthen the security of the organization. VAPT service is an important component of an organization’s cybersecurity strategy. It helps supply information about the organization’s risk profile and helps to prevent potential threats proactively.

Top 10 VAPT Service Providers in Chennai

As the emphasis is on cybersecurity, these 10 top firms have a wide range of solutions to protect your digital assets from threats and flaws and offer the best VAPT services in Chennai.

Qualysec Technologies

Qualysec Technologies is a best Vapt Audit company that commands various areas of the information security space. They have VAPT services in Chennai available to customers to assist them in asset protection and in improving their security levels. Some of the services they offer include:

The Qualysec team is staffed with talented security experts and researchers. As a result, they effectively collaborate, bringing the latest in security processes and technology to their customers. They offer VAPT services using both manual and automatic tools. They also help comply with industry standards. Additionally, they deliver a report of the identified vulnerabilities with clear steps on how the problem can be solved with recommendations and consultations offered after the post-assessment.

Qualysec offers not only its services but also a fixed pricing model. It is designed for small to medium-sized applications. Qualysec has helped a large number of businesses and startups launch their application successfully.

You can schedule a call with our experts and consult about the security of your applications.

Code Secure

Code Secure is a renowned Cyber Security Company in Chennai. They are good at coming up with the fastest and most efficient ways to ensure the security of the organization. Through them, you ensure the safety of your organization. They provide you with the means of finding out about your security flaws. Additionally, it helps to strengthen them. Their security services are in high demand by all those organizations that want to make sure they are compliant with standards like the GDPR, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS.

StrongBox IT

Cybersecurity is a key priority at StrongBox IT. They excel in developing customized cybersecurity solutions that suit the rapidly evolving threat environment. Additionally, their team of certified security professionals fully commits to security. Further, they undergo highly trained to help you identify risks, and assess vulnerabilities. They put in place effective security procedures to protect your reputation and confidential data. Hence, with the services, you can conquer the digital world, effortlessly enhancing your business’s visibility and safety.

Vault Infosec

Globally, the one-of-a-kind IT compliance platform is armed with the latest tools, and strategies with the most updated knowledge to address your security needs. They provide services like Vulnerability assessment, Penetration testing, incident response, and security risk assessments. Additionally, built completely customized training for their clients during their deployments. Through Vault Infosec’s monitoring, you can’t miss any vulnerabilities, which allows you to have a full view of your entire security posture.

Necurity Solutions

Necurity Solutions is a comprehensive information technology security solution vendor. Their primary promontory is to produce security solutions that are innovative in their design and can safeguard the value of your digital assets. Additionally, they offer such protection through application security (web & mobile), network security (enterprise & IT), data protection (against theft & security), malware/ransomware/bot defense, and cloud security.

Zybeak Technologies Pvt Ltd

Zybeak Technologies Pvt Ltd is a firm that offers various services and solutions to secure computer systems, networks, and data from hackers and cybercriminals. Thus, it plays a vital role in the security and integrity of computer systems, networks, and the data of businesses, governments, and individuals. The services encompass vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, incident response support, threat intelligence, security consulting, managed security services, and so on.


infySEC is a rapidly growing security services organization. They aim to become the leading marketer in the security services industry. Their focus is on four areas: Security Technology, Security consulting, Security Training, and Research & Development. Additionally, the services are combined with the customers by the technicians in Asia, the US, and Europe. Furthermore, consultants have many certifications having passed exams like (CISSP, ISO20000, CISA, ISO27001, BS7799, CBCP, and SANS).

Likewise, their areas of expertise embrace the Banking-Finance-Insurance, IT and Consulting, Telecommunications, Research & Development, and Government areas. Additionally, they offer services for the security assurance, compliance, governance, monitoring, and management of data based on individual customer needs.

Vaeto Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Vaeto Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a top cyber security company in Chennai. They offer Cyber Security Services to all customers – Web, Mobile Application, and Network Penetration Testing Services. Vaeto Technologies provides services both in India and at a Global scale by contemplating the business criticality and maintaining security standards. Their goal is to secure clients’ assets from cyberattacks.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions


NetSPI is a penetration company that utilizes both technological solutions and proactive cybersecurity methods to reshape the industry. They perform security testing of nearly more than 150,000 hours and they produced more than 100 scripts and toolsets. Furthermore, PTaaS customers will benefit from their penetration testing service as they give live access to their pen-testing results.

Why should organizations conduct VAPT?

Organizations are fully aware of the paramount significance of countering cyber risks in the protection of their digital assets. The VAPT services in Chennai offer holistic security evaluations. Therefore, it includes the identification and removal of all suspected weaknesses possibly causing security breaches or affecting the network operations.

  • Identify Vulnerabilities:

VAPT provides organizations with the opportunity to find the vulnerabilities and weaknesses that would be used to compromise system security. This may involve a range of situations, such as old software, weak passwords, incorrect system configurations, and other security holes.

  • Protect Sensitive Data:

VAPT protects organizations against information theft or unauthorized access, data modification, legal or regulatory violations, and reputation damage. Through the process of finding and fixing vulnerabilities, companies become more secure and less likely to experience data breaches.

  • Improve Security Posture:

VAPT offers organizations a thorough assessment of their organization vulnerabilities. It helps them to set their security priorities. Organizations can increase their defense levels and lower the risk of cyber-attacks by identifying and addressing the vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Key considerations while looking for a VAPT provider

While choosing VAPT services in Chennai, several factors need to be taken into account. Selecting the appropriate vendor with competence, thoroughness, and dependability in vulnerability assessment and penetration testing will help preserve the cybersecurity of your enterprise.

Both Manual and Automated Pen testing are available

Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

Carrying out risk assessments every month or at least every quarter for all your digital assets is highly recommended. The well-equipped scanner must discover security flaws and the capability to deal with both known and unknown CVEs, while always staying updated.

Credentials Of Pen testers

Select a VAPT service provider in Chennai capable of recruiting professional pen testers certified by globally recognized bodies. For example, OSCP, CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), GPEN (GIAC Penetration Tester), CEPT (Certified Expert Penetration Tester), and ECSA (EC-Council’s Certified SOC Analyst).

Scalability of VAPT Solution

Select a scalable VAPT solution that can keep up with your increasing security needs as your organization grows. The testing team assesses the security of new apps, APIs, and resources without compromising the security template of existing assets.

Penetration Testing Report and Certificate

The final stage should be the provision of pen test certification for the completed VAPT to present the company’s security-first attitude. Companies provide samples of VAPT reports for the organizations to have the basis for making judgments.  

For a better understanding and detailed information about how the report looks like, you can download the sample report.

Intuitive VAPT platform

Choose a VAPT company that fulfills all your requirements. Additionally, it should give an overview of your application security. Focus on checking options for vulnerabilities and scheduling scans, keeping track of queries, offering customer support, and producing customizable reports.


To protect the company’s digital assets conducting VAPT Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is necessary. Through the process of recognizing weaknesses, defending critical data, and increasing overall cybersecurity, VAPT services in Chennai are playing a significant role in the enhancement of cybersecurity. When selecting a VAPT provider, organizations must consider factors like manual and automated testing processes, experts’ understanding, and enhancing and easy-to-use platforms. Organizations can take advantage of VAPT to prioritize their cybersecurity activities. As a result, they can defend themselves effectively and protect their operations and data from security risks.


Q: What are VAPT services?

A: Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) services refer to the examination of computer systems, networks as well as mobile applications to identify security vulnerabilities. In addition to finding weaknesses, it can detect any potential exploits that help boost the resilience of cyber security.

Q: Is IT necessary to take a VAPT?

A: Implementing vulnerability assessment and penetration testing is an important thing for digital security. This forward-looking identification of the vulnerability in the systems, applications, and networks helps prevent organizations from cyber threats and data leaks.

Q: Who can do VAPT testing?

A: Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing are a must in the protection of the digital system. A team of experts, including cybersecurity professionals, is responsible for carrying out VAPT. It is made up of identifying, analyzing, and fixing the flaws in networks, applications, and infrastructure to improve overall cyber resilience.

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