Best VAPT Company in New Zealand: Top 10 Providers

Best VAPT Company in New Zealand: Top 10 Providers

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Cyber threats have become a significant issue that is continually transforming; as a result, safeguarding digital products is paramount. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) has become essential in defending against cyber threats. VAPT aids organizations in determining risks and dangers that may exist so that appropriate steps can be undertaken to secure it from exploitation.

This blog aims to explain what VAPT is and how to choose the best VAPT provider. It also lists the  top 10 VAPT companies in New Zealand that use simulated cyberattacks to help clients identify vulnerabilities and evaluate security controls. Given the constantly changing nature of threats, frequent VAPT is recommended to discover weaknesses before they occur.

Why VAPT is Crucial For Your Business?

Security threats can lead to various consequences, such as financial losses, compromising the organization’s reputation, and even legal charges. Thus, VAPT offers preventive measures when it comes to such threats. Here’s why VAPT is indispensable:

1. Early Detection of Vulnerabilities

Organizations could discover and address security flaws in their networks, systems, and applications before bad actors take advantage of them by using vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, or VAPT. Therefore, early detection lowers the risk of breaches, enables quick remediation, and improves overall security posture.

2. Compliance and Regulation

VAPT is necessary to guarantee compliance with several industry standards and laws, including GDPR, PCI-DSS, and ISO 27001. Hence, conducting routine testing assists firms in adhering to regulatory bodies’ security policies, avoiding fines, and meeting compliance obligations.

3. Protecting Sensitive Data

VAPT is essential for preventing data breaches and leaks in firms that handle sensitive data. Therefore, companies can reduce the risk of data loss and maintain data integrity by protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access by quickly identifying and resolving vulnerabilities.

4. Building Trust

Frequent VAPT improves an organization’s security protocols and builds stakeholders’ and consumers’ confidence. Hence, showing a dedication to security gives customers confidence that their information is secure, enhancing business ties and elevating the company’s standing. 

5. Cost Savings

Using VAPT to proactively detect and mitigate security vulnerabilities can result in significant cost savings. Organizations can ensure resilience and financial stability by averting legal penalties, reputational harm, and the high costs of data loss by preventing data breaches and other security disasters. 

How to Choose the Best VAPT Company in Newzeland?

Choosing the best VAPT company is important for ensuring thorough and adequate security. The following are the key factors to take into consideration:

1. Look for Experience and Expertise

Choose businesses with a proven track record of providing VAPT services to various sectors. Good service is guaranteed by their wealth of expertise and in-depth knowledge of various assault vectors. Therefore, evidence of their proficiency shows that they can successfully manage multiple security issues.

2. Certifications and Accreditations

Verify if the service provider is certified in the appropriate fields, such as CISSP, OSCP, or CEH. These certifications show their commitment to maintaining strict security testing guidelines, continuing professional growth, and competence in penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. 

3. Process-Based VAPT

Choose vendors who conduct information collection, planning, automated and manual testing, reporting, certification, and other processes following a standardized VAPT approach. Thus, this systematic approach guarantees thorough and consistent security assessments that address all aspects of your network’s vulnerabilities.

4. Customize to Customer’s Needs

Choose a supplier who can create customized solutions to fulfill the specific security needs of your business. Customized VAPT services tackle specific weaknesses and threats pertinent to your company, guaranteeing more efficient defense and a better match for your security requirements. 

5. Detailed Reporting and Remediation Support

VAPT providers must offer thorough reports with understandable conclusions and suggestions for the next steps. In order to help you adequately address vulnerabilities that have been found and guarantee that security issues are immediately and completely fixed, they must also provide remediation support.  

You can download the sample VAPT report to have a better idea and comprehensive details about the format of the report.

See how a sample penetration testing report looks like


6. Client References and Reviews

Assess the service provider’s reputation and the standard of their VAPT services by looking at customer ratings and reviews. Positive feedback and solid client references demonstrate a track record of successful security testing, dependability, and credibility. 

Top 10 VAPT Companies in New Zealand

Here is the list of the top 10 VAPT companies in New Zealand that are known for their excellent customer support and diverse security services.

1. Qualysec Technologies

One of the top VAPT companies that dominate the information security sector is Qualysec Technologies. Customers can enhance their security levels and protect their assets with the help of their VAPT services in New Zealand. Moreover, among the services they provide are:

  • Web App Pen testing
  • Mobile App Pen testing
  • API Pen testing
  • Cloud Security Pen testing
  • IoT Device Pen testing
  • AI/ML Pen testing

Qualified researchers and security experts make up the Qualysec team. They work together to provide their clients with the newest security procedures and technologies. Additionally, they use both automatic and manual tools and techniques to offer VAPT services.

Additionally, they aid in adhering to industry norms. Furthermore, during the post-assessment, they offer recommendations and consultations, a report detailing the vulnerabilities found, and explicit instructions on resolving the issue. 

In addition to its services, Qualysec provides a set price structure. It’s intended for applications that range from small to medium in size. Many companies and startups have benefited from Qualysec’s assistance in establishing their applications.

You can arrange a call with our specialists to discuss the security of your application. Click below to schedule a call and benefit from the best VAPT services.

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2. Quantum Security Services

Based in New Zealand, Quantum Security Services is a reputable provider of cyber security services. They provide VAPT, among other services, to enhance organization security, and they deal with a wide range of clients in many industries. Furthermore, they follow strict protocols and use technological innovations to find and remove threats. Additionally, their team of experts looks after the clients, ensuring that their reports and insights assist in reducing risks.

3. ZX Security

ZX Security is well known for providing thorough and customized VAPT services. Furthermore, ZX Security leverages modern methods and industry-standard procedures to find security flaws while emphasizing high-quality assessments. Because of their team’s vast experience managing intricate IT infrastructures, businesses looking for solid security solutions may rely on them as a trustworthy partner. 

4. CyberCX Company

VAPT is one of the many services the well-known cybersecurity company CyberCX provides. They are renowned for integrating technical expertise with strategic perceptions to tackle cybersecurity thoroughly. Additionally, the team of qualified professionals at CyberCX performs comprehensive assessments to find vulnerabilities and provide specific remedial recommendations. Their customer-focused methodology guarantees the solutions align with every company’s requirements.

5. Darkscope

Darkscope specializes in cybersecurity services, primarily VAPT. They are well-known for their unique approach to security threat detection and mitigation, as well as their utilization of the latest technologies. Darkscope’s staff conducts thorough assessments, replicating real-world threats to identify weaknesses. Their detailed reports provide practical insights that enable firms to upgrade their security systems efficiently.

6. Kordia

In New Zealand, Kordia is a top provider of cybersecurity services, including VAPT. They have a group of skilled experts who find security flaws using leading-edge techniques and tools. The services offered by Kordia are intended to give businesses a comprehensive grasp of their security posture and the actions required to improve it. Their dedication to providing excellent services has helped them establish a solid name in the field.

7. Defend Limited

Defend Limited is renowned for providing strong cybersecurity solutions, such as VAPT. Their team of professionals uses a structured methodology to find and fix security flaws. To guarantee thorough evaluations, Defend Limited combines automated and manual testing methods. Organizations can more efficiently reduce risks and improve security measures with thorough studies and practical advice.

8. Lateral Security

Lateral Security provides specialized VAPT services to assist enterprises in locating and resolving security flaws. Their highly qualified experts conduct comprehensive assessments using the latest technologies and industry-standard procedures. The comprehensive reports from Lateral Security offer insightful analysis and useful suggestions that help businesses improve their security posture. Numerous companies regard them as a reliable partner because of their emphasis on quality and client satisfaction.

9. Datacom

Datacom is a well-known IT services supplier that offers a variety of cybersecurity solutions, including VAPT. Their skilled employees detect vulnerabilities through automated and manual testing methodologies. Datacom’s comprehensive evaluations and detailed reports offer enterprises the understanding they need to manage security issues properly. Their dedication to superior customer service has earned them the preferred option for many New Zealand enterprises.

10. CyberGrape

CyberGrape is a cybersecurity company well-known for its expertise in VAPT offerings. CyberGrape’s comprehensive assessments and reports can benefit organizations, offering practical insights and recommendations. Because of their client-focused approach, which guarantees that the solutions are customized to each organization’s unique demands, they are a dependable partner for companies looking for solid security solutions.


It is impossible to undervalue VAPT’s role in protecting an organization’s IT infrastructure. Businesses must proactively identify and resolve security weaknesses since cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated. Securing thorough and efficient security assessments requires selecting the appropriate VAPT supplier.

The ten VAPT firms that rank highest in New Zealand have proven their proficiency and dedication to providing top-notch services. By partnering with the best companies, enterprises can strengthen their security posture and protect their digital assets from possible dangers.


1. What is the difference between VAPT and Pentest?

A. When assessing a system’s security posture, VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) includes finding and trying to attack vulnerabilities, whereas Pentest (Penetration Testing) only focuses on intentionally exploiting vulnerabilities.

2. What is the best pen testing tool?

A. Some of the best pen testing tools are:

    • Nmap
    • Burp Suite
    • Metasploit

    3. Who can do VAPT testing?

    A. Cybersecurity experts (a.k.a ethical hackers) with experience in finding vulnerabilities and evaluating the security of systems, networks, and apps, such as ethical hackers, security analysts, and specialist IT consultants, can do VAPT testing.

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