10 Best IT Security Audit Companies in India 2024

10 Best IT Security Audit Companies in India 2024

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IT security audits have become a crucial tool for preventing sensitive data and combating the evolution of cyber threats. These tests not only identify weaknesses but also ensure compliance with industry norms and regulations. However, the selection of the appropriate security auditing agency is critical for any organization looking to adequately protect its assets. Therefore, factors to consider in choosing the right security audit company include the firm’s reputation, credentials, specialism, approach, and reporting quality.

To help with this critical decision-making process, this blog lists the top 10 it security audit service providers in India , each with expertise and solutions tailored to specific security requirements.

Why IT Security Audits Services Are Essential

Security auditing services are done to identify vulnerabilities and protect systems from cyber attacks. It is essential to identify weaknesses and protect confidential data from breaches and unauthorized access. Therefore, identifying risk helps in customer trust and compliance with industry regulations. Security audits are also necessary for businesses to comply with industry standards like PCI DSS, GDPR, SOC 2, ISO 27001, etc.

Criteria for Selecting Best IT Security Audit Companies

Choosing the best IT security audit company is essential for any company that wants to protect its digital assets and adhere to legal requirements. As new cyber threats are always emerging, it is crucial to select a supplier who can identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and suggest suitable security measures. The following are the essential factors to take into account while assessing security audit firms:

         Factors                                   Description
  Reputation and Experience   Check for a security audit company with a strong industry reputation and extensive history in the security field. Moreover, look for client testimonials, and case studies because they indicate how well they have performed in security audits.
  Certifications and Compliance   Make sure that the audit firm is licensed for example ISO 27001 or SOC 2 accreditation. Following the industry standards shows their devotion to the best practices and ensures the audit is in line with the industry rules and regulations.
  Specialization and Expertise   Take into account the particular expertise of the audit firm, as it may be one of the most important deciding factors, especially when your organization employs a niche industry and has its security requirements. For instance, choosing a business with proven expertise in the relevant field or sharing common technologies and operating systems will be an advantage.
  Methodology and Approach   Assess the IT security audit company’s methods and approach to security examinations. Make sure they are adhering to recognized frameworks such as NIST, CIS, and/or OWASP. Additionally, ensure they are using a risk-based approach to identify vulnerabilities, assess the risks, and provide suitable recommendations.
  Quality of Reporting   Evaluate the qualification of the audit reports provided by the company taking into account their quality and clarity. Focus on detailed reports, actionable recommendations, and comprehensive outcomes that assist your organization in strengthening its security posture. However, proper communication is a must for a clear perception of security problems and for making well-informed decisions.

Top 10 Security Audit Services Companies in India for 2024

The list of the top 10 security audit service companies in India is as follows:

1. Qualysec

One of the top suppliers of compliance management and cybersecurity solutions is Qualysec. The company’s area of expertise is providing businesses with thorough Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) services. Their skilled workforce makes sure that your whole IT infrastructure is free from vulnerabilities and maintains compliance. 

To guarantee optimal coverage of vulnerabilities, Qualysec employs a thorough methodology that blends manual and automated testing approaches. Additionally, they offer comprehensive reports with a detected list of risks and suggestions for remedies.

Qualysec’s IT security audit techniques are especially useful for firms that need to follow industry regulations or demonstrate their commitment to security to clients and partners. Businesses may secure the security of their web applications by choosing Qualysec as a dependable service provider.

Qualysec provides a range of IT security audit services, such as:

    • Web App Pen testing
    • Mobile App Pen testing
    • API Pen testing
    • Cloud Security Pen testing
    • IoT Device Pen testing
    • Network Pen testing

    We are always available to assist in protecting your digital world. Contact our Experts and fulfill your security audit requirements.

    Talk to our Cybersecurity Expert to discuss your specific needs and how we can help your business.

    2. KPMG

    Top IT Security Audit Company

    Organizations can obtain cybersecurity audit services from KPMG, a worldwide provider of professional security services. Hence, to find possible weak points in the digital infrastructure of a company, they employ sophisticated tools and methods. Security testing, risk assessments, and compliance reviews are further services provided by KPMG as part of its cybersecurity audit offerings.

    3. Deloitte

    Deloitte- Top IT Security Audit Company

    Deloitte is a global firm that provides IT security audits to businesses. They employ a team of cybersecurity professionals who use innovative tools and procedures to detect any flaws in an organization’s digital infrastructure. Additionally, Deloitte’s audit services include risk assessments, compliance audits, and security testing.

    4. PwC


    Organizations can obtain cybersecurity audit services from PwC, a cybersecurity firm. Their team of cybersecurity specialists employs cutting-edge tool and techniques to find any weak points in the digital architecture of businesses. In addition to risk assessments and compliance evaluations, PwC offers security testing services for cybersecurity audits.

    5. IBM Security

    IBM - Top IT Security Audit Company

    One of the top cybersecurity firms, IBM Security, provides businesses with cybersecurity audit services. They find possible weaknesses in the digital infrastructure of a business using sophisticated tools and methods. Furthermore, for risk assessments and compliance evaluations, IBM Security offers security testing services for cybersecurity audits.

    6. Accenture

    Accenture - Top IT Security Audit Company

    Accenture is a multinational professional services firm that provides enterprises with IT security audit services. Their team comprises cybersecurity professionals who employ sophisticated tools and procedures to detect possible weaknesses in the digital architecture of an organization. Risk analysis, compliance evaluations, and security testing are other services offered by Accenture’s audit business.

    7. McAfee

    security audit service company

    One of the top cybersecurity firms, McAfee, provides cybersecurity assessment services to businesses. They find possible weaknesses in the digital infrastructure of a business using specialized tools and methods. In addition to risk assessments and compliance inspections, McAfee offers security testing services for cybersecurity audits.

    8. Symantec

    Broadcom- Data Security Company

    Symantec is a renowned cybersecurity corporation that provides IT auditing services to businesses. Moreover, they employ modern technologies and procedures to detect any flaws in an organization’s digital infrastructure. Symantec’s audit services include risk assessments, compliance checks, and security testing.

    9. RSK Cyber Security

    Top 10 Rsk Security Audit Company

    RSK Cyber Security provides immediate assistance to help businesses protect their data from hackers and other security risks. In addition to offering the latest techniques and expertise, they also offer security audits to help clients recognize and mitigate vulnerabilities in their systems.

    10. CISCO

    Cisco is an esteemed provider of cyber security solutions, including advanced malware protection, virtual private networks (VPN) to protect individuals’ internet connections, and next-generation firewalls and intrusion prevention. Additionally, they offer security management, email security, and endpoint security as part of their security audits.


    Security audits have a vital role in protecting digital assets and fulfilling all industry regulations. Therefore, businesses can benefit from working closely with trustworthy security audit firms as they provide them with the opportunity to pinpoint loopholes, identify risks, and implement appropriate remediation. The factors of reputation, certifications, specialty, methodology, and report quality are critical in deciding on the right audit company. Continuous security auditing is crucial to the maintenance of a robust security position as well as the prevention of data leaks.


    Q. How much does an IT security audit cost?

    A. The IT security audit cost depends on factors like business size and area of coverage. However, a general IT security audit ranges from $700 to $2500.

    Q. What is the difference between IT audit and IT security?

    A. An IT audit is a comprehensive process aimed at reviewing IT infrastructure and practices to ensure efficiency and compliance. However, IT security, on the other hand, is all about shielding digital assets from cyber threats.

    Q. What is an IT security audit?

    A. An IT security audit is a process of reviewing and evaluating an organization’s IT systems, policies, and procedures to identify weaknesses, enforce compliance, and recommend steps to boost security and prevent cyber threats.

    Q. How do I become an IT security auditor?

    A. To become an IT security auditor, one must earn the relevant qualifications like an IT or cybersecurity degree, and gain knowledge in IT auditing or security roles. Additionally, take courses such as CISSP or CISA, and regularly update themselves with industry trends and laws.

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