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As a start-up you already invest so much time, money and effort on making the software, Let us help you to adding more value in terms of quality and security.

We Simplifies your start-up journey.

Launching a start-up is difficult enough as it is. From fundraising to marketing and user acquisition there are many pieces of the puzzle that have to come together to be successful. The last thing you want to do is make it more difficult for yourself and your team by launching software that has bugs, security loophole and a bad UX/UI. The best way to refrain from doing that is thoroughly testing the software before launching it.


In Term of Quality

In Term of Security


In Term of Time

In Term of Effort


Quality is not expensive its priceless.

Security is not a product but a process.

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QualySec is a team of QA and Security Engineers dedicated to finding loopholes in your website, mobile app or software before the world finds them, so that what you have out on the digital platform is a clean product returning minimum complaints.

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