Importance of Penetration Testing for Mobile Application

  • Importance of Penetration Testing for Mobile Application
Importance of Penetration Testing for Mobile Application

Penetration testing is comprehensively performed over a fully-functional system’s software and hardware. This technique helps identify any weak points in the system that an attacker may be able to exploit. The goal is to identify and test all possible security vulnerabilities that are present in the software application. The system’s configuration is also analyzed by validating checks on software and hardware. It can be performed both manually and through automation.  It’s a given that it is quite important for a mobile application. Let us see how penetration testing is of importance.

1. Identifying loopholes

Penetration testing is carried out in a controlled environment where potential loopholes are identified and eliminated before attackers exploit them. If any loophole remains there, the attacker can gain access to the system and can utilize the data for malicious activities.

2. To detect unknown vulnerabilities

The thoughts of being secure lead to decisions that cause a further lack of awareness, as attackers are probing your assets. Successful attacks, called breaches, can go undetected for months. Penetration testing detects previously unknown vulnerabilities.

3. To avoid security breaches

It reduces loss magnitude associated with successful security breaches and resulting business disruption. When a business experiences a data breach, the costs of containment, recovery, public relations, and fines can quickly add up. Depending on the duration and level of business disruption caused by the breach, the costs of not manufacturing quality products, shipped accurately and delivered on-time can result in net annual losses. It helps organizations to secure their systems from any attacker which tries to compromise their system. 

4. Protection of data

Data is said to be the foundation of an organization and in the wrong hands could be extremely damaging. A penetration test will allow your organization to protect data and hopefully prevent an attack before it reaches your data assets.

5. Gaining customer loyalty

Your customers will lose trust in your organization and their loyalty begins to fade in case of a data breach. The penetration test offers you an opportunity to reaffirm your commitment to security and instill trust in your customers. Your customers will be relieved to know that your company conducts regular penetration testing exercises and their data is safe in your hands.

6. Regular reports

It leaves you with important critical deliverables to improve your security posture but also an overall risk rating. It also helps in discuss the high-level areas for improvement as well as a proposed budget to improve these areas.

7. Enhance the performance of security technologies

Another unexpected result from a penetration test might be finding misconfigurations on your newly purchased or current security technologies. Perhaps someone on your team forgot to change the default credentials on the latest security tool or they need to update the firmware on that firewall appliance.

8. Testing new technology implementation

Testing the technology, before it goes into the production stage is considered to be a perfect time. Performing a penetration test on new technologies, before they go into production often saves time and money as it is easier to fix the vulnerabilities and gaps before the application goes live.


Penetration testing is a reliable method of identifying and eliminating any security loopholes which systems may face. Contact Qualysec for top-notch testing services.

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