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We use manual testing and automation tools for thorough and accurate results. In addition We have developed in-house tools and processes to enhance our testing capabilities and provide our clients with the most comprehensive and effective testing possible.

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In addition to following established industry standards such as OWASP and SANS, we also tailor our testing approach to the unique business logic and technology used in your application. This allows us to provide the most thorough and effective solution possible.

beyond reporting

Our reports provide clear and concise steps to reproduce vulnerabilities, including screenshots and videos also include accurate and actionable mitigation steps, as well as links to relevant resources and guidance. so, your team don’t have to spend time searching for information on how to fix the issues.

beyond support

At the outset of the assessment, we will assist you with the onboarding process. Throughout the assessment, we will provide daily updates on the progress of penetration testing. Upon completion of the assessment, we are available for consultation to address any questions or concerns from your development team.

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