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Continuous Penetration Testing on USA’s Leading Cloud Management Platform

Continuous Penetration Testing on USA’s Leading Cloud Management Platform


CloudBolt is the USA’s leading cloud management platform. It was founded in 2012 with a mission to help customers maximize their cloud value. CloudBolt recognizes the need to be fluent in public and private clouds so businesses can use their cloud as a centralized fabric to reduce costs while accelerating innovation. CloudBolt is the best solution if you’re looking to maximize your Cloud ROI.

Reason for Testing
To achieve SOC 2
Gain Customer Trust
Services Provided
Web App Penetration Testing


Meeting the Objectives

CloudBolt secured its platform with Qualysec through a unique combination of manual and automated penetration testing services. The testers gathered all the information required from CloudBolt to learn about its functionality and features every three months.
With every new feature, Qualysec helped them gather new issues that helped in strengthening the platform. Qualysec’s team carefully created the report for every retest performed. With daily consultation calls with the development team, the pentesting team helped them fix every vulnerability found. Every time a test was completed, Qualysec provided CloudBolt with a Letter of Attestation.

The Impact


Our experience with Qualysec was very positive. They offer excellent service, communicated clearly with us throughout the process, and were very accommodating regarding our timelines.

— Mike Perry
Director of IT, Cloudbolt

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