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Penetration Testing Services Tailored to Your Needs

Customized Penetration Testing Solutions to Secure Your Digital Assets from Cyber Threats.

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Secure Your Digital World, One Test at a Time!

Qualysec Technologies is a leading cybersecurity company that focuses exclusively on providing penetration testing services. We are one of the only few companies that use a process-based penetration testing approach for multiple digital assets to deliver effective and efficient results. Get accurate VAPT reports to fulfill your client demands, meet regulatory compliance, and strengthen your internal security.

Our Services

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Web pentesting
Don’t let any SQL injection or XSS hamper your web application! Read More
Secure your mobile apps from insecure authentication! Read More
Patch your API from security misconfiguration! Read More
Don’t let any data breach harm your cloud infrastructure! Read More
Secure your IoT devices from insecure data storage! Read More
Prevent your network from cyber threats! Read More

What Our Clients Say About Us

Choose Qualysec as Your Trusted Penetration Testing Service Provider


Deep Penetration Testing


We don’t limit to tool scans, we follow a hybrid approach to find hidden vulnerabilities in apps and networks.


Hacker-Style Approach


We simulate real-world cyber attacks to exploit them before any bad actors do.


Comprehensive Report


We offer the most detailed pentest report that helps developers mitigate vulnerabilities.


Process-Based Testing


We combine automated tools and human effort with a process-based approach for accurate results.


Good Track Record


We’ve secured 350+ assets across 18+ countries with 0 data breaches recorded by our clients.


Help in Fixing Vulnerabilities


We help your development/network team fix the vulnerabilities found.

Want to Know the Security Flaws in Your Digital Assets?

Our Hybrid Penetration Testing Approach Can Help You with Deeper Insight!

What You’ll Get From Us

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