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CloudBolt Provide Secure Cloud Management Platform
with Qualysec’s Penetration Testing Services

About CloudBolt

Cloudbolt is a hybrid cloud management platform developed by Cloudbolt Software that enables enterprise or IT firms to create, deploy and manage virtual machines (VMs), applications, and other data, both in private data centers like VMware and OpenStack and public clouds like AWS, MS Azure, and GCP.

Cloudbolt is a powerful and user-friendly cloud management platform that streamlines resource provisioning, automation, and cost management across various cloud environments. Regardless of the hybrid framework, the platform is easy to access without complexity, giving end-user seamless scalability and improved control over cloud operations, making it easier to manage and optimize your cloud infrastructure.

Cloudbolt’s objective includes assuring its hybrid cloud management platform remains safe and trustworthy for its users. 

And to achieve this objective, they partner with Qualysec, a trusted security testing service, to conduct annual tests. The services provided by Qualysec helped in identifying and fixing the vulnerabilities and loopholes present in their security system to keep data secure and maintain customers’ trust.

By prioritizing security, Cloudbolt proved that they can be trusted to keep their client’s information protected and their platform reliable.

Project Overview


3 Web Applications


Ruby , Python , Backend-PostgreSQL


2 Certified


For Certification & Better Security

Challenges and Results


Cloudbolt was concerned about the security system of their respective applications.

Cloudbolt had a concern regarding how penetration testing will affect their application’s overall performance.

Cloudbolt was also worried about data security and privacy while the penetration testing process.

Cloudbolt’s developers required professional assistance while addressing vulnerabilities in their applications.

Cloudbolt needed overall guidance on enhancing the application’s security stance and mitigating the upcoming potential cyberattacks.

Cloudbolt came up with a plan to perform penetration testing in both black and white box methods for their application.

Cloudbolt requires a client’s request for a security report and certificate.


Qualysec used a hybrid framework: manual testing, automation tools, and proprietary in-house tools to deliver a tailored security solution.

We ensured Cloudbolt’s application remains secured without slowing down or affecting its application performance throughout the in-depth penetration testing.

Qualysec deeply understands the significance of safeguarding Cloudbolt’s sensitive data. That’s why we prioritize stringent measures to ensure its protection.

We completely supported the technical team of Cloudbolt to assist them in implementing security measures and performed a retest to ensure no vulnerabilities are left behind.

Our experts provided them with the relevant recommendations to enhance the application’s security posture and reduce the potential risks from cyber attackers.

Our expert team conducted grey box testing on web applications along with the combination of elements of both white and black box testing, to enhance the identification of vulnerabilities.

After successful penetration testing, we granted a letter of attestation and a security certificate, presenting the thoroughness and success of our penetration testing process.

Let us understand your context better and provide you with the best solutions.

Steps we use to secure the application

Information Gathering

Gathring information about the scope in application/software


Scope the application and prepare test plan including checklist, process and setups

Auto Tool Scan

Scan using multiple tools to analysis surface level issues

Manual Pentest

Deep Penetration testing will be performed by a highly skilled penetration testing team


Creating a detailed report with all the vulnerabilities found with remediation plan

Help In Fixing

Helping development team to fix issues, this include consultation call and online support


Performing a retest to ensure that all major security issues have been properly fixed

LOA and Certificate

At the end, we will provide a Letter of Attestation and a Qualysec-verified Certificate

How we secure CloudBolt Application?

vapt_Quaysec_Top pentest company in india (1)


Qualysec conducted in-depth penetration testing to ensure the Cloudbolt application’s security. Our testing process began with scanning and evaluating the application and identifying and addressing vulnerabilities by using a hybrid framework (automated, in-house tools, and manual testing) to provide 100% accuracy and protect customer data and application integrity.


At Qualysec, we use top penetration testing methodologies and industry standards like Penetration testing execution standard (PTES), Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM), and SANS 25 Security Threats to ensure a comprehensive penetration test to safeguard and meet the Cloudbolt’s requirements.

Actionable reports_Quaysec_Top pentest company in india


After completion of the penetration test, Qualysec prepared a comprehensive report for the client Cloudbolt elaborating the important and in-depth details regarding the penetration testing process. The report also included relevant screenshots, reference links, videos, and other crucial data to address the identified vulnerabilities effectively.


After providing a detailed report, Qualysec performed a retest to ensure that no vulnerabilities are left to be addressed. Once done, Qualysec steps further to offer full support to Cloudbolt’s developer team, assisting them in implementing security measures and best practices to enhance the application’s security.


Qualysec provided an attestation letter and security certificate as a confirmation that after evaluating the security posture of Cloudbolt’s application was protected with the appropriate industry standards and methodology.


Qualysec was successful in meeting the expectations of Cloudbolt, from securing their application to providing them security certificate. In the end, the client expressed their experience of using the services of Qualysec. They were highly satisfied with our professionalism, expertise, and dedication, appreciating the trust and confidence instilled by their services.



Project Results

Qualysec was successful in delivering a comprehensive report covering each and every vulnerability identified during the penetration testing process. We also provided recommendations on the best possible ways to mitigate future risks from cyber attackers. 

As we meet the expectations of our client Cloudbolt by fulfilling all their concerns and issues by guiding them throughout the penetration testing process. In the end, they were able to meet the highest level of compliance and regulation standards, developing better security practices and getting Qualysec verified certificates assuring the board of directors in great security posture.



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