Technology Industry

Security Solution for Complex Technologies

As the use of technology in the workplace has increased, so have the opportunities for business growth and efficiency. However, the value of user databases and cloud services has also made technology firms more vulnerable to cyberattacks, particularly those hosting these resources. Technology companies of all types, including semiconductors, eCommerce, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) firms, handle a range of sensitive data.

Additionally, the fast-paced culture of the technology industry often does not prioritize security, leaving companies vulnerable to attack. At Qualysec, we offer specialized penetration testing services to help technology businesses gain visibility into the systems they use and identify vulnerabilities. Our consultants have experience in the tech, finance, retail, and healthcare industries and can help you define the steps needed for remediation

Challenges in the Technology Industry

Tech Industry Regulatory Compliance

The tech industry handles a wide range of information and therefore has a variety of compliance requirements. These can include PCI-DSS for eCommerce companies and customer compliance requirements for cloud providers. In order to demonstrate proper controls to customers and investors, many tech firms choose to adopt ISO 27001.

Adhering to these standards is essential for maintaining the trust and confidence of stakeholders in the tech industry.

Tech Industry Challenges

The tech industry faces a variety of security challenges due to its large, sensitive databases and code repositories. External threats are not the only concern for IT professionals in this sector. Poor development practices, weak passwords, and network complexities can all create vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit. Even the largest tech companies are not immune to these issues, as demonstrated by major breaches at Adobe, Apple, and Google.

Potential Impacts:

  • Service Downtime/Operational Impact
  • Customer Dissatisfaction
  • Increased Client Acquisition Costs
  • Negative Press/Public Relations Issues
  • Breach Lawsuits/Legal Fees

Additional Assessment Services for Tech

Qualysec leads the industry in web application penetration testing, identifying vulnerabilities in a range of programming languages and environments.

Qualysec’spentest approach goes beyond the test cases mentioned in the OWASP top 10 SANS, NIST frameworks.

Qualysec offers top-tier mobile app penetration testing services, providing a holistic risk assessment to your mobile application. With industry-leading researchers and methodology in both ioS and Android, we provide deep dive testing into local, on-device security issues, back-end web services, and the API’s which connect them

Secure your cloud infrastructure against security threats. Businesses are shifting towards cloud due to many benefits of its use.

With QualySec you can be assured for the safety of your cloud services and provide compliance assurance.

Securing your IoT devices is crucial for the success and sustainability of your business.

Qualysec provides specialized security testing to protect your applications from threats. Our services give you peace of mind that your business is secure.

Process-Based Penetration Testing Services for the Tech Industry

Our process manual penetration testing helps identify risks to user data and other sensitive information stored and collected. By uncovering vulnerabilities that may pose a threat to your application and user data, our testing can help ensure the protection of sensitive information.