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Shielding the Best Contract Lifecycle Management Application

Shielding the Best Contract Lifecycle Management Application


JudDoc aspires to create a world-class centralized, automated system for managing an organization’s contracts from start to finish. It is a platform for establishing, tracking, and managing contracts, and it provides several benefits such as increased efficiency, compliance, risk management, financial rewards, data insights, better partnerships, flexibility, and scalability. Their comprehensive solutions enable legal departments and law firms to keep ahead of the competition while maintaining agility and efficiency. The company strives to revolutionize Contract Lifecycle Management by providing limitless possibilities through agility, seamless scalability, and unrivaled expertise at a cheap price.

Reason for Testing
External VAPT Report
Services Provided
Web App Penetration Testing


Meeting the Objectives

The pentesting team of Qualysec helped JudDoc to find vulnerabilities in their application through our hybrid penetration testing process. We discovered all the high critical and medium issues in the web app and reported them in a detailed manner for the development team to mitigate them.

Our security professionals also help their dev team fix those issues through the Slack Channel. As per requirement, the report was prepared in such a way that it could help the company to achieve the desired compliance that is ISO 27001.

The Impact


More clear scope discussion and Cost. Easy to work with them.Qualysec Technologies made everything clear from the start, including costs. They’re easy to work with

— Suresh K
CEO, Juddoc

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