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Mobile Application Penetration Testing Guide: Choosing the right Approach for your need

Mobile app Pentesting guide

Almost everyone has a mobile device in their hands. This is the reason most businesses tend to create an app for their product/service. However, because these apps store sensitive data and handle financial transactions, they are prone to a range of security risks.

To protect your mobile application and user data, it is important to perform penetration testing. But with so many technical complexities, how do you choose the right testing approach for your specific needs?

So, be a part of this webinar and understand the latest security threats for mobile apps, the need for mobile app penetration testing, and the right approach to unique security needs.

A cyberattack on a mobile app can lead to data loss, revenue loss, app downtime, and loss of user trust. By conducting mobile app pen testing, businesses can identify vulnerabilities that may lead to cyberattacks, comply with industry regulations, and attract more users.

Purpose of this Webinar:

  • To highlight why organizations need mobile app penetration testing.
  • Educate you on the common and latest mobile app security risks.
  • The process of mobile app pen testing.
  • The right approach to unique mobile app security needs
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