Top 15 Penetration Companies in USA

Top 15 Penetration Companies in USA

In this blog, we will discuss the Top 15 Penetration Companies in the USA, so our readers can get an insight into our research. Let’s begin.

In today’s digital age, cyber threats are at an all-time high. Businesses of all sizes are under attack from cybercriminals using advanced tools to infiltrate systems and steal sensitive data. The damage from a successful attack can be devastating – from financial loss to reputational damage. But there is a powerful defense strategy that can mitigate these risks – Penetration Testing.

This blog will provide an understanding of penetration testing and its benefits, along with a list of the top 15 penetration companies in the USA.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, involves simulating a cyberattack on web and mobile applications to identify and assess potential security vulnerabilities. Security professionals conduct the testing to evaluate the security of the application and detect any weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious actors. The objective of penetration testing is to identify and resolve security issues before they can be leveraged by attackers. It is a proactive and ethical approach to ensuring the security of an application and is an essential aspect of an overall security strategy.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

Penetration testing provides several benefits, especially when performed by a top penetration testing company USA like Qualysec. Some of the benefits of penetration testing include:

Benefits of Penetration Testing _Qualysec
Top Penetration testing company in USA

Now you can understand penetration testing and its benefits. Here is a list of the top 15 penetration testing companies in the USA.

1) Qualysec

Qualysec Technologies is a leading cybersecurity company that specializes in various aspects of the information security industry. They offer a wide range of services to help protect their customers’ assets and increase their security levels. Some of the services they offer include:

  1. Web App Pentesting
  2. Mobile App Pentesting
  3. API Pentesting
  4. Cloud Security Pentesting
  5. IoT Device Pentesting
  6. Blockchain Pentesting

Qualysec team is composed of experienced offensive experts and security researchers who work together to provide their clients with the latest security processes and methodologies. They offer VAPT services utilizing manual and automation tools, in-house tools, adherence to industry standards, clear and concise reports with reproduction steps, mitigation steps, and post-assessment consultation.

Best penetration Testing Services _Qualysec
Best penetration Testing Services _Qualysec

Although Qualysec Oppressional office is not situated in the USA, but Qualysec’s extensive knowledge and expertise in security testing services have earned them a reputation as the premier provider of penetration testing services in the USA, with 70% of their clients based in the USA.

As a result, QualySec deserves a top spot on the list of the top 15 Penetration Testing Services in the USA.

2) Secureworks

By utilizing proprietary tactics and intelligence from the Secureworks Counter Threat UnitTM, their methodology is carried out uniquely by their security testers. Both Penetration and Advanced Penetration Tests are intended to demonstrate how an attacker could gain unauthorized access to your environment by compromising in-scope systems and highlight pivoting opportunities from compromised hosts. Secureworks will discuss the findings with all relevant audiences and provide a customized course of action for both leadership and technical audiences.

3) Rapid7

Rapid7’s Penetration Testing Services team will simulate a real-world attack on your networks, applications, devices, and/or people to show you how secure your critical systems and infrastructure are and what it will take to strengthen them. Rapid7 generates a prioritized list of issues based on the exploitability and impact of each discovery, as determined by an industry-standard ranking process. Each finding has a detailed description and proof of concept, as well as an actionable remediation plan. They also give an idea of how much effort it will take to fix the problems.

4) ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is a cybersecurity firm that also offers software development services. ScienceSoft assists its clients in a variety of industries in designing and implementing the most appropriate defense for their IT environments. Core Services: Security Testing (Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Compliance Testing, Security Code Review, Infrastructure Security Audit), Web Application Protection, Network Protection, Managed IT Services, IoT solutions, and Data Analytics. Products: IBM QRadar for Security Intelligence, QLean for QRadar Health Check, and ScienceSoft SIEM for Automated Security Monitoring.

5) Acunetix

Acunetix is a fully automated web vulnerability scanner that can detect and report over 4500 web application vulnerabilities, including all SQL Injection and XSS. It enhances the role of a penetration tester by automating tasks that would otherwise take hours to complete manually, while also delivering accurate results with no false positives at a high rate. Acunetix fully supports HTML5, JavaScript, and Single-page applications as well as CMS systems. This includes advanced manual tools for penetration testers and integrates them with popular Issue Trackers and WAFs (Web Application Firewalls).

6) Rhino Security Labs

is a boutique penetration testing company that specializes in network, cloud, and web/mobile application testing for security-conscious companies from various industries. They tailor each assessment to the specific needs of the business by understanding their underlying drivers.

7) Redscan

is an award-winning provider of Managed Detection and Response and security assessment services. They leverage their knowledge of attackers’ tactics and the latest security technologies to provide effective services.

8) NetSPI

is a penetration testing company that uses tech-enabled services and prevention-based cyber security techniques to transform the industry. They conduct over 150,000 hours of security testing annually and have authored over 100 scripts and toolsets. Their Penetration Testing as a Service (PaaS) provides real-time visibility into their pen-testing results.

9) RedBot Security

is a full-service USA-based cybersecurity company that focuses on network security, solving core issues, and helping organizations navigate the constantly evolving cyber threat landscape. They identify and remediate threats, risks, and vulnerabilities, helping customers easily deploy and manage leading-edge technology that protects and defends data, networks, and customer information. Their Security-as-a-Service allows customers to quickly gain insight into potential threats and improve their network security posture.

10) BreachLock

BreachLock provides Penetration Testing as a Service powered by certified hackers and artificial intelligence. They provide comprehensive, continuous pen-testing and vulnerability scanning with actionable results for your public cloud, applications, or networks. BreachLock™ offers a SaaS platform that enables clients to request and receive a comprehensive penetration test with a few clicks. Their approach is unique and employs both manual and automated vulnerability discovery methods that are in line with industry best practices.

11) CyberSecurity Hive

is a Banglore-based company that specializes in penetration and VAPT testing.

12) Intruder

is a cybersecurity company that provides an automated SaaS solution for penetration testing.

13) Offensive Security

is a company that provides penetration testing and VAPT services at an affordable rate and aims to empower the world to fight cyber threats by inspiring a “Try Harder” mindset.

14) Astra Security Suite

is a one-stop solution for businesses’ security needs, handling all security issues in one package.

15) FireEye

FireEye cybersecurity products combat today’s advanced persistent threats (APTs) with cutting-edge network security solutions that protect against cyber attacks and bypass traditional signature-based tools like antivirus software, next-generation firewalls, and sandbox tools as part of an Adaptive Defense strategy. Penetration testing from FireEye Consulting identifies vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your security systems, allowing you to strengthen your security for those assets.


In conclusion, we have presented the top 15 penetration testing companies in the USA. It is now up to you to research and select the best testing partner that fits your specific needs.

At Qualysec, we pride ourselves on conducting penetration tests with a highly qualified and experienced team, utilizing the latest technology tools. We guarantee that our penetration testing will detect all security threats present in your application and provide proven remedies for each one.

Choose QualySec for successful security solutions for your application. Contact us to learn more about how we can help protect your business.

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