Fix Pricing

Qualysec Fix price model

Assuming you have a decent financial plan and strong necessities, the Fixed Price Model might function admirably for you. In this model, as the name proposes, everything is fixed and characterized.

Best Choice for Companies With

  1. Fixed budgets
  2. Solid requirements
  3. Well defined needs
  4. Hard deadlines
  5. Small to medium projects

Fixed Price Quote Includes

  1. Number of resources required
  2. List of all deliverables
  3. Milestone checkpoints
  4. Fixed cost to you
  5. Installment payment option
  6. Guaranteed on-time delivery

Long Term Option

  • A dedicated team based on the annual budget
  • Mix of onshore and offshore resources
  • Know your monthly burn rate

Benefits of the Fixed Price Model

  • Low risk to the customer
  • No surprise price increases
  • Guaranteed deadline

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