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Web app Penetration testing

SECURITY LOOPHOLES can cause you millions of dollars! We make sure that such things does not happen

we can help you in
  1. Boosting defence system
  2. Track vulnerabilities
  3. Prioritise risk
  4. Prevent infiltration
  5. Helps you in standard and regulatory compliance

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Why do you need Web application penetration testing

Detect security threats

Ensure your web application is free from all security vulnerabilities.

Meet compliance requirements

Pen testing assists you in maintaining security controls required by regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, and others.

Avoid financial setbacks

Proactively detecting threats before security breaches take place allows you to avoid downtime, data loss, and financial damages.

Assessing impacts of Attacks

Get Crash and Load testing before  hackers get intrested in your product.

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Web app penetration testing - What we provide

With QualySec you can be 100% assured of apex performance in web application penetration testing. Because of our expert testers, each of them being a field-specific oracle; we can guarantee our results!
On methodologies and testing framework based on the OWASP, we perform 1500+ test cases that will definitely reveal any and every underlying threat within your code.
Automated Testing
We ensure that we help you save money using the automated testing methods, whenever and wherever possible. In Our testing process 25% of test we perform through tools.
Common Vulnerabilities & Exposure (CVEs)

QualySec scans and diagnoses CVEs in web application penetration testing to ensure total security.

Payment tampering testing
We perform tests to detect any flaws present in the checkout portal of your web applications. This ensures safety from credit/debit card hacks, form-jacking and price manipulation.
Daily Reports
We provide daily and regular updates and reports regarding the testing results of your web application penetration tests. This keeps you in constant loop about the status and in-turn aids in planning the future actions regarding the development of your product.
Business logic testing
Web applications are vulnerable to price manipulation and perk escalations. Cyber-attackers can possibly overthrow the security parameters and measures regarding access to unauthorized information. Qualysec performs business logic testing for web applications in order to analyze the risks following said security threats and much more.

What you get from Penetration Testing

Tangible Deliverables


Remediation Testing Report
  1. For C-level executive and a board about detected vulnerabilities and impact on business.
  2. For IT and development teams detailed technical report with all evidence & articles, including videos and screenshots that have enough information to recreate the findings.
  3. Tactical recommendation on how to eliminate each vulnerability effectively.


Letter of attestation fo your customers and compliance requirements.


Badge "Certified by Qualysec" which stands for high quality of pentest that we take responsibility for.


1-day free Remediation assesment to get a clean repor & confirm that all defects were fixed.

Penetration Testing Timeline

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See Examples of Our Work

detailed case study web application penetration testing

This Comprehensive Security Assessment allowed our Client to Strengthen week spots in their Web Application Security. A web shell script usually contains a backdoor, which allows an attacker to remotely access and possibly control an Internet-facing server at any time.

Detailed Case Study about Mobile App QA Testing for Navigation App

Client facing challenges with application user interface and undiscovered issues. Users are facing
issues like application freezes, and login issues. So they required Pre-production testing.

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Tools we use while testing


If you need a penetration test. We want to talk with you.

This is what you can expect:

  1. When you contact us, we don’t put a sales person contact you. Instead, one of our security experts will work with you determine if we are a good mutual fit.
  2. We will discuss about your security goal.
  3. We figure out the key challenges and needs
  4. We create a customized plan that meet the goals that you defined.
  5. When we are on the same page we move forward to start the penetration testing.

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