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Secure your E-Commerce Website from Security Risks


E-commerce websites store sensitive customer data and handle financial transactions. This webinar will educate you on how to protect your online store from evolving cyber threats and ensure a safe experience for your customers.

A security breach in your e-commerce platform can cause data loss, financial loss, reputation loss, market value loss, and disrupt business operations. E-commerce security protects sensitive customer data like credit card details, addresses, and personal preferences. With proper security measures, you can not only comply with industry regulations but also attract more customers.

Common Security Issues with E-commerce websites include Sensitive Data Disclosure, Authentication Risk, DoS attack, Response Manipulation, Coupon Manipulation, and Price Manipulation.

Purpose of this Webinar:

  • To let you know the importance of e-commerce website security
  • Detailed analysis of common e-commerce security risks
  • Educate you on the best e-commerce security practices
  • Role of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) in e-commerce security

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