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Mobile App Penetration Testing

Efficiently discover and resolve all security vulnerabilities associated with mobile applications.

QualySec helps you in securing mobile applications that are impossible to crack!

Wish to know about the companies that trusted us?

Wish to know about the companies that trusted us?

Why do you need mobile application penetration testing?

To protect the sensitive application data from hackers.
To identify any unauthorized access existing in the mobile application.
Protect application data from other insecure and defective mobile applications.
Prevent application downtime for a flawless user experience.

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Mobile App Penetration Testing - What We Provide

Data storage

Mobile applications hold sensitive data of the users. Private information like login details and credentials, photos, videos, messages etc are gathered and stored. QualySec’s mobile application penetration testing ensures that your mobile application does not uncover this sensitive data anywhere else except for authorised devices and servers.

Business Logic Testing

The mobile applications are vulnerable to price manipulation and perk escalations. Cyber-attackers can possibly overthrow the security parameters and measures regarding the access to unauthorized information. QualySec performs business logic testing for mobile applications in order to analyze the risks following said security threats and much more.

Common Vulnerabilities & Exposure (CVEs)

The vulnerabilities in this group are checked against the misuse of an application by circumventing the business rules i.e ways of using legitimate processing flow of an application in a way that results in a negative consequence to the organization.

Reverse Engineering

Hackers might attempt to reverse engineer the mobile applications source code in order to detect any manipulatable security vulnerabilities. QualySec performs reverse engineering to ensure no such possibilities exist in the mobile application.

Secured Authentication

QualySec performs detailed analysis on the authentication mechanism of your mobile application. Guaranteeing satisfaction to your customers in the long run.

Static & Dynamic Code Analysis

On methodologies and testing framework based on the OWASP, we perform 1500+ test cases that will definitely reveal any and every underlying threat within your code.

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See Examples of Our Work

detailed case study web application penetration testing

This Comprehensive Security Assessment allowed our Client to Strengthen week spots in their Web Application Security. A web shell script usually contains a backdoor, which allows an attacker to remotely access and possibly control an Internet-facing server at any time.

Detailed Case Study about Mobile App QA Testing for Navigation App

Client facing challenges with application user interface and undiscovered issues. Users are facing
issues like application freezes, and login issues. So they required Pre-production testing.

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Tools we use while testing


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  2. We will discuss about your quality goal.
  3. We figure out the key challenges and needs
  4. We create a customized plan that meet the goals that you defined.
  5. When we are on the same page we move forward to start the quality assurance testing.

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