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Pabitra Sahoo is a cybersecurity expert and researcher, specializing in penetration testing. He is also an excellent content creator and has published many informative content based on cybersecurity. His content has been appreciated and shared on various platforms including social media and news forums. He is also an influencer and motivator for following the latest cybersecurity practices. Currently, Pabitra is focused on enhancing and educating the security of IoT and AI/ML products and services.

About Qualysec

Qualysec Technologies, founded in 2020, is a leading vulnerability assessment and penetration testing company (VAPT). We are one of the few companies in the world that follows process-based pentesting instead of traditional pentesting. We use a hybrid approach that combines automated scanners and manual testing techniques. We have worked with over 90 clients from 18 different countries and have completed over 350 assessments. Till now we haven’t received a single data breach incident from our existing clients. Our goal is to keep all digital assets safe from evolving technology and cyber threats with a hassle-free experience.

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