A CISO’s Guide to Penetration Tests

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A CISO’s Guide to Penetration Tests

Securing Digital Assets from Security Risks By Simulating Real Attacks!

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In the online business, websites, applications, and networks are the most valuable assets. A single breach in any of these systems can cost the company a lot, sometimes even shutting down the business altogether. So, one should protect these systems anyhow, right? Of course, but how? The answer is penetration testing.

Penetration testing is a cybersecurity exercise where the testers (also called “ethical hackers”) try to hack your systems before real hackers do. Imagine a bank hiring a thief to try to break into their vault. If the thief succeeds, then there is some issue with the security.

Penetration tests will help companies know if there are any vulnerabilities present in their security measures and fix them immediately.

Along with this, penetration tests also benefit the company in a lot more ways, such as staying compliant, building customer trust, and preventing data breaches. 

A CISO’s Guide to Penetration Tests

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In this Whitepaper, know:

  • Benefits of Penetration Tests
  • Types of Penetration Tests
  • What Penetration Tests Cover
  • Best Penetration Testing Tools  
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