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Performance Testing

When your product becomes popular, more people tend to use it for their everyday recreation or work. This generates different loads and stresses on your product. Which results in lags, bugs and decrease in the speed of functions of your product.

With QualySec ‘s performance testing services, you can plan a full-proof strategy to make sure none of the above-mentioned problems do not occur.

Why do you need Performance testing

Performance testing is a procedure used to test the speed, response time, stability, scalability and resource usage of your product under a specific workload. It is also used to detect the weak spots in the system resources affecting product’s memory usage and performance, including client server interactions.

Reasons you need Performance Testing:

  • Verify and examine the basic features of your product.

  • Validate and analyse the speed, accuracy and stability of your product operations and features.

  • Gain better optimisation and load capability.

  • Detect and resolve hardware and software based issues in your product.

Why QualySec?

Contact us and get obligation-free information, how much Performance Testing for your organization will cost

Performance testing - What we provide

Load Testing

Load testing is done in order to assess the product’s behaviour under a routine and expected max load conditions. This is obviously done with the help of load testing tools. With this test, QualySec ensures that your product performs as intended when a sudden increase in load is subjected to it. 

Stress Testing

Stress testing aids in detecting the max limit of your product. QualySec does this by examining your product under abnormal conditions.