Load Testing Vs. Stress Testing

Load Testing Vs. Stress Testing

When you’re a tester, you must know that you perform different tests according to the changes that has to be made. The type of test should not affect the overall performance of the application.

But which type of performance test should you choose? What is the difference between load tests and stress tests? And when should you choose them? We will find more about it in this blog.

What is Load Testing?

Load testing is testing how an application, software, or website performs when in use under an expected load. We intentionally increase the load, searching for a threshold for good performance. This tests how a system functions when it faces normal traffic.

The goal is to ensure a given function, system, or program can handle what it’s designed for. This is important because when you’re building your product, you’re only accounting for a few individual users. Load testing helps you prepare for what happens when you deploy your product to hundreds or thousands of users.

When Should You Choose Load Testing?

Choose load testing when you need to know how much traffic the app can handle at the same time. It helps you learn how the app behaves when it is being accessed from different locations and how much load the app is able to handle. The test will also show the response time and throughput of the system along with other KPIs. When checking backend performance issues, the endurance of input over prolonged periods of time or simultaneous user input is important to understand.

What is Stress Testing?

Stress Testing is a type of software testing that verifies stability & reliability of software application. It is used to check the accessibility and robustness of software beyond usual functional limits. It mainly considers for critical software but it can also be used for all types of software applications.

The goal of Stress testing is measuring software on its robustness and error handling capabilities under extremely heavy load conditions and ensuring that software doesn’t crash under crunch situations. It even tests beyond normal operating points and valuates how software works under extreme conditions.

When Should You Choose Stress Testing?

Stress Testing is done prior to an event where the app traffic is likely to blow up and possibly draw a larger volume of engagement. This test is basically done to test how much stress the app is able to handle and makes sure the app does not crash and is able to endure all the stress.


Analyze the app and all the tests before you proceed with the testing process. We at Qualysec here perform QA tests with our highly qualified and experienced team with the use of latest technology tools. Contact us for more on this.

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