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Safeguarding Australia’s Leading AI-Based Healthcare Software

Safeguarding Australia's Leading AI-Based Healthcare Software


Stethy founded in 2018, is a healthcare software developer using intelligence to enhance adherence and minimize resource needs. The program utilizes AI and machine learning techniques to support doctors in gathering symptom information and suggesting a diagnosis prior, to the patient’s visit enabling them to prepare their inquiries. It offers an automation and analytics system powered by AI that aids Life Science and Healthcare companies in streamlining their processes and connecting data, insights, and decision-making.

Reason for Testing
External Pentest Report
Services Provided
API Penetration Testing


Meeting the Objectives

Qualysec’s pentesting testing team collected the information and API through Postman request and did a thorough pentest combining both manual and automation testing. We retested the API until all the High, Critical, and Medium vulnerabilities were fixed.

As per requirement, we provided them with the pentest report following NIST 800- 30 Revision 1. After the test completion, we provide a LoA, and security certificate for their client satisfaction and customer trust.

The Impact


Very prompt with service and replies.Qualysec Technologies was incredibly prompt in both their service delivery and their replies. I was impressed by their efficiency and professionalism. Highly recommended

— Rishi Verma
CEO of IT, Stethy

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